Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Best Treasure for Your Kids

Every couple would want the best for their kids but sometimes you can’t have all that you want because of some reasons. One of the reasons that hinder us parents in giving all the best for our kids is lack of enough money to buy them all they want. Although it’s not good and practical to give everything that our kids asked from us we still want to give the best of our love and endeavour to them. As for me it’s best to give them a good future by ensuring that they get the best education because education is one of the things that you can’t buy and it will never stolen. It’s one of the treasures that we can leave to them if we don’t have treasures and money.

There are other things that we can do to secure their future and one of them is putting our money on safe investment. I’ve been wanting to buy gold coins last year when I resigned from work because I want my money to have a high profit return . I don’t want to invest on things that have not guaranteed to make a profit because that’s what business is for. Besides I would need more money in the coming years when my kids enters secondary and college education


Are You Burned Out?

You Are 15% Burned Out

You are not burned out in the least.
Even though you work hard, you know how to pace yourself.
You are responsible, but you never let your responsibilities drain you.
You realize that taking care of yourself always comes first.

Even though I work long hours and feel tired always I don't think I'm burned out because I love my work and I love doing all my work for my family, no regrets! When I feel that I'm slowly being drained I stepped out of my work and relax, that way I can restore my energy, it's that simple!


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