Friday, April 30, 2010

Don’t Risk Our Health

I’m arranging my receipts and some notes from my little boy’s new school when I was asked by my friend about some weight loss pills she bought when she travelled to another country. She was convinced that it’s guaranteed to give fast results but when she reached home she’s having second thoughts. I told her that any medicine or drugs she may want to take she should consult it to her doctor in case she has allergy or sensitivity to some kind of pills or if the pills she brought are safe or risky to take. Sometimes we take risks in order to achieve our goals but for me if your health will be in danger you shouldn’t take the risk. It’s safe to consult and take the advice of trusted doctors to prevent from getting bad effects. Anyway losing weight drastically is not good for me.


Only One

Myspace Mothers Day Graphics Quotes

You can have as many friends as you want, you can have boyfriends or girlfriends in your life, you can have all the things you want but you can only have one Mother in your life and she's irreplaceable. Nothing and no one can compare her devotion, love and caring hands. It's as if God has entrusted us to our mothers for guidance and support. I thank God for giving us one of the best gifts that a person can ever have and that's our very own dear Mom. Now that I have my family and my own kids I feel the very same love that my Mom gives to me with my own kids. There are hundreds of beautiful things and great people that we encounter each day but our Mothers are unique and only one.


Distinctive Look of Chefs

I’m fond of cooking and love to taste different dishes in different restaurants, and I get great satisfaction in guessing the ingredients in particular recipes I’m interested in. With my hobby of cooking I have a habit of observing professional chefs often when they come out of the kitchen, sometimes to speak personally to a customer. I am impressed with how professional they look when they are dressed in complete chef attire and I can imagine myself in the kitchen cooking when wearing chef apparel, and of course I would love to be in their shoes if I’m ever given a chance to study culinary arts someday. Anyway as a keen observer of the chefs I have noticed that some of them have the traditional chef apparel with those classic muffin hats that I remember since I was a kid.

I think chef apparel plays an important part in distinguishing the character and class of the restaurant. You can be trendy in your choice of hats, shirts, coats and chef pants and the quality of the uniforms will set your restaurant apart from others. If you wish to come up with style, fashion, and quality I suggest you look at the selection of iD by Landau apparel. You can create a professional and distinctive look for your restaurant chef and employees with the right combination of colors and uniform style.

I just browsed their website and saw the elegant black aprons that would suit an evening event well. iD by Landau provides a black tuxedo apron that will blend well with any elegant evening affair. I myself would love to have one of those stylish black aprons to wear when cooking a special meal for my friends. If you own a restaurant the menu isn't all that matters, it should be coupled with good looking staff and great service.


Finishing Tasks for Tomorrow's Occasion

I’m hurrying up today as I’ve many tasks to do because my PC was down and I’ve accomplished zero tasks yesterday. We’ll be going tomorrow to the baptism of my niece’ baby girl Sofia. Iya as we fondly call her is vacationing in her father’s Mom house and her grand Mom thought it best to have her baptized before she comes back here in our compound. So tomorrow we’ll be visiting her and my two young girls will be her sponsors also. My niece asked me if I could assist her MIL in the morning to prepare necessary things for the reception and entertain them as well when they arrive. I will be their official photographer also lol! Well I would love to do that and for my baby Iya I would gladly do the honors of taking her special day pictures. Well it’ll be my day off tomorrow; blogging will have to be after the celebration.


Healthy Ways on Getting Slimmer

As you grow older your metabolism decreases and slows down. When I was younger I could eat large amount of carbohydrate-rich foods without getting heavy and fat. I’m a sporty person and I think that helped too but the main thing that really helped me was my fast metabolism. Now after having three kids and being married for fourteen years I noticed that everything I eat added up to my weight. This is an alarming thought and I have to make a healthy balanced diet without fat, have some exercise and move as often as I can to at least prevent myself from being too fat.

I have tried many ways of losing some weight but I tried to do my dieting the healthy way as I don’t want to be slimmer but sickly. Anyway I heard about this hCG weight loss Spokane from a friend and noted to inquire about it. Now I’m trying to start a diet of fruits, veggies and fish only on lunch and dinner. I only eat meat and rice during breakfast which I can’t give up because I’m a morning person who gets strength on breakfast meals. I’m energetic when I have full breakfast and the succeeding meals are easy on me. I can eat whatever I want without craving for more. I discovered that fruits can cleanse your body system and it’s the best for removing bad toxins. I’m preparing myself for a real cleansing diet of raw foods and fruits only.

For now I’m reducing my intake of rice and meat. I’m actually quite successful about it and I’m enjoying it just like my friend is enjoying her hCG diet Spokane as she’s very excited at the results. Well I have yet to see her now but she’s living very far from us. She said she’ll talk about her weight loss Spokane when we meet next month after the summer season. She’s not fond of traveling in this very hot summer heat and she’s protecting herself from any sickness that may arise when she’s tired herself in visiting far away places. So I’ll wait for another month until I get to see this friend of mine.


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