Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Web Host Solutions to Your Businesses

I’ve been employed previously by a small telecommunications company that cater to local and international clients with call termination, direct inward dialing, international prepaid cards and small to large scale corporate international calls. We have other minor products and services beyond this and I’m always involve in whatever products and services we have because I’m the one who bills, collects and interacts with clients regarding calls. I was mainly the international carrier settlement officer who settles disputes on call details and amount. When we were handling the prepaid card service of one of the major telecommunications in the country I was the one who activates sold cards and at the same time attends to the customer complaints and inquiries. 

Our company’s business runs on high technology equipment and our site is hosted by one of the top web hosting company that give us quality service regarding features, reliability, speed, customer support, uptime and many others. Our company is a small Telco company only and managed by the owner itself backed up by software specialist and technical managers. The company maintains a group of technical staff to see through maintenance of our big corporate and termination clients. Most are assigned in respective fields. I was thinking now if they should get managed hosting because it offers flexibility in monitoring servers, creating backups and more. They also provide customized services like security services, database management, SEO, disaster recovery plan which is what’s needed in times of calamities and many others.

Working in a telecommunications company demands being quick to learn technology updates, excellent written and oral communication skills because you have to deal mostly with foreign clients and providers or suppliers. You have to be very flexible also because of the time differences. You also have to be organized in your files both hard and soft files because it will serve as your backup when things get tough or disputes be questioned after a long period of time. I was thankful with what I learned from them like being familiar with high tech gadgets and equipment. Like if you want to secure your hardware in a facility with adequate space, temperature control and total security you can get colocation where you don’t have to worry about calamities like fire and flood or from theft and vandalism. It’s so reliable and you’re assured of enhanced virtual security. Now you can get the best web hosting, managed hosting, collocation services and many web requirements from Superb Internet Corp who caters to the needs of web-based businesses. They have the best of professional staff and infrastructure to give you quality webhost solutions for your small to medium businesses.


Glass Heart Ring Holder

I'm looking for some nice decors for the room when I saw this beautiful one-of-a-kind glass heart ring holder.  It was made by Rebecca Zhukov and posted for sale at  Wow! these ring stands will keep the ring falling off when you're doing something like washing dishes or taking a bath.  We sometimes just put it at the top of something in our kitchen, bathroom and bed stand.  Now you'll never lose it with these elegant glass heart ring holder available in variety of colors and designs.  I love lavender and purple so I choose to post my choices :-) 

This is not just for your own home decors but for gift ideas also.  Great for holiday and some other occasion  gifts! This heart is approx. 3 inches in diameter with a 2-3 inch stem and weighs about 1 lb.Custom engraving on the bottom of the heart is free if you would like me to add a personal sentiment on the piece itself.  This costs US$32.00 with a card and white box.


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