Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heart Breaking Graduation Day

My friend was hospitalized last week as a result of heavy monthly period which made her hemoglobin decreased and I’ve visited her few hours after learning her confinement. I’ve carefully thought about what foods or fruits to bring as I don’t exactly know what’s appropriate for her. I wished I had fruit baskets but there were no variety of fruits available near the place. I’ve decided on bringing her apples as it’s good for everyone, a healthy and nutritious fruit also. 

I was relieved when I saw her half sitting half lying on her bed and well enough to chat with me even though a dextrose and a bag of blood was being transferred to her. She needs 3 bags of blood of the same type I have but I’m not fit as I have low BP as of last check-up and I’ve had series of sleeping late at nights. I would be glad to donate blood for my dear friend but I’m not fit so they went to look for other donors. We were hoping that she could make it until Sunday to get well for her son’s graduation day but her doctor told her it might worsen her condition. Her son is the class Valedictorian and it pained her to think she would not be able to see and hear her son’s valedictorian speech. I actually cried when I hear her son’s speech on my daughter’s graduation and I know my friend cried too when she saw her son’s video. It was such a heart-breaking situation.


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