Saturday, March 1, 2014

Upgrading on Gadgets and Musical Instruments

With all the advancement in technology you can really so impulsive in letting go of your money as the innovations in mobile phones and other gadgets are so tempting. I’m one of those people who love gadgets but I can say I can manage my whims to the point of controlling my finances in buying only the needed ones. I know my priorities in life and only once in a year on my birth month particularly that I succumb to my wants and buy what I love. 

Last year I saved up for a vacation in Baguio instead of buying a new gadget as the cost is just the same. This year I’m going to include some musical instruments on my wish list so my kids can update on their music playing. I can also buy some replacement like John Pearse guitar strings to upgrade the old strings on our guitar and for backup too when we need immediate replacement. My kids would need this on summer vacation when they have free time away from school works.


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