Monday, March 21, 2011


I’m equipped with the things I need for my work-at-home job because I want everything to run smoothly. Now I realized that I’ve never use my headset for quite a time. My kids always use it and told me that they want another so they can’t be disturbed when they use it. Since our current headset is only a freebie from my laptop purchase I didn’t asked for quality or branded one. I just accepted and thanked the store for the freebies. But now since I’m going to buy it I’m searching for affordable but quality made headset just like Plantronics headsets which answers the need of headset users in call center, aviation, mobile and computers. I know that headset can really be so functional to us because it enhances communications so I better take note of this when I buy a headset!


Apple iPad 2 Sleeve/Case

It's great having the latest gadget but you must know how to protect it in every way and that will start by buying a quality and nice case for it like this Black Canvas Sleeve/Case for Apple iPad 2. Keep your precious Apple iPad 2 from scratches, bumps and anything that will harm it by giving in to CushCase selection of canvas case or sleeve. I found this one at and from the maker (CushCase) it includes the following features:

- High quality Velcro fastening for easy opening and closing
- Durable heavyweight canvas
- Ultra soft fleece
- Sandwiched foam layers
- Waterproof
- Made especially in USA for Apple iPad 2.

Sells at USD21.95


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