Thursday, June 14, 2018

5 Reasons to Use Reclaimed Industrial Wiping Rags

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If you are loaded with messy jobs, or simply like to keep the job site clean, industrial strength rags are a necessary part of daily operations. Below are five reasons to look into switching to reclaimed materials for your next purchase of cleaning and polishing cloth.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning and Polishing Rag Option

Purchasing and using cleaning and polishing cloths that are made from reclaimed t-shirts and other cotton materials creates a quality product that is friendly to the environment. It takes far less energy and raw materials to make this material, which will make you feel great about your positive contributions to the environment. It allows less waste to hit the landfills. It gives already existing material a second life.

Affordable High-Quality Wiping Cloth

The cost of creating new materials from reclaimed items is less than making items from scratch. It means the finished product will be at a more affordable price range. It makes it easier to purchase these items in bulk numbers, which increases the savings for your company.

Variety of Thickness and Styles

You can choose from a cotton material that is similar to a t-shirt in thickness and feel, or go with a dual-sided looped terry material. The terry and bar cloth materials are highly absorbent and perfect for even the messiest jobs. You can also choose from white, colored, or multi-colored designs.

Virtually Lint-Free Materials

A reclaimed cotton fiber material is easy to wash and reuse, and offers little in the way of lint. You will not experience the balling up or fray of material due to simple washing and drying. It is designed to be reused over a long period of time.

Convenience of Reusable Wiping Cloth

Reclaimed cotton fiber cleaning and polishing cloths are perfect for janitorial services, fabrication shops, auto mechanics, car washes, and more. You can toss them in the laundry and use them over and over. It is an added benefit over the initial affordable pricing. The purchase of industrial cleaning rags from a source like Reclaimed Textiles is a smart business move.

Trying to answer your wiping and cleaning cloth needs from traditional sources can lead to headaches and strains on your budget. Reclaimed products tend to be more affordable and offer long service use.


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