Friday, September 17, 2010

The Sporty Car Test

You Are Idealistic

You have very distinct ideas about how the world should be, and you really don't care how realistic they are.
You are a true romantic. You want to see the best in situations and people - no matter how flawed they might really be.

You are a natural philosopher and poet. You have interesting theories, and you express them well.
You can become easily overwhelmed by the real world. Things are much better in the world you've created for yourself.

Wow that's one kind of personality I'm not aware of (partly lol)  Well maybe 50% idealistic several years ago but now after 5 jobs and 19 years of working in corporate world I know what the real world was like.  I still have the idealism that was in me when I was in college but I know now where and how to use it to understand people and life.  Now that I'm writing online I can use some of my idealistic views through my posts.


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