Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sisters in School

It’s school time once again and my kids are busy preparing their things in school so they will not rush on the opening of classes. My daughter Gen is getting excited and a bit apprehensive as it’s going to be her first day in high school and I could understand her as she’s crossing the line from childhood days to adolescence period. She’s a year ahead of her age since she entered preparatory at 3 years old only but she did well in school so her teachers let her enter grade one at very young age. My little girl will soon become a young lady and I’m preparing her for all the changes in her life. For sure she’ll be surprised with the future change in her looks, attitude, circle of friends, subjects in school, activities and many things that go with her entering the freshman year.

She collected some awards and honors when she graduated from primary school and she’s looking forward to doing well again in her new school. Her elder sister who is one year ahead of her will be her companion and guide in her new school and as early as now Ruth is giving her instructions and tips on how she will be able to cope up with the advanced teachings on Math, Science and other academic subjects. She’s really lucky to have a doting sister who cares for her adjustment year in high school. I’m sure she’ll also guide her in some of her academic writing requirement like coursework writing because her sister is good in writing too. 

It’s really nice to have someone with you in the same school just like my sister and I when we’re in school. My sister and I shared the same school from elementary, high school and college that’s why it’s easier for us to share anything from money, school things and even school problems. When she had to finish her  dissertation writing in few more hours before the deadline I was there for her to check and edit her works. She’s my one and only sister and it feels good to be always there for her when she needs me most. 

Now that my kids have the same situation as ours I feel relaxed when I’m at work because I know that they’re together in one school and whatever they should need inside the school I know that they will be able to handle it much easier because they have each other. Now for those who needs help in writing but don’t have anyone to assist them they can  buy essay from professional and skilled writers from and be able to submit academic requirements in school on time. Rest assured that they will have high quality essay, coursework and dissertation custom made for their specific requirements and needs.


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