Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Camera Cleaning Kit

I love gadgets especially digicams which I use every day of my life capturing my kids' special moments and the things around me.  My favorite theme to shot are skies, flowers, foodies, recipes and faces aside from any activity that my kids are participating to.

Well my first digicam had its lens replaced already and now on its second replacement had I brought it to repair shop.  When I learned that the cost is half a new simple digicam I declined and just use it for videos.

Now I'm at my best in protecting digital cameras as I don't want another repair for the current camera I'm using.  Aside from the extra care and I want to have extra cleaning too and found this camera cleaning kit in where I buy my regular accessories for gadgets, phones and computers.

The cleaning kit for camera includes:
  • With brush w/ air blower it cleans even the small places
  • Cleaning cloth with cleaning solution to remove finger flints and marks
  • Cotton tips for cleaning buttons
  • Lens tissue to remove dust and small particles
Package Content

  • Cleaning solution
  • Cleaning cloth
  • 10 pcs cotton buds
  • Brush with air blower
  • 10 pcs cleaning tissue
This one sells at PhP150 only.  


Cash Advance

Instead of waiting until the beginning of the year to get information about your tax return, find out more about a no limit tax refund. There are bank products that have been pre-approved to help you with your return whether it's the middle of the year or the end of the year. You can often view software that will walk you through the process of helping others with tax questions or so that you can get answers to your own questions. 

If you qualify, then you can get an instant cash advance on your tax return. This is more than a basic software program. It is a way that you can stretch the money that you have until you get back on your feet. It is ideal if you are in a situation where you have an emergency arise or if you find yourself behind on your bills. Registration with the IRS is provided. Most companies work with businesses in order to establish an account so that they can easily complete tax papers at the end of the year. Marketing materials are provided so that you can let others know about the services that a company like this offers to individuals and businesses.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Green Apple Style Universal Charger & Card Reader

Some people love to be stylish in every way and even on their gadgets they like to have style as much as possible. Well if you're one of those people maybe you'd like to have such cute and pretty gadgets that are both functional and stylish as well. This Apple universal charger and card reader will surely satisfy your need for a charger and card reader that can also be used for ornament on your bag or key ring. 

This nice charger and reader with a hole in the handle which can be used as pendant for mobile phones and bags is one of the many products I saw at Ali Express and it also includes instruction for the USB flash disk and charger.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Browsing for Gadgets and Musical Instruments

I really enjoyed surfing for the latest gadgets and equipment owing to my penchant for high tech gadgets. Well for now I just have to content myself browsing and reading reviews because it’s one my priority these days to buy a new gadget for myself. I’m planning to buy next year and I’m considering new netbooks for my girls and husband. For my growing up little boy who is into music this year I’m planning to add an instrument for him. This school year he is currently studying keyboards every weekend and I see so much enthusiasm on him. 

He is enjoying every minute of his class and he’s picking up real fast on their works sheets and keyboard playing. I was asking him the other day what will be his next instrument and he told me to buy him a nice guitar. I caught him browsing an online music site and told me to click here for wide variety of nice musical products he would like to choose from when we have the money. I really see in him the excitement of learning music playing and it’s not surprising because my grandfather is a great musician too. It really runs in our family.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

USB Turntable with Built-in Speaker

For those who happened to know long playing albums in the past decades or those who used to play LP in turntable this product may seem familiar to you. This is quite smaller compared to classic turn tables but it serves its purpose. This USB turntable with built-in speaker converts the LP Disc into software file via Audacity converter in computer. 

This player can only play LP disc up to 18cm diameter and its cartridge is replaceable. This is compatible to Pentium 4 and above and to operating system such as WinXP/Vista/Win7. However you cannot connect your mobile phone here, the USB port is for connecting into computer using USB male to male USB cable. Well this turntable just caught up my fancy as I’m one of those who experienced using turntable up to early 80s and I miss it somehow. Saw this at


Thursday, August 7, 2014

MINI USB Gadget Keyboard Vacuum Clear

Do you find the need to clean your desktop, keyboard and some accessories thoroughly without so much effort? I always want to do it myself like brushing off dust in seldom used shoes or even our outdoor furniture but some that I found are not good enough for my needs. Since I'm a heavy user of computer both in my office job and online writing job I always search for tools and helpful tools to make my computer usage an enjoyable task.

To enjoy using my computer it means having a good performing computer, fast, reliable, with right specifications and always clean and devoid of dust. This is possible with mini USB keyboard clear USB vacuum cleaner from Ali Express which can be used for general cleaning of monitor, air fans and computer area or simply dust of your desktop or laptop. It has a brush and suction tube attachment to use for cleaning up your PC the easy way. Just connect the vacuum to your desktop or laptop's USB port and you can start dusting and cleaning areas in your PC. Easy...does it?

This one sells at US$14.99 plus shipping cost.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Evolution of Technology after Several Years

Twenty years ago I graduated from Computer Engineering course and I have never imagined this kind of innovation technology would reach.  I gradually witnessed the evolution of technology in various fields of work and interest.   Mobile communication is very far from my imagination then as computer is the focus of technology then.  We were so amazed at how we’re learning what other people are gasping about because not every one then had the privilege to know computers and its software.   I can say that technology life seems so young then with big CPUs and CRT monitors as our medium of learning new technology.

I was not left behind by every transformation and innovations made by smart and intelligent technical experts because I was working all the time and I was always in the EDP department.  Yes Electronic Data Processing department was the name of the department then which was changed MIS and later to IT.  Such transformation was only minor compared to changes in the last 10 years where people reach the peak on modern trends on communications, internet, call centers, call terminations, online conferencing, banking, digital printing,  digital photography, blogging, social networking and a lot more.

I’m overwhelmed and thankful for all these modern innovations as my online work depend on it and without these technologies I will never have blogged and write about so many things.  But I still miss those old days where people spend more time chatting face to face while having coffee on a good old coffee house without the interruption of online socializing. 


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Giving Up Smoking with the Atlantic E Cigarette

The Atlantic E Cigarette can really curb your nicotine cravings. Click here to read my review and find out how I stopped smoking.

A few months ago I woke up with yet another sore throat, dry mouth and monumental thirst. It was not a rare occurrence, I felt this way every single morning and had water on standby on my bedside cabinet. Smoking was really starting to affect my health. After a night on the tiles, it was not the hangover that made me feel so bad, it was the pain in my throat and the lack of breath that bugged me the most. That was the moment that I decided to give up smoking and embarked on finding an e cigarette which could curb my nicotine cravings and keep me busy whilst around people smoking socially.

My Smoking History I started smoking when I was 15 years old. I was being young and rebellious and thought it looked cool at the time. However it spiralled to a point where I actually started enjoying it. Smoking was my coping mechanism when I was stressed, something to do when I was bored and a social thing when I went out with my friends. Unfortunately I got into the habit of having a cigarette with a cup of tea in the morning or a beer at night and I could not drop the association.

Looking for the best e cigarette I had heard a little bit about e cigarettes before. However I had never had an interest in using them. Most of them look so fake and unappealing to me. Though I knew lots of my smoking was due to social situations. Previous attempts to give up smoking had always gone well until I was at the pub with my smoker friends and I’d revert back to the cigarettes. Eventually I realised that having an e cigarette there as a backup would be the best option but it had to be an attractive one to encourage me to use it.

With its slim look and high-gloss feel, I found the Atlantic Puffin e cigarette starter kit from Silver Puffin a very attractive option. It has an ergonomic case which is finished with UV paint to give a black mirror effect and slides open to reveal a matt silver lining.

The e cigarette kits comes with two high-performance batteries. The case itself is actually the place that you charge the e cigarettes. It features a sliding mechanism which has charging points built in. The case also features a display on it which lets you know how much battery you have left. Each of the 5 e cigarette has around 400 puffs in each of them. They are refillable too so you can enjoy choosing from a range of flavoured refill cartridges.

I knew that this e cigarette starter kit would be perfect for me as it is stylish, easy to use and cheap to maintain. Silver Puffin also give points to reward dedicated customers.

What does it come with? 2 x Batteries 5 x Cartridges (select flavour and strength) 1 x Charging case 1 x USB cable

Silver Puffin really produce the most stylish e cigarettes and vaping options for people who want to give up smoking. Follow them on their Facebook for great offers on their products.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Technology Updates on Musical Instruments

As technology is fast updating its innovation it also widens its horizon and fields. In the past you can see most of the improvement on communications, networking, conferencing, gadgets, electronics, engineering and some other related fields but now I’m seeing it happen on other fields of work like education, home services and even on music. Well as music makes people happy it certainly would alleviate the happiness of all music lovers. 

My kids loves the recent updates of musical instruments especially that even acoustic guitar now have some provisions on making it an electric one. Most modernization of music actually starts on the keyboards and some non-string instruments but I know that innovations will soon be helpful to string instruments which happen to be my daughter’s favorite. 

She plays guitar beautifully and told me that she wants to try her skills on electric kind. Oh well she really is a handful when it comes to having her things. Anyway as I search on the site for the instrument she wants I saw a nice fender amp xd that will be good for our church. I was thinking now if it’s advisable to buy it in the next few days or we’ll wait for a month to decide.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Things You Need for a New Car

Finally having the funds to go out and purchase a new vehicle can be an exciting accomplishment. However, a lot more than money is involved in a new car purchase. You will need several items to make your car purchase legitimate so that you can drive home in it. You will need the following items even more than you will need money:

Automobile insurance protects you and the other drivers on the road from incidents and accidents. It provides you with the financial coverage that you need to repair your car if someone hits you. Auto insurance also gives you funding to pay for medical bills if someone else is hurt because of your driving error. Every state has minimum requirements for auto insurance. You may not operate a vehicle without auto insurance. Therefore, you will need to purchase a policy before you drive your car away. You can obtain a quote online that will give you the best pricing for your vehicle coverage.

Vehicle Registration and Plates

Your vehicle registration is your second most important item. You cannot obtain a vehicle registration without having a valid insurance policy. Therefore, your first stop should be at a local insurance agency. Your next stop should be at the California Department of Motor Vehicles. You can apply for vehicle registration and license plates once you have a valid insurance policy. Once you have your paperwork in order, then you can leave with your new car.


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