Friday, June 21, 2013

Looking for Innovations in Music

I’ve been searching for new updates in music technology because my daughters are really interested in any innovations in music. They have been asking me to have some research on it because they’re planning things about music. My kids are downloading some apps for guitar and keyboard lessons and they’re very determined to learn more. 

While searching I also found a good acoustic bass at musicians friend which gave so much interest to my daughter Gen who is training for guitar instrumentalist also. She never gets tired on learning not only on one instrument but on other musical instruments as well. She even mentioned to me that she wants to study Music when she finished high school.


High Tech Faucet

Source: via Race on Pinterest

What would you do if you have encountered a faucet like this?  I just chanced upon this and the idea thrills me that a faucet can have facial recognition technology that automatically adjusts the water pressure and temperature to your preferred settings.  Very techie indeed.

I'm just wondering if it needs facial expression that will set the pressure of the water like if you're mad and angry or cool and relaxed.  I really love this one as it's like the latest innovation in mobile phones which recognizes retina and face.  Such innovation, they never cease to amaze me.


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