Monday, February 20, 2012

Dream Farm

The husband dreams of having a vacation house in our province where we will stay every weekend and look after our farm. He used to tell this to me when we’re sitting by the couch and watching tv. It’s actually possible as we have small lands in my Mom’s hometown province where we have vegetable and fruit crops, it’s just that we have no time to go there more often than every 4 months. We’re so busy with the kids, our work and very active in our church activities.

Last month he told me that he would be happy to raise some chickens in our farm. If that’s possible he’ll start buying backyard chicken coops for his planned poultry farm. I’ve seen some online stores where we can buy small, medium and large sizes. If only we can have it here on our place but we’re living between urban and rural areas and they’re a little strict so we cannot have more than half a dozen chickens in our backyard. I told the husband that in time we’ll have our dream farm but for now we still can afford the time to manage such tedious task.


Musical Instrument Inventory

We had an inventory in our church on all our musical instruments and it came to our attention that we need to repair or buy a new amplifier and guitar. Our drum set though old still sounds good and in good condition so priority will be on the first mentioned instruments. I heard about the distinct quality of engl fireball from my friend and when I searched it over the net I realized that it could really serve our church’ congregational and praising song. 

We need the highest quality we can get because the amplifier that we use serves a lot of our instrument that it sometimes fails to perform as expected. When you buy quality goods it will be able to serve you more years that low quality items. We’re canvassing various brands from different stores and we’ll present it on our next meeting so congregation will decide on the kinds that we really need for our congregational praising.


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