Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Online Shopping Perks

After long hours in the office doing various engineering reports I just don’t have the strength to do more than just watch movie, chitchat with my family and browse my favorite online shopping sites. Actually online shopping is not just a fun hobby but a resourceful hobby as well because I get to find plenty of branded and high quality bags, shoes and supplies for my kids at discounted prices. Good thing is you don't have to walk around stores and get tired selecting and buying because you can do it anytime in the comforts of your home or any place you want.

It’s even more fun because even the favorite instruments can be browsed and bought at The site is so helpful for music enthusiasts like my family who wants to dream and save for the completion of our planned music room in which we will fill up with all the musical instruments they’re so fond about. I’m glad to find such a one-stop shop for all the musical items we need. Now it’s even easier to search and find them converted in our own currency. Cool isn’t it?


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

1980's Fashions are in This Summer

Like many people you always remember the fashions you grow up with. Whether those were the hipsters, bell bottom pants, ruffles, mini skirts, midriff shirts or others you will always have the fondest memories of those times when you see clothing from that time period or wear clothing from that time. 1980's children can rejoice because summer 2017 is all about 80's fashions. According to Vogue, this summer you will be immersed in: exaggerated lines, metallic effects, trenches, bright vibrant colors, and graphic prints with words.

If you were a 80's child than you will love the fashion trends for spring and summer of 2017, unless of course the 1980's was a bad time for you of course. Cosmopolitan discussed flashback 80's fashions for summer 2017. Did you have a sweater or blazer with shoulder pads? If you did (or still do) hang onto it because it is back with a vengeance. How about sheer clothing that reveals (sometimes) too much? If see-through clothes are your thing than you are in luck because they are in style this year. From ruffles to stripes and white dresses to oversized sleeves be ready for a 80's comeback this summer in the fashion world.

Summer 2017 is going to be all about bright colors and retro 80's fashions. If you are in need of some new apparel this summer than head on over to Rue21 for what is trendy now. You will discover a nice array of clothing for girls, guys and plus sizes and with their partnership with Groupon Coupons you will save so much money that you can spend the money saved on well, more clothes of course!

Before heading on over to Rue21 for your spring into summer 1980's fashions be sure to visit to Groupon Coupons for trendy money saving coupons and promo codes. Act now and score 25 percent off your next purchase. Use this promo code and get 30 percent off with free shipping! Enjoy huge savings when you get up to 70 percent off clearance both online and in-store. Use this code and get free shipping today! Use this code and save with a buy one, get one deal. Save more than ever though possible with this code and get an additional 60 percent off on clearance items.

Summer is here! Use this code and get BOGO $5 swim savings. Enjoy more with this code and save when you buy one dress and get one free. Get in style with this code and enjoy 50 percent off on jeans. From clearance with clothes as low as $2 to bralettes 2 for $18 you will always be saving when you use Groupon Coupons first.

Remember the good times of the 1980's when you buy from Rue21. From snazzy dresses to short shorts you will find what you need this summer at Rue21. Be sure to pay a visit to Groupon Coupons first for sweet money saving coupons and promo codes that will definitely turn up the sweetness levels on your summer time fashions.


Friday, April 7, 2017

Aspirations on Technology

I love technology and innovations, the reason why I took up computer engineering when I was in college. Now I can see my flair for the latest technology in my son who is keen on anything that connects to technology. He’s very good in computer codes, very interested in repairing mobile phones and very good in researching for system trouble. As early as now I can visualize what he’s going to take in senior high and in college but that may change also depending on what he’ll be encountering in his junior high. For now he’ll just enjoy his young age and go on his favorite hobbies like games and playing keyboards. He’s always browsing on some musical goodies at epiphone musicians friend and maybe he’ll ask some day for a new musical instrument.


Friday, March 31, 2017

Kids’ Summer Activities on Different Generations

With all the new gadgets and electronic things that kids are playing now it’s really an effort to take them away from it and play the real games offline. I remember those summer days when I and my siblings were excited to end school days because we’re going to have plenty of board games to play. I excel on word games and I read plenty of books so I’ll be good at playing. 

When the sun is hot we play chess, scrabble, word factory, snakes and ladders, millionaire’s game and other related games. On the other hand when it’s not so hot outside we play ball games and other kid games played on streets. Life was indeed simpler then but happy as well. We also love music and I tried playing guitar myself but when I got busy with my college course I was not able to pursue my hobby. 

For my brother who has special gift for music time doesn’t matter because learning and playing musical instruments seem like a nature to him. It flows easily and he learns so fast, since I got more home chores he was able to spend more time. I just focused on collecting musical pieces, song books and music tapes since there’s no CD on those days or IPod. 

When we became born again Christian my brother bought drum set and electric guitar for the church. I remember it so clearly especially when I saw epiphone bass at which my daughter love to have for her own. He still has special flair for music and he extends it to our church brethren so everyone who wishes to play can learn from the instruments that he bought. Now after more than three decades he still plays instruments and the gifts of music which started from our grandfather is also seen on his kids and my kids too. They all love playing musical instruments.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Zooey Deschanel Shows Off Baby Bump

Zooey Deschanel is pregnant with baby #2, and now sources are starting to think that her pregnancy has even been written into her “New Girl” script. The 37 year old actress had her first baby, Elsie Otter, back in 2015, and during that time, the show went to huge lengths to hide her pregnant belly. However, that doesn't look like the case this time around. She was recently spotted on set with her baby bump on full display, sparking rumors that this could mean a baby for Jessica Day as well as Zooey! 

The couple never actually “announced” Deschanel's second pregnancy, although rumors have been flying for months, and it's clear to see that Zooey is probably around six months along already. We are super excited to watch her pregnancy progress, and are even more excited to see what Zooey and husband Jason Pechenik (who wed in a secret ceremony around the time their daughter was born) name their second baby. Zooey spilled the beans that they chose the name Elsie Otter for their baby girl because the couple both love the adorable animal. How fun is that?! We can't wait to see what cool and creative names they come up with for this new baby!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Super Deals on Gadgets and Musical Items

With all the super deals that gadget suppliers are offering these days it’s so hard to resist not buying one or two of my favorite gadget accessories but I still stick to saving all my money for my daughter’s debut celebration. If ever I decide to but maybe it’s one of those musical instruments she saw online which are also on sale. She’s craving about additional instruments like percussion kit that she’ll be playing with this coming summer. 

Her school will adopt the new schedule of opening of classes from the old June opening to the new and international-based start of classes on August. As that would be a very long summer she’s thinking of getting a summer job and enhancing her musical skills as well. So now I’m thinking of giving her a nice 18th birthday musical instrument gift. I know it would make her very happy.


Monday, January 16, 2017

New Fashion Trends and Stylish Dresses

It’s the start of the new year and fashion trends are changing. At the start of the year many fashion designers showcased their new designs, styles and colors that will be the latest trends this 2017. Every year we wait for the release of the color of the year and the style of clothing that will be most likely to be seen the whole year round. With this there are plenty of fashion shows and events that showcase the latest clothing for women, men and even for kids that will be inside most catalogues of fashion magazines this year. This is not only on magazines but on websites as well. I’ve come to see some of the nice designs on StyleWe, an online shopping resource site that provides creation of independent fashion designers.

It’s quite a good shopping experience to search through fashionable clothing for women of varied age, size and style preferences. You’ll see wide range of clothing for daily use, work apparel, corporate gear, evening wear, outdoor, sportswear and many other nice outfits for specific occasion needs. They also have skirts, pants, pretty tops that you can mix and match for those simple occasions that you want to look elegant but not overly dressed. I had a glimpse of beautiful all white party dresses in lace, satin and silk and love them even if I’m into blue green or midnight blue lace dresses.

Well shopping is not yet over because there will be holidays, occasions and events that will surely make you feel the urge to shop, dress and be beautiful in all those moments. It’s easier if you do it online so you won’t have to find more time and go to places especially for working women like me who has little time to shop. It’s even more economical at times because you get to compare price at the touch of your fingers like finding this floral romper for my niece who just need a simple getup for their home party. Shopping has never been easier and comfortable with online shops and even more exciting finding shops that provides not just beautiful clothing but accessories as well.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Comprehensive Guide to Operating a Kiosk Business

While it may not be the most conventional approach to business ownership, mall kiosks have risen to new, popular heights for individuals who wish to operate small, profitable businesses without a great deal of overhead. From understanding how to obtain a kiosk to sales, this guide will help entrepreneurs grasp the details of their upcoming endeavor.

Obtaining a Kiosk

Kiosk rentals are typically handled through mall management, and the average cost of the cart and the space in which it is located tends to be about $800 per month. Prices often reflect the location of the kiosk within the mall, the season and volume of business expected. Other business owners will find that the mall in which they wish to work also requires a percentage of their sales revenue during a specified period.

Selling a Product With High Customer Appeal

A large amount of kiosk sales will come from customers who purchase impulsively; in order to ensure that this strategy positively affects an entrepreneur's bottom line, he or she must select items that customers will want at a price that they are willing to pay.

Focusing on a narrow line of products is perfect for those who operate a kiosk; for example, instead of selling sunglasses, watches and earrings, focus on providing a wide amount of variety when it comes to one or two items. The items sold at a kiosk must also be the type of products that the average person would want to own, and because they are often purchased on impulse, should be sold at rates of $30 or less.

Selling a service at a kiosk is another way to appeal to a customer base that functions largely on immediate gratification; for instance, massage therapists can sell their services in 15-minute increments while piercing professionals can both pierce a customer and sell them the aftercare products that they will need; they may also wish to sell jewelry for after the piercing site has healed.

Successful Kiosk Strategies Make Money

Although a typical business plan does not account for kiosks, a few modifications to such a strategy can create a sound future for kiosk owners. While the kiosk may not be a business owner's dream store, working one's way up to the higher rents, insurance and product variety takes time and money; after all, planning is a must for entrepreneurs.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Six Types of Retail Beer Permits You Can Obtain for Your Business

Whether you are running a liquor store or restaurant, it is important to obtain a Texas liquor license for your business. You want to make sure your business is up to code so you can continue to bring in customers. Texas Alcohol Consulting is designed to help you obtain the right liquor license for your business. There are several types of retail beer permits you can obtain for your business.

BE Retail Dealer's On Premise License: You can sell beer to be consumed both on and off the premises, but the beer must be sold in a legal container. However, your customers are not permitted to resell the beer.

BF Retail Dealer's Off Premise License: You are allowed to sell beer to customers with this permit, but your customers are not permitted to open the beer on or near the premises. This means your customers must take the beer to another location before opening it.

MB Mixed Beverage Permit: With this permit, you are allowed to sell mixed beverages such as beer, ale, wine and malt liquor to your customers. Your customers are permitted to open the mixed beverages on your premises.

P Package Store Permit: This permit allows you to sell liquor, vinous liquor and malt liquor to your customers. Your customers are allowed to open the liquor at another location.

PS Package Store Tasting Permit: You can allow your customer to taste products such as beer, wine, distilled spirits and spirit-based or malt-based coolers at your store with this permit. You must obtain this permit if you want to allow your customers to sample the alcohol before making a purchase.

RM Mixed Beverage in Restaurant Permit with Food and Beverage Certificate: If you own a restaurant that serves alcohol, you may want to look into obtaining this permit for your business. This permit allows you to sell beer, wine, mixed drinks and malt liquor to your customers. Your customers may consume the beverages inside the restaurant.

It usually takes six months or longer to secure an alcohol license for your business. However, Texas Alcohol Consulting can obtain the proper license in just 60 days. The organization focuses on the alcohol regulations so you can focus on your business.

It is best to obtain your alcohol license before you start your business. This way, you will not have to wait to serve alcoholic beverages to your customers.


Friday, December 23, 2016

Music Program Plans for Her Debut

We’re planning to celebrate our daughter Gen’s upcoming debut in some place other than our house because she requested for it. She’s not asking for a grand celebration of her 18th birthday but she want t to cool, relaxed and very orderly. She also wants a good music played because that’s her passion- music playing. Unlike other girls who have so many birthday requests on having their debut parties she only told us that a simple cake, good food and place will do as long as it’s organized and very cozy. 

She’s also requesting one thing that she loves most – a Music Friend's blue snowball microphone to use in friends’ messages, offered songs and in overall celebration of her 18th birthday. My daughter is really simple even when she’s only young. She only wants to play music, tinker with her music pieces and let her music relax my stressful working day. She’s not just competitive in school but very talented in music as well. Despite her bright mind and talents she still manages to be just a simple girl.


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