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Tips to Success-Living Up to Your Full Potential1

If you have talents and want to make more of them you have to learn how to use them to your full potential. You have the power to completely change your habitual attitude, to improve your performance in life, to learn new skills and fully use the skills you have. You can actually improve the quality of your life. It’s in your hands you just have to deal with yourself on how you plan your life. What really makes a successful person? Is it talent, intelligence, dedication or pure luck? Yes these things can be factors in achieving your dreams but from what I know and observed with my colleagues and friends those intelligent and talented don’t count themselves successful and they don’t seems so happy after all. So if we think about this we will be thinking what really the secret to success is.


Gift Ideas for the Rich and Famous

I was looking for gift ideas for my brother who will be celebrating his birthday next month and I find it convenient to look on the net since I’m always online. There are shirts, caps, belts, books and some other accessories like watches and sunglasses. Well what caught my attention were the products sold by Lussori, the authorized source for luxury brands. Of course I can’t afford the thousand-dollar price of  IWC Watches but surely it will not cost me anything to explore and look at the elegant timepieces in front of me. They’re certainly for the rich and famous because of the price but in fairness their craftsmanship is unique and rare. The expensive watches are definitely beautiful and of high quality befitting its hefty price.

They sell luxurious brands like Montblanc, Ulysse Nardin Macho Palladium, Dior, Girard-Perregaux and many other elegant watches for men and women. This site really has all the unique and rare timepieces that the rich can buy and collect. I saw that they have specials and preowned also which offers discounted timepieces up to 45% off and jewelries up to 78% off the original price, whew that’s a lot of discounts.


Health Tips: Meditation Keeps You Young

What really makes us young? Now that the fountain of youth is not yet discovered I might as well give you some tips on staying younger. It will not cost you anything or will take up so much time in your schedule. It’s what you call meditation; yes I learned that it keeps us young without so much effort, time and money. Read this one:

It has been proven now by scientists that people who meditate for even just 10 minutes a day can slow the aging process of their bodies. They compared the levees of age-related hormone called DHEA-S in people who meditate to those of people who don’t. One third of the number of non-mediators was compared with them. They were divided according to their ages and comparison was made with the same age group. The results are:

Females who meditate have higher levels of DHEA-S than those who don’t meditate in every age group. For men under 40 years there’s no significant variations but after age 40 male mediators were began to show remarkable higher levels of the youth hormones compared to non-mediators. It has been noted that over a lifetime span, people who have meditated for 10 years or more have 20 years more lifespan than those people who do not meditate.


Top August Droppers

I'd like to say my warmest thanks here for you fellow bloggers who patiently drops, visits and comments to my blog.  I really appreciate your coming over here. 

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Thanks to June for topping again alongside my kids are my world.  June also tops the top droppers in my main blog!


Bathroom Furniture

I’ve done general cleaning of the house this morning and noticed that our newly renovated bathroom need some fixing up again. It’s the ceiling now that needs some attention and I noted it on my lists. I remember having it fixed last summer before the rain comes because it’s inconvenient to have everything fixed on rainy season. I had the roofing system checked so I also asked our worker to check everything in the house that needs repairs. Anyway I really need to update my lists as I found the room lacking some accessories and bathroom furniture that would make it look stylish enough.

I browsed online for some ideas on what to buy for the bathroom and glad to find Better Bathrooms because they have launched a new range of packages for bathroom suites. At the site I found great ideas and plenty of choices too as they provide wide variety of products to choose from including those compact, space saving bathroom furniture which suits even the smallest of bathrooms. It saves space so anyone can use the extra space in the bathroom for more beautiful and useful accessories. Now they’re having stock clearance and giving bathroom suites for up to 55% off RRP.


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