Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Advantage of Having a Car

It’s really expensive maintaining a car but it’s a lot better than having none. We actually considered our car a great blessing from God as it was given by us by my brother through an installment payment plan which is easy on the budget. We just repaired some of the trouble and maintained it like it was a new car to us. It has served us very well since we had it and we’ve used it to many of our family affairs and church fellowship activities. Now we’re facing again some expenses regarding brakes and wheels.

Of course we would have liked mht custom wheels to put in our own car but we’re still saving for stylish accessories like those. This week we’re replacing brake pads and checking if we will have to buy new wheels too. I was very thankful that I just received some blessings from my online work that we can proceed to having our car repaired at the end of the week. I don’t have to get the finances from my regular salary and I can still save some for my kids’ school fees on the end of the semester. God is good.


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