Friday, November 19, 2010

Precision Machining with Herker Industries

I’ve been to a lot of jobs in my 19 years of employment. I was employed early just after the day of my graduation I was lineup up for interview and got the job right away in an International semiconductor company. My first job was in manufacturing transformers for personal computers. They were hiring all graduates of either Electronics or Computer Engineering and those who have computer technology courses. As such I was exposed to big equipment in header assembly, machines for tin dipping, doing armature coils and many others. I was assigned in header assembly and soldering of the thinnest wires I’ve ever seen. Of course we rounded all section of the manufacturing for us to be able to do the jobs of our co-operators.

That was years before and we were competing with other countries in terms of production, precision, quality and speed. Yes we’re working on strict time frame to be able to meet deadline of orders. I don’t know if there’s cellular manufacturing on those days because it would have help us to maximize production efficiencies that would result in manufacturing of high quality products. I learned that it allows execution of multiple jobs in flexible way that eliminates or minimize waste thus enabling the product to be sold in lower prices.

Herker Industries brought this kind of manufacturing together with the best cnc milling services utilizing the most modern horizontal and vertical machining centers. They produce the highest quality and quantity CNC machined parts plus providing finishing services for all components needed by the clients.

Being one of the best cnc machining centers in the country they offer world-class service in precision machining, contract welding and mechanical assemblies. They provide tools that will guide their clients into high production capabilities that will lead to price affordability. Frankly I don’t know anything about cnc machining but after visiting the site I came to understand that it will certainly help any manufacturing company to achieve optimum results in producing quality, high precision and affordable products.


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