Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Good Wellness Technology for Health Issues

Lately I’ve been having problems with the severe pain I have on my back and it has not given me decent sleep last week. I resorted to back massage for 5 consecutive days and it worked but not completely so I’m really searching on ways on how to cure it through healthy options or something that will not make me drink medicine or make me succumb to daily maintenance of supplements. 

Since already I’ve tried massage I might as well try out some other kind of therapy which led me to learn about magnetic bracelets for therapy which offers the kind of treatment I want not just for me but to my Mom as well. Well I’m into studying and researching stage and who knows it might be able to solve my health problem. I’m glad that technology is not only for solving communications and office problems but health issues as well.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Camera Cleaning Kit

I love gadgets especially digicams which I use every day of my life capturing my kids' special moments and the things around me.  My favorite theme to shot are skies, flowers, foodies, recipes and faces aside from any activity that my kids are participating to.

Well my first digicam had its lens replaced already and now on its second replacement had I brought it to repair shop.  When I learned that the cost is half a new simple digicam I declined and just use it for videos.

Now I'm at my best in protecting digital cameras as I don't want another repair for the current camera I'm using.  Aside from the extra care and I want to have extra cleaning too and found this camera cleaning kit in where I buy my regular accessories for gadgets, phones and computers.

The cleaning kit for camera includes:
  • With brush w/ air blower it cleans even the small places
  • Cleaning cloth with cleaning solution to remove finger flints and marks
  • Cotton tips for cleaning buttons
  • Lens tissue to remove dust and small particles
Package Content

  • Cleaning solution
  • Cleaning cloth
  • 10 pcs cotton buds
  • Brush with air blower
  • 10 pcs cleaning tissue
This one sells at PhP150 only.  


Thursday, December 11, 2014

What is a BBT?

Some helpful gadgets and devices can help you with your goal of being pregnant once again. It’s vital to know your body temperature because it will define your body’s pattern for a great chance of conceiving. If we’re really serious about our goal we should consider all possibilities.

Have you hear about the Basal body thermometer (BBT)? This is a tool that women can use to detect their ovulation, and I’m telling you, this is not your usual thermometer. A basal body thermometer is more sensitive compared to a regular thermometer. It can detect even the slightest change of your temperature. If you are planning to use a BBT thermometer to pinpoint your ovulation, all you need is the thermometer and the chart that comes along with it. Take your temperature twice every day, one in the morning after wake-up and one in the evening before going to bed.

Within a month or two of charting your temperature, you’ll be able to know your body’s pattern. When you see a drop in your temperature, it can be an indication that you are ovulating. So if you see that, it’s the perfect time to baby dance for more chances of conceiving. The BBT thermometer can either be taken orally, vaginally or rectally, whichever you like. BBT thermometer can be purchased over the counter or at a drug store. Don’t worry about the price, they’re not very expensive. For more tips on how to track your ovulation, visit


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Family Safety and Family Life

Most of the people have two main goals in their lives: to create a family and to live on a decent level. Those two ideas are somehow connected with each other, but they can be reached separately. There are no doubts that having family is something magical. Living in the group of people that care and support each other is very important and helps the group members. Family may consist of not only the relatives. Very often humans find their family among the very close friends. In both cases the relationships can differ very much. We cannot choose the blood line family so sometimes living together with relatives very often requires a lot of patience and flexibility. In this article I would like to focus on the family in terms of husband, wife and children. 

Security of the family members is important for the whole group. Living together means taking responsibility for each member and care about it. Concerning family as a whole, there are many ways to protect it in different dimensions.


Insurance policy is the basic form of taking care of the closest, however it gives only the financial security is case of the accidents. It doesn’t anyhow prevent from the accidents. There are so many types and areas that can be insured, that we can cover whole our family members and almost all our assets. Things like cars, houses and even the electronic devices can be under the insurance policy. In such cases we have to carefully read the contract and all conditions. Usually the most important and tricky rules are written the smallest font at the end of the page.

Safety in the Internet

The next area in which we should seriously think about the safety of our family is the Internet. First thing is our privacy. Because of lack of experience our privacy can be easily shared through the social media platforms. We should care about it especially when we have got small kids. There plenty of people with bad intensions lurking in the web in order to find potential victims of kidnapping. The privacy issues are the most dangerous as far using the Internet by kids is concerned. This group of computer users has the least experience in this matter. That’s why they are so willing to share their private data and are so easy to manipulate. Another serious threat coming from the Internet are sexual predators. 

Those people are surfing the net in order to find kids who could became their potential victims. Consequences of the successes of the sexual offenders are obvious and are dramatic. It is totally parents’ duty to guarantee their kids safety. In order to achieve it, parents can install the specialist software on the computer. Parental control software is a great tool, thanks to which parents are able to set up total control over their kids’ activity in the Internet. They have got insight into the children activity on the computer and in the Internet, can create a list of websites that are blocked or set up filters on the email box. In this type of software, very interesting is also the ability to create a time table in which kids are allowed to use the computer at all.

It is easy quite easy to understand why keeping family members is so important. The more we know about the available methods, the more we are aware about the threats. 

If you are interested in the topic of parental control on the computer, feel free to enter and check our product. PCWebControl is third-party software that can be successfully used to control computer users at households, public and private companies.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Technology and Environmental Safety

Innovations in technology give us an edge in using modern equipment to simplify our work and household chores. We have automatic washing machine to free us from the tiring task of washing our clothes because with the automatic equipment it’s easier and quicker to have our washing done. We also have advanced machines in our kitchen to give us convenience in cooking and cleaning equipment to do our chores around the house with ease. But as we say it has its pros and cons as well because using modern day equipment has disadvantages too like the pce contamination that they found in dry cleaner shop.

In dry cleaning business they use chemicals instead of water to complete the cleaning process of your clothes and belongings that need to be cleaned carefully without using water. And though I can recommend having your stuff toys, suits, gowns and other delicate clothes dry cleaned you can also try to see if your dry cleaning shops follow Environmental-friendly procedures. As they regularly use certain chemicals to deliver quality cleaning services its best that they know the standard procedures in administering and storing such chemicals.

These chemicals can be a source of toxins and contaminants in your place which can be transmitted through soil contamination like the perc contaminants discovered in Bloomington Cleaners where the owner himself had his shop’s flooring and parking grounds reported and excavated for possible contamination of soil. It’s good that he became aware of environment and learned that exposure to contamination can cause liver diseases. With the help of Enviroforensics you can have your place subjected and checked for soil/groundwater investigation and remediation, vapor intrusion assessment and mitigation.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Alarm Monitoring Services for Private Residences

Robberies and break ins happen every few seconds in the United States. Though many homeowners feel like keeping the lights on, using motion lights on the garage and letting neighbors know when they aren't home is all the protection that they need, it only takes one break in for them to change their minds. Robbers can steal everything from those new electronics in your living room and bedrooms to priceless antiques and family heirlooms. When you have an alarm in your home, alarm monitoring services work with that alarm to provide the ultimate in home security.

Why Do You Need Monitoring?

An alarm system is essentially just an alarm. Depending on the system you buy and install, it can identify those times when someone opens the door without using a key or when someone breaks a window in your home. You'll then need to get in touch with the alarm company and verify a problem exists before it alerts your local police department. Alarm monitoring goes that extra mile to protect your home. Representatives work in dedicated stations and alert authorities the moment an alarm sounds in your home.

Access Detailed Logs

Access to detailed logs is just one of the benefits of working with a company like Alarm Relay. Those detailed logs keep track of the openings in your home and let you note any potential problems. You can view a log that shows you the exact time someone accessed one of those openings, how long it remained open and other details. This might indicate that a neighbor uses your home when you aren't there, that a robber walks in and takes something small every day or other problems.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is something that everyone craves but few obtain. There is only so much that you can do when you or your family is at home. With alarm monitoring services, the company providing those services will look out for your best interests and protect your home 24-hours a day and seven days a week. Police officers, firefighters and other authorities can arrive at your door and take care of the problem in minutes, even if you're at work or visiting friends at the time. Contact alarm monitoring service providers in your area to learn more about how these systems and services can provide you with better peace of mind.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

eSlide PowerPoint Producers - Expect only the Best!

There is nothing more frustrating than needing a PowerPoint presentation completed for a very important presentation or training, but you don't really even know how to start. You know how to insert slides and maybe even insert the text or a picture, but does your PowerPoint have the kick that you really want? Will it make the impression that you want it to?

eSlide is the industry leader in the creation of elite PowerPoint presentations. They take what you need to say and turn it into a production. You won't just see words on slide after slide. They will put the kick into the PowerPoint for you by inserting a variety of other tools - the way the slide transitions, for example. Anything that is moving or attention grabbing will keep your audience's attention and the professionals at eSlide recognize this, so since 2002, they have been creating and perfecting the art of the PowerPoint presentation.

eSlide has created over 11,000 PowerPoint presentations for customers globally. Customers range from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. But the quality of the work is the same, no matter who the client is. Every client is treated with and given the same respect and utmost attention. The team at eSlide understands that you have entrusted a very important project to them and they take that very seriously.

If you know that you have an important presentation to make at work, or at school, or for whatever need, don't hesitate to pick up the phone can call the leading PowerPoint designers in the industry. Click here to find out more.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Safe and Secured Online Shopping

Are you ready for your holiday shopping? Get ready and brace yourself for great offerings from your favorite mall stores and online sites. Christmas season is just around the corner and since it’s the longest holiday in town people starts their shopping as early as the months started to have ‘ber. Yes the season starts in September and people get crazy over mall wide sales and discount deals from thousands of stores online. We must take this opportunity to do our shopping as early as we can to avoid rush buying and to maximize our chances of getting the best deals in town. 

People nowadays are crazy about gadgets and high tech equipment that many business enthusiasts are investing on selling those things, everything and anything about gadgets. With sites like Lamido, a marketplace for everybody who wants to sell their products online, you can do not just shopping but bidding and selling as well. Lamido buy and sell makes it possible for people to buy and sell products in various brands and categories like gadgets, tech stuff, phones, laptops, electronics, fashion items, jewelries, books, home appliances and decors, car accessories and a lot more. 

You can choose to be a buyer or a seller and either way you can benefit from their site. When you want to purchase a chosen product you can opt to choose payment method with fraud protection such as Lamido safepay where you are assured of a secured payment. This kind of payment option is similar to escrow service protects you from fraud. The buyers sent their payment to Lamido and it will only be released to sellers when the purchased goods were delivered. This service is free and no need for the shopper to sign up. Customers will send payment through bank transfer and when transactions are completed with successful delivery of products Lamido will release payment to merchants making all payments not just easy and convenient but secured as well. 

Well you can easily do all these things when you download Lamido Google Apps  in Google Play  and start discovering discount deals. Buy and sell anytime and anywhere in your home, office or wherever you are. You can choose to have personal notifications of sales and deals and a chance to write your reviews or feedback on their products. Now Lamido will be having a Blackout Party on Oct. 24 for the benefit of Good Food Community and proceeds of the party will go to selected charity of UP ACES. Be the first to visit the party and enjoy shopping for less.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Striving for Music Innovations

We always strive to upgrade our gadgets, furniture, appliances, cars and every little thing that spells progress in living and this covers our desire to make the best of technology innovations. Most people are not contented if they didn’t have the latest mobile phone, tablets or the latest equipment for their sports and hobbies. Everything is now affected by the fast changing of technology including the world of music which amazes me all the time. 

Now even musical instruments offer easier ways on how to learn and play it with various mode of playing setup they install on keyboards and other instruments that have the same kind of make. Well even on electric guitars they add some innovative features that can help in producing the best quality sound. It helps to browse and search online sites for updates on favorite musical instruments, see MF and look for your specific musical requirements and needs. Use innovations to reach your dream for ultimate performance and clear quality sounds.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Conversion of MOV to MP4

As far as video formats are concerned there are not much formats. It was due to the Apple’s Mac which was developed for the games. It was the standard device. Users find it difficult to switch between the different formats hence the formats are incompatible and do not work on the computer. It is on the device of Android that the videos of MOV cannot be played. It is by a special device that the video can be played.

Conversion of MOV file to another file is problematic but when you have the converter of Movavi half of your work gets completed. To convert it to another popular format that is supported in all the devices you need software which is found in Movavi. The application of software is what caters to the change of devices and formats. MP4 format is simply amazing which a more popular format is also. The formats and devices that are supported by Movavi are almost 180. The application is good software and all you have to do is to follow the steps and then the program will be installed.

• First step- software is installed. You have to follow the wizard of installation after running the file. The converter of Movavi is then installed.

• Second step- to convert the files you have to open them. You have to click the button of add and then the file has to be located as far as the MOV file are concerned. Then MP4 format is easily converted. You have to click on open to receive what you need.

• Third step- the format of output should be specified by choosing from the list of formats given that is supported. From the section of Convert you have to choose. From the preset list you have to choose the one that works best for you.

• Fourth step- Final change of the format of MOV to MP4 takes place and this happens when you have to begin with the operation of converting. The collection of preset as MP4 are present you just have to follow it. The folder which contains the file of output will open on its own or else you have to specify it.

The encoding of files from one format to another also takes place within the prescribed formats. It is the magic of the different formats which work according to the desirability. Based upon the list of formats you have to make the selection and then the entire process is given in the form of tutorial. It is the process which is extremely simple and easy. In fact you just have to go by the step by step preference that is quite easy to follow. Read more about Movavi’s MOV to MP$ converter software from


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