Friday, May 14, 2010

Vacation Ideas for the Whole Family

Summer brings so much fun and excitement especially as the kids are on their school vacation. It’s just that the weather is so humid and temperature is so hot that I can’t enjoy my time outside my house. I only want to be outside in the early morning and late afternoon when the heat is bearable. DH wanted a vacation for the whole family because he has resigned from his job already and needs some rest to regain his health. He’ll be starting up a small business after the vacation and that will be an added source of income for us. We’re thinking of going to the North for a cooler temperature but I also want to go to a beach resort like resorts in Myrtle Beach to enjoy the nature more. It’s more relaxing to spend vacation by the beach because it offers a certain magic of serenity and peace.

Well we’re just having plans now because DH will only be available at the end of this month. His Mom and siblings were actually booked for a vacation in their provincial town near the beach but he can’t join them as the dates may conflict his schedule. I was just waiting for his decision as I can finish my tasks to be available on whatever date he wants. I was browsing through and found some good deals offered by them. They offer vacation condo and plenty of amenities that can complete your dream vacation like hot tubs, indoor and outdoor pools, on-site restaurant, shops, golf courses and many more.

I was searching through their vacation packages and was now dreaming of staying in Myrtle Beach hotel to enjoy a real complete vacation away from the hustles and bustles of the city. It’s really a good place to have your family vacation because everyone in the family can enjoy the amenities and the sports. The boys can have their round of their favorite golf sports and the girls can stroll through restaurants and shops to enjoy their stay there. Well reservation can be done online so anytime you feel like going to this beautiful resort reservation is as easy as clicking their site and booking your stay.


Diabetic Neighbor

I’ve seen again how my neighbor suffers from his diabetes. He finds it hard to move sometimes owing to his big body and it seems like he can’t carry his big framed body with his feet. I wonder if he knows about diabetic socks which can give him comfort for his feet. I think he should shed a great number of his excess pounds in order to cope up better in his diabetic sickness. It’s really a hard condition for him every time he incurred wounds because it heals so slowly. Now he told me that he’s been moving very carefully so as not to aggravate his condition. He’s taking some herbal medicine now to balance his sugar level to normal condition.


:Friday Fill-Ins #176

fridayfillin.gif we go!

1. I just had a tiring but enjoyable walking around our municipal grounds yesterday while the kids are biking. I walked around 6 kms.
2. Glad for the convenience of my work-at-home job that is.
3. The third sentence on the 7th page of the book I'm reading: If you don't have a shower in your home, use a pail of water (I'm reading about the kinds of baths)
4. Surprise vacation tickles my fancy.
5. I was walking around while my kids were biking around.
6. My little boy's antics and stories makes me laugh!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to planning a nice meal and resting early, tomorrow my plans include shopping for birthday gifts and Sunday, I want to inquire about some textbooks!

Happy Friday everyone!


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