Thursday, September 30, 2010

Car Insurance Options

When I watch TV, listen to the radio, or go online, I'm constantly barraged with commercials wanting me to buy car insurance. It makes me look at my own policy in depth again to make sure I'm getting the best possible deal. What basic coverage do I need? That depends on what state I'm in. In most states, a policy owner should have property damage liability as well as bodily injury liability.

If I get property damage liability, I am covered for any property damages that I inflict upon a third-party. If I bump into someones car in a parking lot, it's covered. When I have bodily injury liability, I'm covered for any injuries that I might inflict on others in an accident. It's bad enough knowing that I hurt somebody, but having to pay for their hospital bills on top of that would be a true nightmare.

These are the basics, but there are some other areas that I might want to have my insurance policy cover. For instance, it might be smart for me to get collision insurance, which would cover any losses related to my car if I am involved in a collision. If I get comprehensive coverage, I'll be covered for any damage done to my car even if it's not in a collision. For instance, last spring at the Little League field a ball hit my windshield. If I'd had comprehensive coverage, I wouldn't have had to pay for the new windshield out of my own pocket.

I know I'm being responsible, but what if I get into an accident with someone who doesn't have as much coverage as I do? Uninsured motorist protection might be my answer to that dilemma. I can also make sure that my medical needs are met without too much strain on my wallet by purchasing medical/personal injury protection.


Thinking About Holiday Shopping

Christmas is coming soon. You know what that means; shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Most of it I will be doing for others, but of course, I will be doing some for myself too. You have to reward yourself for all of that hard work!

Anyway, because I have been so busy with the kids and with all of the other associated errands, I do not foresee having much time to get to any of the actual outlet or anchor stores where I have done my shopping over the past few years. Call me dated, but I have recently discovered the accessibility of online shopping. I was dubious about it in the past, but it really does save me a lot of time. I can order things with the click of a button and get them delivered right to my door.

In pair with this recently online shopping obsession I have developed, I have also learned to navigate the ins-and-outs of coupon hunting. It is a lot easier online than it is thumbing through a newspaper or a Sunday coupon book, and with, I can search for my store directly and see if there are any coupon codes that apply. With holiday season coming up so soon, I have finding how practical this really is.

One of the other cool things about is that you can track the expiration dates on coupons, or in some cases, the amount of coupons left. This way you can plan your shopping strategically, or keep a watchful eye for exactly the right coupon to pop up. I know I am watching the Dell coupons right now, since it seems like the time has come for me to get a new computer. Right now I am nudging the man to check out the FTD coupons and maybe I will see some flowers on the kitchen table soon.


Online Games for All Ages

There are a wide variety of different things that you and your family can do to stay entertained. One example is to explore the wide variety of free games that are available for play online. There are both downloadable games and flash games that you can play directly online without a download. The greatest thing about the availability of online games is that there are games available to suit every personality and style, as well as any age group. There are games intended for a younger crowd, and more challenging games for the adult mind as well. So you should not have any difficulty finding games that will grab your interest as well as the interests and attention of your children and other members in your family.

There are many benefits to games online, especially those that are designed to suit all ages. Many online games geared toward children are designed to challenge the mind and provide learning in addition to entertainment. So these games are not intended to waste time, but rather are providing your children with the ability to challenge critical thinking skills. Your children can grow up with these games and learn a lot in many subjects including mathematics, typing, sciences, literature and many additional subjects.

Even games that do not appear to provide learning from the outside can still be beneficial. Online games often help children develop hand eye coordination, critical thinking, problem solving skills and similar skill sets. This means that playing games online can be beneficial for your entire family. You should not be afraid to let your children explore the world of online gaming, as there are many learning and challenging benefits to playing games online. It will be wise for you to pay attention to what your children are playing, but just keep an open mind because most games offer benefits even when they are not readily apparent.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Energy Saving and Environmentally Safe HVAC Systems

Our electric bills arrived today and as always it’s high even if we tried to limit our consumption. Sometimes it puzzles me that even on frequent blackouts in a month the electric reading and billing is almost the same. Well we can’t complain as it will just put us nowhere. I’m really thinking of some ways on how to conserve energy. I checked on the wattage of lights and other electrical appliances and made some notes on my pad.

I wonder if there are appliances that I can get to help me save money on electric bills like what I saw from the site of Robertson Electric where they placed high priority on coming up with electric products that will save their clients expenses for electric bills. They even have the Green Screened technology where you can turn your home comfort systems to environmentally safe products. You can count on them to do all hvac Charlottesville needs for repair and installations because they provide such services on heating and cooling system, humidifiers, air cleaners, thermostat, electrical, plumbing, water heater and new home electrical installations. So replace your old heating and cooling systems and replaced them with energy saving and eco-friendly products. It’s like having an investment that will give you profit.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rehabilitation Help for Injury and Aging Effects

My friend met a road accident few years back because of drunk driver that lost his brakes and run over people waiting for vehicles. My friend was one of those people and that one incident caused the loss of his career and his work. It almost caused him not to be able to walk for life. Many people suffered accidents because of other’s recklessness and vices. They will drink and then they’ll drive causing road accidents that kill or paralyze victims afterwards. 

Most got heavily damaged on their legs but most I know suffered injuries on their faces and arms causing them to need the expert hands of surgeon like that of plastic surgeon Richmond which can give plastic surgery procedures, rehabilitation from injury and surgery, orthopaedic express services and a lot more. They specialize in caring for facial and physical appearance, resistance to sickness, combating the effects of aging and complete therapy and rehabilitation from injury like accidents and some others. Trust them to bring back your confidence and self-esteem by giving their utmost medical care.


The Amazing Race - Knowing the Teams

Just watched The Amazing Race 17th Season and as always loved the excitement brought by watching reality show. It was actually my first to watch it from start to finish as I never really started or finished an episode of this due to busy schedule. As I'm so exhausted and wanted to rest I did watched it from the beginning up to ending hour. Hope I can do it again next viewing. 

Learned some quick assessment of the contestants from 11 teams like the temper of Chad, the inspiring not so strong team of father-daughter and father-son teams who despite of age differences have made it through and Claire the hero for Brook who faced the challenge after the rebound of water melon on her face. I thought she'll never gonna make it and then Brook told her that she ought to finish it with headache and eyes that can't see. Well she conquered it and finished 2nd. Jill &Thomas got the most coveted Express Cash.  Rony & Tony who made it as 1st to the Flight were the ones eliminated.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Accessories We Need for the Car

I’ve blogged previously about my brother lending us his other car for whatever purpose we may have and at anytime we want to use the car, in short we can use it every day if we want to. We’ve started using it even though the long rest from usage of the car makes it stop sometimes when DH is driving. One time after we’ve loaded up fuel it really stopped but we’re saved because the gas station boys helped us in starting up the engine. Cars should really be maintained well because it will have troubles along the way if it’s unused for a long period of time. Anyway the car is still as good as it were but it just showed us that we really have to check all parts to ensure good service from the car. 

We’re starting the overall check up now and we’ll make sure that all parts should be in good condition before we use it again. As per our friend’s check up here are the findings: the engine is good, batteries needs starting up every day , lights are all functioning well, clutch and brakes are ok, wiper motor needs replacement and some other parts will have to be checked by a real mechanic because some needs to be checked by equipment. We’ve noted also that we have to get a quality cold air intake and filter that will ensure that hot dirty air coming from outside will turn into clean cool breeze that will help the engine run smoothly. Hot, dusty and dirty air usually clogs up and affects the performance of the engine. 

We have listed some more accessories that we need to put into the car for good performance. Some accessories like air intakes, rain guards, custom gauges and others are important parts that can give our cars good performance while travelling down the road. Hopefully in two or three months’ time we’ll be able to complete the list so we can use the car with ease and enjoyment.


Great Ideas for Kitchen Renovation

I stayed in my kitchen most of the time because that’s where I prepare and cook foods for my family and they’re a bunch of eaters. Since I’m always in my favorite area of the house I noticed that it really needs some renovation now because it’s showing signs of old age and it somehow lost its order. My kids are growing up and suddenly we have plenty of additional kitchen accessories that sometimes look a little messy. I need a new kitchen with new cupboards, storage cabinets and of course new kitchen sinks and faucets.

I’m looking around for some good design ideas and found Shop Sinks and Faucets which offers the best quality under mount bathroom and kitchen sinks such as porcelain, stainless, TruGranite, stone, glass, copper and bronze. They have wide variety of style from modern to traditional and with different colors to match the interiors of your house. They provide the most durable granite sinks with silver ions which are known to kill 99% of bacteria on contact. Granite sinks itself offers the best advantages of being versatile against stain, scratch, odor and resistance to heat.

Need not worry about being too expensive as Shop Sinks and Faucets offers the most affordable prices because they manufacture their own products and sell them directly to customers thus bringing it to an unbeatable low price. Looks like I’ve found what I’m looking for and certainly will take note of this when I finally saved some money for my kitchen renovation.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Judaica Stained Glass Box

Look what I've found when I search for gift ideas in a perfect gift to special people in your life.  I want it for myself though lol! This stained glass box featuring a Star of David in the center of a mosaic background of color is a feast for the eyes. Plum, blues, greens, purple and white glass make up the background. The solder lines in the entire box are silver while the Star of David is finished with a copper color patina to make it stand out.

The sides of the box are clear bevels which create a prism effect of the lid design which is reflected in the mirrored bottom. A silver chain is attached to the base and lid. Rubber bumpers are attached to the bottom to protect furniture. This one measures 6 1/4”wide x 5 1/8” deep x 1 3/4” high. This beautiful stained glass box cost USD65.00.

Bazaarglass, the maker of this beautiful stained glass has other equally beautiful stained glass for sale like stained glass pendants, windows, picture frame and others. 


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Advantages of Having a Healthy Diet Plan

I’m having myself disciplined for three weeks now. I’ve started eating the right food which consists of vegetables, fish and fruits. I know I should be eating balanced foods so I just take minimal amount of carbo and red meat. I learned several years back that less rice would mean less excess pounds especially if you do it at night when your body has the least of activity. I started limiting my overnight works and try to sleep regularly for 6-7 hours. I took advantage of my job’s relax mode so when the tasks came pouring down again I already set my healthier sleeping and eating plan. I got accustomed to my new diet plan and it’s doing great to my body not just for slimming down but for my health as well. Before I started this one I was having problems with my breathing which is due to excessive pounds I gained. Maybe my body wasn’t accustomed to having that much weight so I’m feeling a bit sickly last month.

Now to add to my ever growing search for a healthy and fit regimen I‘ve found FitClick, home of the best online calorie counter and food journal which I badly need to monitor my calorie intake for the day. The food journal is a lot of help because there are suggestions of meals to take on breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner with corresponding nutrients and number of fats and calories. I assumed that if you really follow the table you’ll soon be a success in your goal of losing weight. With free calorie counter I’ll be able to monitor my calorie consumption and be able to see how much I should burn to maintain a regular healthy diet plan.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Saving My Whims on My Birthday

I love looking at beautiful purses online but I’m always like that looking but not wanting to buy because I’m really a thrift Mom when it comes to my personal things. I’m more inclined to buying accessories or things for my PC and furniture in the house. Anyway when I chanced upon a site I frequently visit I got excited to find some great deals on Fendi pencil spalmati flap wallet. I like everything about it, the color, the leather materials, prints and the style.

Even though it’s on sale it’s still expensive for me so I’m saving it for my birthday. I always justify my whim when I buy it on my birthday. I’m not really a shopper of personal things except on the last month of the year. My husband would sometimes ask me to go to a mall and choose my clothes so I will not disagree into buying. With this good deal on the nice wallet I hope there will be more deals on this style soon.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Preparing for the Kids’ Education

Times are hard now and it’s enough that you have a stable job to provide all the necessary things for your kids. DH and I are thinking of some other means of earning money through small-scale business or investing our money on good stocks or gold coins. We’re thinking of the kids’ future and how we can cope up with financial expenses when they start going to college. Our two daughters are only one year apart in studying so when the eldest daughter reaches college it will only be one year before they’re both in college.

Things get easier when you plan for it carefully and properly so we’re studying all probabilities of gold investment before buying from United States Gold Bureau which sells silver, gold, precious metals and coins. They can have it delivered to you or arrange for safe storage in the bank. I think it’s one of the elements that really appreciate value over the years and investing on such secured thing can give higher returns for your capital in the next few years.


Hand Painted Children's Table and Chairs

I was searching for another table for my little boy and I came upon this, a hand painted children's table and chairs with a chalkboard tabletop. This is very useful as described by the maker of this very cute furniture for the kids.  According to Ever After Design Studio these hand painted pieces are made to order and can be customized according to match your existing furniture.

Some other details - The table and chairs are painted in primary colors. It is made of solid wood, durable construction. This table and chair set is a great way to add some extra fun to your child's day and play time. This set will come with one table and four chairs. If you are interested in having this table and chairs painted in different colors, please email us directly.
Table measures 19-3/4"H x 23-3/4"W x 20-1/4"D
Chairs measure 23"H x 12"W x 13-1/4"D
Got this from and this one sells at USD175.00


Early Detection

Last week I noticed some blemishes on my daughter’s face and I thought she’ll have her first acne experience but it turned out that those are rashes. She came home from school Thursday afternoon with a slight fever and rashes started to come out after 2 days. We’re so worried because there’s a breakout of dengue in most places now and once you had a fever for 3 days you better have CBC and APC tested in laboratory for safe proceedings. It’s a viral infection according to doctor and instead of having cough the infection goes our through the skin thus to explain the rashes on Ruth’s face and arms. 

So be careful in assessing the skin disorders in your kids, for information about acne and treatment click here. For other rashes that’s not familiar to you better consult your doctor because it might be an indication of infection that your kids incurred in school or in your community. We should be vigilant now for the signs and symptoms of common diseases because early detection can save you a lot of trouble.


Securing the Kids’ Future

I’m again saving up for my kids’ second quarterly payments and I’m happy that I can help my husband with tuition payments. I believe in ensuring the kids’ future by giving them good and quality education that’ s why we’ve chosen my kids’ respective school to nurture our kids. Education is the only treasure that we can give to our children. Well for me it’s the best because no one can take knowledge and wisdom from them. It’s also one assurance that they can get a decent and well paying job.

There are other things aside from education that can secure their future and that’s having a tangible investment like gold coin and other precious metals. I know gold has the best properties for investing because we can count on it to have profitable returns after several years. Gold appreciates value over the years.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Traits Shared by Happy People

Researchers have pinpointed a number of traits that seem to be shared by happy people.  They're mostly extroverts and, largely optimistic, they have a sense of control and self-esteem.

Happy people also seem healthier. In one psychological study, people who agreed with statements such as "I'm lots of fun to be with" were less vulnerable to ulcers and insomnia, less likely to be drug abusers, more self-confident and better at complex tasks than those who disagreed. Being really happy means living in a state of flow - that is, being totally absorbed in an activity, whether at work or play.

And if I may add more they seem to eat more because sometimes people who are introverts or those who are problematic on something seem to lose their appetite. When I think about my last phrase well that's the reason why I have a big appetite lol!


My Daughter’s Query

My daughter has just turned 13 last month and she’s a certified teenager now. With her entering the adolescence period she has many questions about things related to growing up and the changes that slowly happening to her. She’s worried now about her face as she has some tiny imperfections on her soft skin. She’s asking me what is a blackhead and a pimple and I told her that it’s all facial skin disorders that teens usually have when they reached the puberty period. I advised her to make her face always clean, have enough sleep and avoid fatty foods so she can prevent these disorders from damaging her face.

I didn’t have such problems when I was her age and until now I managed to stay out of them by maintaining a makeup-free face almost all my life. I just wash my face with my germicidal soap and apply moisturizers when needed. Baby powder is just enough for me rather than using pressed powders and makeup. My Mom is as simple as me and now at 78 years of age you’ll envy her flawless skin on her face.


iPhone VoIP

With the current modern innovations now people are getting hooked on gadgets and phones. They’ve gone excited over the latest craze in town – the iPhone. And who wouldn’t be if this phone promises a lot in terms of mobile convenience, apps development and many other features of this much-talked about phone in town. Now there’s Line 2 for iPhone, the first dual mode VoIP/Cell App for the iPhone where you can make low cost international and unlimited US/Canada calls over WiFi or cellular using the same number. What’s interesting about it is you can make your calls even if you don’t have cell coverage. 

Sometimes we get disappointed if there’s no reception in our cellular phones on certain places in the house or in your respective works. This one is designed for professionals who can’t afford to lose a single call. Line 2 combines the best of Google Voice and Skype with additional business grade features, reliability and customer support which is always live to give you answer to your inquiries and questions. Now this Line 2 turns your iPod touch and iPad into a great mobile phone because you will not need any carrier here! I visited the iPhone school and found themes, games and sale on EA Games and EA Mobile App. 

Line 2 brings voip on iPod touch as its fully integrated with VoIP network to give you the most desired powerful calling features such as caller ID, 20 person conference calls, auto attendant and many more for $14.95/month. It’s so convenient to us because you’ll have two lines on one phone and gives you the freedom to separate your personal calls from business calls. It deserves to be named as one of the 100 Brilliant Ideas for 2010.


Vitamins for Growing Up

My little boy is such a charmer and everybody seems to like him too. He always have smile for our visitors, relatives and family friends. Sometimes he entertains our guests when we’re busy with others during family occasions. When I visit him in school I also noticed that he has many friends who chuckles and laugh with him during their breaks. Then one day he arrived home asking me to buy him the vitamins that will make him taller. I was surprised and laughed at myself after.

I was asking him if he has a crush on his class that’s taller than him. I remember my friend taking human growth hormones supplements to stimulate growth and to gain height. He’s courting a lady who is a little taller than him and he’s been thinking if his height will pose a problem on making the girl of his dream accept his love proposal. I think not as I know that in the field of love age and height doesn’t matter.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Going Through Adolescence

When my eldest entered secondary school I was prepared for the time that she’ll ask me many things about adolescence and the things related to it. For me it’s the most delicate years because my child will turn into a young lady and many changes will happen during her teenage years. Among the changes that will happen to her are the monthly period, changes in height, voice improvement and the usual transformation of a child into a young woman.

I will not be surprised if one day she’ll ask me about the best acne treatment that I know about when she’ll experience having acne, zit or some other skin disorders. Now that I’m home most of the time since I resigned from my corporate work I know that I can give her my utmost care and attention in helping her pass this exciting teenage period.


The Sporty Car Test

You Are Idealistic

You have very distinct ideas about how the world should be, and you really don't care how realistic they are.
You are a true romantic. You want to see the best in situations and people - no matter how flawed they might really be.

You are a natural philosopher and poet. You have interesting theories, and you express them well.
You can become easily overwhelmed by the real world. Things are much better in the world you've created for yourself.

Wow that's one kind of personality I'm not aware of (partly lol)  Well maybe 50% idealistic several years ago but now after 5 jobs and 19 years of working in corporate world I know what the real world was like.  I still have the idealism that was in me when I was in college but I know now where and how to use it to understand people and life.  Now that I'm writing online I can use some of my idealistic views through my posts.


Need Some Discipline Again

With the latest outpouring of tasks on me I had completely forgotten my healthy eating plan. Previously I would eat full breakfast, light lunch and fruits only on dinner time. Now I’m eating full on all my three meals because I work so hard and food gives me the energy I need to complete my tasks. If I work on late night I will have my midnight snack so now I’m beginning to regain the pounds I lost last summer vacation. My tummy has grown bigger again and I’m beginning to think of the newest diet pills that will help me lose my excess pounds. I got easily tired from walking also so I really have to think of ways that I can eat regularly to do my work and at the same time discipline myself on gaining excess weight.


My Office Table

The room next to our rented venue for church fellowship was vacated because the tenant transferred to the larger office in the floor above us. I saw some of their office furniture in the lounge area and was puzzled why they left it. I learned that they have replaced most of their furniture with new ones and the tables I saw was for sale. I was actually looking for furniture to use for my home office so I immediately reserved the PC and office table which were slightly used only.

I had a very good deal and was glad that we brought our pickup to carry the tables on our way home. Now I’m using them for our desktop computers and for my files of books and reading materials. I was thinking of making a small room for a real office environment.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

:Thursday Challenge : School (Uniforms)

"SCHOOL" (Buildings, Children, Uniforms, Buses, Bicycles, Books, Pens and Pencils,..)

These are the students of Little Jewels Christian School where my little boy is studying as First Grader.  They  were watching the Nutrition Program here wearing their PE uniform.  Here each grade level performed anything from songs, dances, poems, drama or any performance that pertains to health and nutrition. I admire how the school administers the students with discipline and high quality of education while maintaining a christian way of inculcating wisdom and knowledge to all their students.

For more of 'School' themed photos just click the badge above!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fishing and Hunting Trips

I love outdoors and the activities linked with it like picnic, barbecue party, playing in the park and many other activities best done outdoors. I know that men love doing boating, fishing and hunting when they choose to spend their day outside of their homes. It’s actually a fulfilling hobby especially to those who have a catch on their Fishing Trips, something to show to their friends and family. To have a real experience on the guided fishing trips you can begin by visiting OUTDOORSMAN because it provides selection for all types of fishing guides, trips, charters, outposts and lodging. They can make personalized fishing trips for you.

If you’re into hunting they can also provide you with modern Hunting Trips in the industry and can give you pictures and videos of big game hunting trips, guides, outfitters and lodges just like in their fishing trips. To add up to the excitement you can post your memorable experience in their forum where you’re free to post pictures and stories of your hunting and fishing adventures.

Hunting Guides and Hunting outfitters offer various places of hunting trips in Colorado, Yukon, Alaska, Mexico, Arkansas and some other places. They have resources where you can view some of the hunting guide schools, long range shooting schools and more. Finally they have a web store in which you can buy either new or used outdoor products with high quality. Find great deals, purchase through Amazon and expect super fast shipping. Then enjoy the outdoors with fun-filled hobbies and activities.


Online Printing Service

I love carrying my point and shoot camera everywhere I go because I don’t want to miss anything that’s worth shooting at. I carry it in school, mall, park and any place where I can capture great shots. Photography has improved a lot and with modern innovations printing of pictures is even made easier with Online Printing available on the net. Well it’s not only about pictures as it’s more useful to companies who needs to have their brochures, business cards, label and presentation folders printed quickly and in good quality results.

With this new trend in Printing Service from we can even save our time and effort because we can have our quotations online and from the site you can choose your preferred style, theme and design. Everything you want for your personal or business needs can be printed the way you want it with an assurance of high standard printouts. All printing orders are supervised by professional teams that will ensure that all projects are done with promptness and high quality standards.

They also specializes in Custom Printing service where you can avail affordable pricing and instant online quotations. No need to worry about the usual long turnaround as they deliver as fast as 3 days with world class printing results. Visit the site now and enjoy the service in just 3 easy steps: quote your product online, complete billing and shipping and upload your artwork. Easy does it?


Finding Out How to Reach Your Goal

If you have a goal in mind but don’t know what it takes to reach it, then you need to find how to reach it. Here’s some of the tips you can do to find out. Do some reading, talk to people you know, ask questions and LISTEN to the answers. Think that sounds like a lot of work? Well, remember what you are preparing for – your success and happiness. Surely you want to put a little effort into that! Anyway, a little research into what it will take for you to reach your goals isn’t too difficult.


Stock Video Clips, HD Stock Footage and More

I was asking my daughter Ruth what probable course in college she will take after high school. I’ve observed that she’s more inclined in media arts and told her to think carefully before choosing any degree she wants to take. It should be what she really wanted to take for her to be inspired in studies. I think that’s a very good course and I can see that she’s going to excel on that course. It can also be one of the most sought after studies in few years as multimedia has showing great innovations and improvement now. Actually I’m really amazed at the fast turnaround of technology rise. People are now using very small players that can hold their favorite songs of up to thousand choices with other features that take pictures and make phone calls all in one small gadget.

In entertainment world you can see how they apply modern technology in their videos and after effect plugins. It produces higher ratings with the public consumers because they were amazed especially if the viewer is not that familiar with super modern technology. I came upon, an online site that provides and sells hd stock footage, motion templates, music/sound fx and after effects projects. I saw their stock of amazing pictures which has great captures and I thought of buying one from them. What struck me most are the stock video clips that they have in the site. I thought I was watching a movie; it was created with the best quality audio and video effects.


Buy Superbowl Tickets Now

My nephew who is currently working in the Middle East is a sports buff but since he worked abroad he didn’t find time and a chance to play basketball and some of his sports. He’s finding it hard to give dedicated time to enjoy and relax with the sports he used to play. He’s just enjoying the game through cable and some replays on the net. Well he came upon Sport Events which provides complete ticket source for concert, theatre, entertainment and sports tickets like the very famous Superbowl tickets for the Super Bowl XLV event to be held at the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

People are getting excited about the grand finale of the NFL season which will be held at the Super Bowl Sunday. Since this is the largest sporting event in America Sport Events are offering Super bowl packages for corporations, individuals or groups wanting to experience watching Super Bowl event live. It ‘s quite an event and my nephew is thinking about how he can possibly squeeze it in his work schedule and fly from his work to US. Well it’s still five months to go before the event so he’ll have more time scheduling his vacation to US. I told him to Buy superbowl tickets now so he can have early reservation for the big event in February 2011. He’s working so hard abroad and I think he deserves some fun and excitement on viewing football live.


SWB Surprising Findings

Studies of SWB or Subjective Well-Being are overturning many cherished myths and came up with new findings. Among these are:

Happiness knows no gender. Studies showed a less than one percent difference in happiness between the sexes.

Happiness doesn't depend on age. No particular stage of life is less happy than another.

Wealth does not beget happiness. In a survey list of 100 wealthiest people it was found that the privileged aren't much happier, overall, than average folk.

Happiness and Marriage go together. While conflict between couples can be an important factor in people's unhappiness most people are happier 'attached' than 'unattached'. Married people are less lonely than singles and enjoy more supportive relationships. Also, marriage offers two roles, spouse and parent, that can enhance self-esteem and happiness.


Kentucky Derby Tickets, Colt Tickets and More

My brother loves sports and he’s into soccer and basketball on his school days. He never pursued soccer when he reached college and just contented himself on basketball. Until now he’s playing basketball to be fit and active. If he will not do it his physique will suffer. Because he’s as busy as a bee with his construction business he makes it a point to watch his favorite sports over the cable. Of course soccer and basketball are on his top lists but he has other sports as well. You would smile when you hear his laughter when watching sport games. He has an invitation to visit his friend in the US and I would want him to have Sporting event tickets available online.

I browsed online for the most coveted event tickets and found that Sport Events provides premium sport packages to corporations, groups and individuals. They also serve as a full service ticket broker for local, national and international tickets like concert, theatre and event tickets. They also offer Colts tickets to the first-class, all inclusive tailgate experience at Colts’ home games. It includes food, wine, refreshments and pre-game entertainment. It is held across the street from the West Entrance of Lucas Oil stadium good for 500 people per game.

There are others sport events that sports hobbyist can make online reservation like Kentucky derby tickets on the Churchill Downs on May 2011. The package includes 1st floor grandstand tickets, 3 nights deluxe accommodation, daily breakfast, bourbon tour with tastings, sport events travel, horse farm tour, souvenirs and many others.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Expansion Plans for Her Nursing Home

My Auntie needs to have a substantial loan for her nursing home in California. She needs the money for her expansion plans. Lately many customers are coming up in her office and she couldn’t accommodate them all so she’s thinking of having another two-storey house and hire more staff. Staff wouldn’t be a problem as she’s always hiring them from our province so she could also help those who want to work abroad but don’t have the capacity to look for job and processing fees. 

The money she wants to borrow would be used mainly for the additional establishment. She’s happy to get a free credit score that would be much needed to make her loan be approved. She didn’t have any loans from other company and her credit card has no outstanding balance except for her current usage so she’s expecting she’ll have a good credit score and she’s positive that her loan will be granted soon.


:BM/MYM/RT : 7th Birthday Cake


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This was my son's birthday cake last Sunday Sept 5 when he celebrated his 7th birthday with church friends and brethren. The party was as colorful as his cake :-).  They had fun with the games and food was only their second priority when they're having games.  But after the games and seeing the cake was being sliced they formed a line and can't wait for us to go to their table.

I was relieved that the cake was enough for us all.  They said it's yummy!

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Best House Plans

My office friend from my previous work place complained to me of high apartment rents that they had to pay and had been for several years now. Rental fees for apartments has a 10% increase yearly depending on the owner’s contract so it’s a burden to rent a place when you can’t own it in the future. There are many houses for sale now wherein you can apply for a rent-to-own agreement. For me it’s better than renting because after several years of renting you will have spent a lot of money. It’s also exciting to live in your own house because you have the liberty to do whatever you want wherein in an apartment there are rules and regulations that you have to follow. Well I understand those who want to rent first because they want to stand on their own feet and experience what it’s like to live on your own. But if you do some calculations you will see that you will have paid a hefty sum that could have been used for a down payment, and only with only a year's amount of rent. Best of all, is to save up enough to build your own, to your dream specifications.

It would feel so good moving into your dream house created from your desired house plan and I’ve experienced it when we moved out from our provincial house here in our town near the city. It’s saddening for me to lose my friends but it’s also exciting to see what's in store for us. Of course it was the best among the many houseplans and we're proud of it. I would always be happy to look online at the variety of resources and products  that has. They have pre-drawn house plans ready to purchase and can be used immediately to build your desired home. They have extensive plans to choose from like contemporary, modern, luxury, ranch and many more, big and small. They even have plans for backyards, sheds and garage. Visiting their site is very enjoyable as you can get helpful tips, resources and tools aside from the beautiful photo and video galleries of houses created from the floor plans.


Manic Monday #222

Imagine you can only keep 5 things that you have (people not included). What 5 things would you keep?

1.  Pictures from the past since I was a child up to now with my kids' photo books.  I cherish every picture I have and it's part of my life.
2) Laptop because I need it for my work and I have all my files and soft copy of my pictures.
3) Camera - I love photography and despite my busy schedule it's one of the hobbies that I can still do
4) Phone - for communications 
5) Books (Bible, Inspirational, Health and Medical Books) - the most important thing in life where you can be inspired and be blessed.

What's the hardest thing you've ever had to learn?

Giving up someone you used to love especially friends you've trusted so much...

Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I'm going to... 
Pray and talk to God to guide me in whatever step I make, help me in my decisions in life and taught me to be humble in dealing with people.  


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lessons Learned

I’m disappointed from client’s payment to me. I thought I can have the payment on this day but it bounced. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from this sad experience it’s the old saying that goes ‘Don’t count the eggs when it’s not hatched yet’. Maybe there’s an explanation behind it but I’m worried for the other payments that I’m expecting. I know God will take care of that for me and for my friends.


Accutane Lawsuit

There are many products available in the market which will offer you beauty enhancements, medicine solutions,  treatment for your acne or other face problems and many others. Many people want to be free from imperfections of their face and body but they didn’t know that sometimes it will cause them great trouble. You should be careful in using these products without consulting your personal doctor because it might be harmful to you or may cause side effects. This was the case of many customers who suffered inflammatory bowel disease by the use of Accutane. 

Although it was taken off the market last 2009 there are many people who need assistance on how they can have justice and support for what happened to them. In cases like this they can get product liability claims from the company when they file Accutane Lawsuit against the manufacturer and maker of Accutane, the product that cures acne. O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath offers their professional expertise and experience to help those needing to claim compensatory damages. Their team of professionals are all ready to help, just visit them for free consultation


It's How You See Life

Happiness is measured as anything above neutral on what psychologist call a Delighted-Terrible scale. It is just as real statistically as its opposite, depression. I think it’s the way you handle problems and the way you see life. There are people who are content in their lives no matter how simple it is. Some can’t find happiness if they don’t have the best things in life.

People who define themselves as “satisfied” are usually supported in that belief by friends and family. Psychologists teamed up with neuropsychiatrists to locate centers for happiness in the brain. One of their discoveries is that happy people show more electrical activity in the left frontal lobe of the brain, while those who tend toward sadness or depression show more right frontal-lobe activity.


Saturday 9: Tell Her No

1. When was the last time that you had to tell someone that you loved, that the answer was no? 
I never experienced that in my life, DH is the only person that I truly fall in love with.

2. When was the last time you visited a hospital? 
Three months ago when I accompanied my Auntie in her abdomen ultra sound and visited my friend's father who had a stroke also and was confined in the same hospital

3. If you were to start a club, what would the subject matter be, and what would you name it? The Reunion Club - it's about reminiscing old acquaintances, old friends, old classmates and anything old, that is........

4. Have you ever hit someone of the opposite sex?
Yes when I was in my third grade lol! He's the biggest of the class and I'm one of the smallest.  He bullied me and I just hit him in the face, my first and last .......:-)  We were called in the principal's office and he was reprimanded, the principal took sides on me...

5. What's the first thing you notice about the preferred sex?

6. What really turns you on?
Physically- deep set eyes, Others - with sense of humor, sensible to talk to

7. What was your biggest mistake?
Staying employed in corporate for so many years... wish I came out sooner than I did.

8. Tell us something totally random about yourself.
Honest, frank, simple, humorous, 

9. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?
I think four people told me several years back when I was slimmer that I looked like the late 80's singer Jam Morales :-) I think my eyes and hair did it because we had the same big eyes and spiral hair then.  Actually I like her songs.  She lives abroad now.

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Taking Advantage of the Peak Season

It’s Saturday again and I feel like it’s a Sunday because of the long weekend caused by the holiday. This weekend was a bit relaxed as we’re done with the usual household activities yesterday. I’m lucky that DH always help in the chores which made my job easier. There are lots of opportunities for me and my online friends and we’re all working even at night to finish our due tasks. We’re very thankful for the wonderful work blessings on us and we’re thinking of investing maybe on gold coins or some other tangible investment in time for the peak season of our job. 

Our online work has its low peak also so it’s better to save and invest while we’re earning a lot. We just have to remind ourselves to have careful planning before venturing on any kind of investment and we should be very knowledgeable on the product and the probable returns of profit.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

:Thursday Challenge : Music

"MUSIC" (Singing, Dancing, Playing, Instruments, iPods, Concerts,...)

This is part of the Nutrition Program in Little Jewels Christian School where each grade level performed anything from songs, dances, poems, drama or any performance that pertains to health and nutrition. Here are the girls and boys dancing to the tune of “Makulay ang Buhay sa Sinabawang Gulay” (Colorful Life with Soupy Vegetable). This dance promotes eating plenty of vegetables to ensure getting the right nutrients for the whole family. I like their costume here because they really look like vegetables lol!

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What Do Your Initials Say About You?

I'm quite puzzled why initials has something to do with your personality, your weaknesses and strengths.  I just wanted to find out if it will got close to at least 60% of my real personality just to test if it matters.  Well it did and it surpassed the 60% boundary I've set.  It says a lot about me when I'm comfortable, when I'm at my best and when I'm in social setting.  The nearest is when I'm at my best because I'm really a very determined,  responsible and trustworthy person to the maximum level. Btw here are the results:

 You Are Tender and Tolerant

When You Are Comfortable:
You are a sensitive, gentle soul. You want to save the world... or as much of it as possible.
People see you as unselfish and well mannered. You truly enjoy being around others, and it shows.

When You Are At Your Best:

You are a determined and responsible. You strive for success, and you know what it takes to get things done.
People find you to be trustworthy and a good leader. You treat people well, and they benefit from your wisdom.

When You Are in a Social Setting:

You are a strong person. You're driven and assertive. Success is yours, as much as you want it.
People find you to be clever and spirited. You're a bit saucy too... delightfully so!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Make Moving an Exciting Adventure

Moving out or relocating to live on another place is a mixture of excitement and exhaustion. When you think of things to pack, furniture to sell and never ending sorting of things you’ll most likely to back out. When you plan to move it’s necessary that you sorted your things into important to less important or not important at all. Then you’ll try to give out or sell those that you can’t carry with you like old clothes, appliances and furniture. It’s a lot complicated than meets the eye. But if you see moving beyond tiredness and stress you’ll see the benefits like meeting new friends, living in a new environment, possibly greener opportunities and more.

It’s a kind of adventure that you have the power to turn it into an exciting one. And to make it easier and fun to move out you can hire Humboldt Storage and Moving, a Moving Company in Boston which can do all the necessary things you need in relocating your precious belongings. Their services are open to residential, corporate and international moving service with professional staff who will handle your things with care. You’ll experience a relaxing and exciting relocation that you’ll forget you’re moving out.

*This is a sponsored review.


Getting Toner Refill to Save on Inks

We always have a need for computer and printer because of my kids’ school projects. I’m just happy that we have a new 3-in-1 printer now that we can use to copy, scan and print my kids’ school assignments and projects. For about a month now we always print plenty of research work and science news that my inks are running out now. Most printer cartridges now are very expensive that buying a new one would cost you so much. I’m trying to find a way to save me from buying costly ink replacement. 

Now I found a site where I can look for low cost printer cartridges, printing supplies, laser printer cartridge, ink cartridges, ink & toner refill kits, refill accessories, printer ribbons and a lot more. They carry almost all kinds of printing requirements for you to choose from. They also have some suggestions on how you can save your money by getting a toner refill and they have this Do-It-Yourself guide to follow when refilling ink which is very easy to understand and follow. It will now be lesser printer ink cost for me with this refill kit that I’ve found.

I love visiting because I get to search and choose from wide range of printing products. I will not be worried now when our cartridge runs out of ink because I can buy it online on very affordable price with shipping free for all orders of $49. All products come with a full one year guarantee.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Spiderman Comic Books

When I see comic books I always remember when my brother and I were so engrossed in reading them. I know he collected few copies but stopped doing them when my father got sick. We combined all our savings for Dad’s recovery and so we just saved what’s collected before. Still we continue with reading lots of them. He will borrow from his friends and return them when I’m through reading them. When he enters college he found other hobbies and gave his collections to our younger cousins in our province which was so happy receiving them. That cousin of ours continued the collection and until now I can see the whole lot of them when I visit their house. 

Now I have a little boy and showing such a great amount of interest in super heroes. I remember seeing his eyes lit up when he saw some of the Spiderman Comic Books displayed in the bookstore. You will laugh at how he read them with actions and emotions because he really loves Spiderman and other super heroes. Well if you want to buy and collect comic books you can visit, an online comic store where a huge variety of comic books are available. To name a few they have Marvel comic books, Spiderman comic books, X-Men comic books, Batman, Fantastic Four, DC comic books, Archie and many others. Searching is easy on their site as they’ve arranged it alphabetically. They also accept selling and trading of your comic books so you can trade your own collections here. They offer the lowest price among other comic books dealer. Well I’m showing the site to him now and he’s really excited about it. He bookmarked the site before leaving it.


Fresh Potholders

Want to perk up your kitchen mood?  Well you can add up something green or fresh-looking accessories like  these finds from rosesnhearts at

These cute Potholders with a tossed salad theme can be very functional in your kitchen as it can be used as potholders or as hot pads because of their thickness. They can be good gift ideas for someone you know who loves cooking like me.  That's why I always fancy cute little things like this pair of 8-inch square potholders.

Here's some of the creators' description:
They are made with high quality cotton fabrics. The front side has the print and back side is a coordinating cotton fabric. These potholders feature three layers of batting for protection. Two layers of high loft batting and one layer of a insulating bright fleece batting. Each potholder has a loop for hanging and has topstitching for decoration. I do custom orders (pepper shaker and bowl are for decoration only)

This pair sells at USD$5.00


Irving Toyota's New and Preowned Cars

Our car was of different make from Toyota but we would have bought otherwise if I were offered a nice deal. We only buy second hard cars because we can’t afford to buy those very expensive brand new model cars. We have several friends who have an expertise in looking up and maintaining cars so we had no problems in the past when it comes to buying preowned cars because they check first the car, its machine and all peripherals before we buy it. These friends of ours told us that if we really want a car that’s easy to maintain we should choose Toyota. They told us that parts for these brands are easily replaceable because many accessory stores abounded with Toyota’s parts and accessories.

Now I learned that irving Toyota is selling hundreds of new and certified preowned cars or dallas used cars. They offer the best service and competitive prices for their wide variety of new vehicles like SUVs, trucks, cars and vans. They also have those specials featuring some of their dallas Toyato on sale. It’s easy to browse through their site with shopping tools, inventory search and what I love the most the video gallery. I’ve been running around the site looking at their beautiful array of Corolla, Camry, Rav4, FJ Cruiser and many others. I just love looking at beautiful cars, who knows I might get one of them someday.


Don't Compare Yourself

I’ve been reading a lot these days despite the busy schedule and tasks that’s up to my neck figuratively. I heard a conversation while travelling on a traffic jam road and I can’t help hearing how the two men talking about two different guys comparing the two. For me it’s better if we don’t worry about others, don’t compare your progress with others. No matter how successful you are, there will be someone else who, to you, looks like she’s got it made – who looks like she’s getting where you want to go faster and easier than you are. Maybe she is. Maybe she isn’t. Who cares? Focus on your own achievements. Work to develop your skills and talents to their full potential. Compete with yourself – your short term goals should be based on today’s accomplishments. If you have reached Plan A today make Plan B your next objective – improve yourself and don’t worry about the other guy.


Working Men’s Boots

When I’m working online I also do some of my family things at the net also like canvassing, searching for the kids’ things, window shopping for the things I wish to buy, helping my kids on their research works and many other things. Since I’m online I was able to get information accurately and shopping for the things you love seems so easy also. My brother asked me to help him search for working shoes or Boots for his construction boys and he wants those with durability assurance so it will last for a long time. Some of his staff assigned in hazardous parts of construction needs some sturdy working footwear to use while at work. It’s rather risky to go on working slippery areas and treading on some dangerous spots with just the ordinary shoes on. Wearing comfortable working Men's boots is indeed a must when you’re working on construction and other works that needs climbing tall electric posts, high level installation of wires and other high risks manual jobs. 

The shoes and boots you wear should be durable and of high quality materials to see you through tough works. To supply your needs for this kind of stuff you can visit and choose from their wide variety of high quality working boots from major brands like Wolverine Boots, Caterpillar work boots, Converse Boots, Rocky work boots, Timberland boots which offer durability, comfort and safety that’s needed in tough working environment and many others. Well they also have outerwear, work wear, accessories and special discounted promos. If you order goods at $49 or up you can get it without shipping fee.


Getting the Best Home Plans

I remember my siblings when I see floor plans because when we’re still schooling our fondest hobbies were those of sketching floor plans of our dream homes. We have a big house but it’s too big for us and with that thinking I would use our home as my model for sketching. Since our house is big I would decorate its interiors with nice kitchen cabinets  and cupboards, round big dining table, a music corner and TV room. I’m always like this since I was a kid I’m fond of arranging things up according to what I feel is right. Now that we’re all matured individuals we’re looking at real home plans that will suit our requirements and needs. No I’m not planning for my own dream home but for my cousin. I’m helping her decide the best for her planned house building.

Looking at the selections provided by  I can’t help but be amazed at the idea of buying pre-drawn plans because for sure building your dream home may never be too hard at all. With the wide variety of different styles, designs and architectural approach my cousin can be sure that there’s one that will suit her desired home plan. The company provides these pre-drawn plans of modern to contemporary designs to help you build your home as is from the plans. You can also improve the plan with your additional ideas. They offer extensive ideas to use for your garage plans, sheds and backyards. You really have to visit their site to see how helpful they are to give some resources and tools in guiding the new home planners. With all these things ready for my cousin I can say that decision would be easier now.


Advantages of Vacation Rentals

Are you planning your vacations? Would you like to enjoy them  as  best as you can?  If  the  answer  is  yes, vacation rentals are the best option for you! From soaking up the local flavor to enjoying the best an area has to offer, vacation rentals provide the holidaymaker with many advantages that a traditional hotel may not offer.

The greatest advantage that vacation rentals can offer you is their locations. Location will always serve the purpose of your trip!  Most vacation rentals are located right at the beach or near the best ski runs. When looking for vacation rentals in cities, many are located within walking distance to the best attractions. For those looking to get in touch with nature, there is nothing better than a cabin located in green forest or near a lake. Many properties are maintained by owners who share similar tastes and therefore, are in perfect place to enjoy the best a place has to offer. Similarly, properties located in cities are generally close to sport arenas and major landmarks.

Accommodation is always the biggest chunk of any holiday budget. Vacation rentals offer great price saving as they come in all sizes. From a studio apartment to a lavish villa, there is a rental for every budget. A cheap rental just means that it lacks the luxuries of a more expensive property. Many properties offer well furnished rooms, fully functional kitchens and in some cases gyms and internet connections.

From the point of view of the holidaymaker, the most important benefit of vacation rentals is the chance to really enjoy the local atmosphere. Many rentals are located in the middle of cities that give the chance of enjoying the local color. The selling point of many properties located in small towns is the unique cuisine or wine of the area. It is very refreshing to try out a new dish or sample a fine wine.

Vacation rentals offer great flexibility over other form of residences. This is the reason of their rising popularity. Already there is a number of listing available for almost every type of holiday imaginable.


What's Your Autumn Personality

Your Autumn Personality is Adventurous

There's something about a chill in the air that gets your blood pumping. /you're ready to go have some fun.
Consider hiking up your favorite mountain or spending a weekend at a bed and breakfast.

You're the type of person who likes to try all the new fall dishes and come up with the best Halloween costume.
Go ahead and let yourself experience some new things this autumn. There's lots to try!

I'm quite adventurous but I never really tried mountain hiking, not this time huh! Quite busy with everything from kids' school activities, run errands, marketing, house chores, mommy duties and most of all load of writing tasks to finish whew! I must admit I don't have 'me time' now.  Glad I've made it to our mini reunion with college friends last week and last month! That's quite an achievement for me lol!


Living Up To Your Full Potential 2

I’ve read this one out about this secret and one opinion that kept hanging on my mind is achieving you best and peak performance by Living Up To Your Full Potential. Your success in every field of your life and anything you try to be your best such as in sports, in love, in business, in work or even in friendship is determined by your own self-image. I heard from my psychologist friend the happiness is your choice and that you can choose to be happy or unhappy. Of course no one wants to be unhappy but sometimes we do something that pushes our life to be a failure. Now I’m beginning to believe that indeed happiness, success and confidence can happen to us if we strongly believe and strive to have them, that is if we live up to our full potential.

Start now and be happy!


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