Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boogie Board Jot Paperless LCD Tablet

Are you fond of posting little notes and reminders on your fridge or on post-it notes? Well if you are (just like me) you'll agree that sometimes it gets unnoticed.  This generation of highly innovated gadgets especially tablets is full of distractions and it would take a nice tablet to get their attention, perhaps!

Since the kids are attracted to tablets you might as well consider this Boogie Board Jot Paperless LCD Tablet which can really capture their attention and notice what you've jotted for them. This battery-operated stylus board tablet has been integrated for easier storage and you can hang its magnetized back-plate on the fridge for you to list down your reminders, love message or even your shopping lists. Really love this board tablet which is not only stylish but functional as well.

Sells at £39.99 at


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shipping Telecommunications Equipment

In my present work I also handle shipping of ordered telecommunication equipment from Israel to our office location. Upon arrival of shipping we use box cutters to inspect and count the items exported to us by our suppliers. Of course we should be very careful in opening those because if anything happens to the equipment because of mishandling cutters it would be upon us. 

Anyway I have to be honest that I don’t like shipping assignments because it entails delicate situation at times. I just can’t say no at this point in my life but I’m planning to leave in a matter of months to return to working at home. I hope and pray that providence will come my way.


K3100-PC Desktop Label Printer

My sister has her own name printed on all her gadgets and computer accessories as she wants her things recognizable by others to prevent mixing with other similar gadgets in their office.  They labeled their things to avoid getting someone else's things similar to their own.  It's nice for me to have your things labeled especially if you're in a big group and mixing of personal and office things can't be avoided.

For those who want their things labeled or want to have a sideline business of labeling things I've found this K3100-PC Desktop Label Printer at  This label printer connects to your personal computer and comes with it's own easy to use software that allows you to create, edit, and save a variety of labels. 

It's compatible with most software so that printing labels from programs like Microsoft® Word and Excel are a snap.  I like to have one like this also. 


Recording My Daughter’s Instrumental Music

My daughter Gen loves playing piano and keyboards and when she plays I record it so we will see how she improves playing the song and for me to play it again and again. I love recording instrumental songs because I love playing it when I’m working on tasks that are hard to write. If you will just feel how the instrumental can sweep you off your feet with inspiration then you will understand why I really want to record and store every piece she plays. 

It would be nice to have it recorded on boss 4 track because it loads and play like MP3 files but for now I have to content myself using my mobile phone. Anyway it has a high capacity memory card so I will not worry about loading and playing it.


Easy Cleaning with Logitech Washable Keyboard

Do you find it hard to clean your keyboard or get rid of dust inside?  Well this is a solution to your problem as Logitech washable keyboard is easy to clean and easy to dry.  Yes cleaning comes easy from light dusting up to completely soaking the keyboard for a full wash.  It’s submergible up to 11 inches of water and has drainage holes at the back for faster drying.   

This keyboard really loves to be washed.  And to ensure that the letter will not fade when you wash it key characters are laser printed and UV coated.  Great isn’t it.   

Sells for USD39.99 at Logitech.


Collectible Customs Coins

My coin collection is growing in numbers now with a few additions this month only. I’ve added a few coins from England and I’m happy that finally I have secured those coins from the bags given by SIL. When I combined it with my local old coins it looks very different in design and in color. I heard that you can also create your own collectible coin through custom coins here which excites me a bit because I really want to add foreign coins to my existing collection. Wish I could add some more perhaps from the countries in Asia as I would love to see coins from nearby countries.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

USB Surgeon Flash Drive

Source: via Race on Pinterest

For those working in hospitals and health care centers would it be nice to have something like this?  I super like it because it's cute and so much like a surgeon.  It's not just a USB flash drive but a nice decor as well.  It's something that's nice to look at and could be a nice gift to kids who knows how to use USBs like my little boy.  He always do his research assignments and save it in USB.  I told him that I'll buy him his own USB drive so he will not borrow her big sister's flash drive.  Aside from the avenger's USB flash drive this one is also my choice. 


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Regrow your Hair

One of the most common problems among men is keeping their hair healthy and thick when they get old. There are several men who at the age of 40’s began to experience thinning of the hair on some parts of their head. Some told me that genes have something to do with it but I learned that it can also be due to poor nutrition, extreme weight loss, stress and medications. Anyway whatever the reason is, hair loss is not that easy to accept especially if you’re still young. 

As hair is our crowning glory we should take care and maintain it with the right nourishment not only in our hair but of our body as well. We should be able to avoid the factors that lead to hair loss. Now if we’re already suffering from it we should seek the help of the professional experts like Regrow Hair Atlanta  which has the technologically advanced procedures in restoring our hair. 

Through their modern techniques and state-of-the-art facility they will be able to restore hair loss through hair solutions like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Non-Surgical Treatments, Laser Hair Therapy, and Ethnic Solutions. Regrow Hair Atlanta  will help you get through the process of careful assessment, listening to what you want to achieve and proceed to restoring your hair and your confidence as well.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Multifunctional Portable Laptop Desk with Cooling Pad

Lately I feel so tired and restless due to lack of sleep. This is because of my online work which is reaching up an active status these days meaning I’ve got lots of work opportunities. This is actually a good news but I really must rest and sleep more to avoid being sick in the coming days. I also want to get myself a new table to work on and I found this portable laptop desk.

The desk is multifunctional, comes with a cooling pad and suitable for any kind of laptop. It’s height is adjustable and you can angle it to your desired slant for maximum comfort. It can be used in your car, sofa, bed, floor or in your office. It can fit in your computer bag so you can carry it anywhere you want. I must have this as soon as possible so I can work in any corner of the house without the need of my regular work table. Sells at PhP680.00 in cd-r king. 


Fire Insurance Damages

People get insurance to make sure that everything or everyone should be covered in case of unexpected circumstances. It’s like a warranty that guarantees products up to one or two years wherein all repairs will be free. In offices and other establishment fire insurance is a must to have so if there will be small fire or any damaged things caused by fire it will be covered. 

Sometimes the insurance company is so strict that they don’t want to pay for the damages and look for reasons to justify their decision. In this situation you need the help of lawyer like Fire Damage Lawyer Miami Florida  to fight for your right and claim your money. Their experience in handling that kind of job and case made them the right lawyers to handle such situation.

If you have a problem claiming your money for fire damages you can consult Fire Damage Lawyer Miami Florida  to guide and help you in all phases of your case until you have claimed the compensation for fire damages.


Digital Wireless Doorbell

    As the outdoor is sometimes noisy because of the cars passing through the road I want to install a digital wireless doorbell that we'll be able to hear clearly inside the house despite the noise outside. Well this one is just right devoid of cables and easy to install. Available in cdr king and costs PhP220.00


    Friday, October 19, 2012

    Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

    Industrial plants and manufacturing firms are known to have large equipment and machineries that sometimes emits pollutants that’s hazardous to environment especially those within the vicinity of the plants. I’ve been hearing over these since I was young and government is taking measure control to have these industries comply with standards and specific requirements to prevent pollution in the environment. Well technology has a lot to contribute to certain issues like these as solutions are progressive not only to communications and other fields but to environmental applications as well. 

    Compared to regular industrial plants it’s actually the chemical plants that’s to be bothered of because they decomposes hazardous gases at a high temperature and releases them into the atmosphere. This is a threat and hazard to environmental health and human safety that’s why a thermal oxidizer is needed to process air pollution control in chemical plants. They are used to destroy Hazardous Air Pollutants and Volatile Organic Compounds from industrial air streams to prevent their release to atmosphere. 

    Now with RETOX dual chamber Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, the most accepted air pollution control technologies industries and chemical plants can have one of the most energy efficient solutions to VOC compliance with up to 97% primary heat recovery. They provide solutions for abating solvent fumes, odors and others from variety of industries. 

    Through Adwest provision of flameless RETOX Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer clients can benefit from its advantages including low pressure drop, flameless natural gas injection which saves 40-60% on fuel against burner operation and 97% heat recovery for ultra low energy usage. Industries can really save a lot on their energy expenses. They also offer 5 year extended proper warranty, 24/7 service support, free lifetime telemetry remote service diagnostics and many other advantages. Visit them to see their headquarters, technical center and see their advantages.


    Wednesday, October 17, 2012

    Apple Bite USB Mini Speaker

    Need to upgrade some of my computer accessories at home as they're somewhat old already.  My desktop computer which I bought when I started blogging which was 5 years ago.  Time flies so fast and from time to time I'm beginning to realize that my PC is getting old.  I'm actually using my laptop when I'm working as I've given the desktop computer to my kids for their school works.  They have two computers already but sometimes they also invade my laptop as they're telling me some softwares are not available in the old PC.  Anyway that's reasons only just so they can use laptop and roam around the house while using computer.

    Well I need a new set of speakers but I don't want to spend so much so I searched for some cute speakers in CDR king, my reliable online shop for computer accessories.  I've found this cute apple bite usb mini speakers which costs PhP200 only.  It's a USB powered plug and play, with volume control and works with all audio devices with 3.5mm audio input.


    Power Supply: 5V 
    Output Power: 3W x 2 
    Unit Driver: 2” x 2 
    Impedance: 4 ohms 
    S/N Ratio: 8*5*dB 
    Frequency Response: 100Hz~20kHz 
    Audio Jack: 3.5mm 
    Cable Length: 980mm 
    Dimensions: 105x50x98mm 
    Weight: 324gms  

    You can choose red or green apples :)


    Monday, October 15, 2012

    Email Marketing is Alive and Well

    For a business to succeed it should have the right email marketing that will help in reaching out customers with aimed campaigns. As it’s the most cost effective and beneficial marketing technology that can be used by small and big entrepreneurs iContact provides the online marketing features that can make business reached success. They offer the means for small and medium-scale businesses to share their products features, share their stories and creative ideas through the very popular email and social marketing. 

    iContact Email Marketing makes it possible for business to increase their brand awareness through email. They offer user friendly and easy to use tools in browsing building lists and in email procedures like sending messages, tracking opens and clicks and in designing emails too. They provide email marketing solutions that answers to specific needs of businesses catered to make campaigns more focused on their goal of reaching out the consumers’ needs and specifications.

    I’ve attached here an infographic of email marketing which explains clearly how successful online retailers are using email marketing services. Check this out to see how your company will benefit from building planned email marketing campaigns and try to come up with strategic plans to help in attaining business goals, plans and objectives.  

    iContact Email Marketing


    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    Improved Strength and Power

    With the influx of technology’s best in electronic items and gadgets I still have to see a gadget that will make fast changes to body built. Of course today’s generation has the answer to all questions and solutions to all our needs but when it comes to building your body it’s still manual machines that will do it best like gym work out and exercises. You still have to sweat and work on it patiently before you gain muscles. Well others combine it with supplements like myoswell for fast development of strength and power but it’s still up to you. It’s also used for improved muscle growth and endurance which most gym enthusiasts love so much.


    Thursday, October 4, 2012

    Cool USB Desktop Humidifier

    Source: via Race on Pinterest

    I thought at first that it's just an office or home decor but when I learned that it's a USB I find it so cool.  Wow this is a desktop humidifier that can be used  for dry offices. This would be perfect on those days when our air conditioning unit in our office malfunctioned and we suffered a two-week work with airconditioner whew! 

    Anyway on normal days the office temperature is so cold that we only have it for two hours in the morning and another two in the afternoon as it chills us.  The aircon control button is only on and off so we can't change it to lower the temperature the reason why we need to have it off for some hours. I don't know if it has anything to do with our office being in the 32nd floor? Well this one will be perfect for my home office:)


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