Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Risks of Business

My Mom and I were talking about possible business that DH and I can start these coming months and aside from our earlier plans of reviving our former meat products business I’m thinking of something that will not involve electricity. When you have a meat products business the first thing that you’ll have to buy is a large freezer and that will mean increase in our electric bills. It worries me also that during rainy season brownouts are prevalent in this country so we’ll have to think of precautionary measures on how to deal with our products when this happens. If only we can just buy gold coins and have it stored safely in the bank until it appreciates value then we wouldn’t think of business risk.

We’ll just to save enough money to do it and after then we’ll just wait for the returns of our capital. I know the rich families can decide on investing on gold coins more easily than us because they have the means and finances. Oh well there are other suggestions from my Mom and we’ll have to carefully choose the one that’s less risky I think.


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