Monday, January 16, 2017

New Fashion Trends and Stylish Dresses

It’s the start of the new year and fashion trends are changing. At the start of the year many fashion designers showcased their new designs, styles and colors that will be the latest trends this 2017. Every year we wait for the release of the color of the year and the style of clothing that will be most likely to be seen the whole year round. With this there are plenty of fashion shows and events that showcase the latest clothing for women, men and even for kids that will be inside most catalogues of fashion magazines this year. This is not only on magazines but on websites as well. I’ve come to see some of the nice designs on StyleWe, an online shopping resource site that provides creation of independent fashion designers.

It’s quite a good shopping experience to search through fashionable clothing for women of varied age, size and style preferences. You’ll see wide range of clothing for daily use, work apparel, corporate gear, evening wear, outdoor, sportswear and many other nice outfits for specific occasion needs. They also have skirts, pants, pretty tops that you can mix and match for those simple occasions that you want to look elegant but not overly dressed. I had a glimpse of beautiful all white party dresses in lace, satin and silk and love them even if I’m into blue green or midnight blue lace dresses.

Well shopping is not yet over because there will be holidays, occasions and events that will surely make you feel the urge to shop, dress and be beautiful in all those moments. It’s easier if you do it online so you won’t have to find more time and go to places especially for working women like me who has little time to shop. It’s even more economical at times because you get to compare price at the touch of your fingers like finding this floral romper for my niece who just need a simple getup for their home party. Shopping has never been easier and comfortable with online shops and even more exciting finding shops that provides not just beautiful clothing but accessories as well.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Comprehensive Guide to Operating a Kiosk Business

While it may not be the most conventional approach to business ownership, mall kiosks have risen to new, popular heights for individuals who wish to operate small, profitable businesses without a great deal of overhead. From understanding how to obtain a kiosk to sales, this guide will help entrepreneurs grasp the details of their upcoming endeavor.

Obtaining a Kiosk

Kiosk rentals are typically handled through mall management, and the average cost of the cart and the space in which it is located tends to be about $800 per month. Prices often reflect the location of the kiosk within the mall, the season and volume of business expected. Other business owners will find that the mall in which they wish to work also requires a percentage of their sales revenue during a specified period.

Selling a Product With High Customer Appeal

A large amount of kiosk sales will come from customers who purchase impulsively; in order to ensure that this strategy positively affects an entrepreneur's bottom line, he or she must select items that customers will want at a price that they are willing to pay.

Focusing on a narrow line of products is perfect for those who operate a kiosk; for example, instead of selling sunglasses, watches and earrings, focus on providing a wide amount of variety when it comes to one or two items. The items sold at a kiosk must also be the type of products that the average person would want to own, and because they are often purchased on impulse, should be sold at rates of $30 or less.

Selling a service at a kiosk is another way to appeal to a customer base that functions largely on immediate gratification; for instance, massage therapists can sell their services in 15-minute increments while piercing professionals can both pierce a customer and sell them the aftercare products that they will need; they may also wish to sell jewelry for after the piercing site has healed.

Successful Kiosk Strategies Make Money

Although a typical business plan does not account for kiosks, a few modifications to such a strategy can create a sound future for kiosk owners. While the kiosk may not be a business owner's dream store, working one's way up to the higher rents, insurance and product variety takes time and money; after all, planning is a must for entrepreneurs.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Six Types of Retail Beer Permits You Can Obtain for Your Business

Whether you are running a liquor store or restaurant, it is important to obtain a Texas liquor license for your business. You want to make sure your business is up to code so you can continue to bring in customers. Texas Alcohol Consulting is designed to help you obtain the right liquor license for your business. There are several types of retail beer permits you can obtain for your business.

BE Retail Dealer's On Premise License: You can sell beer to be consumed both on and off the premises, but the beer must be sold in a legal container. However, your customers are not permitted to resell the beer.

BF Retail Dealer's Off Premise License: You are allowed to sell beer to customers with this permit, but your customers are not permitted to open the beer on or near the premises. This means your customers must take the beer to another location before opening it.

MB Mixed Beverage Permit: With this permit, you are allowed to sell mixed beverages such as beer, ale, wine and malt liquor to your customers. Your customers are permitted to open the mixed beverages on your premises.

P Package Store Permit: This permit allows you to sell liquor, vinous liquor and malt liquor to your customers. Your customers are allowed to open the liquor at another location.

PS Package Store Tasting Permit: You can allow your customer to taste products such as beer, wine, distilled spirits and spirit-based or malt-based coolers at your store with this permit. You must obtain this permit if you want to allow your customers to sample the alcohol before making a purchase.

RM Mixed Beverage in Restaurant Permit with Food and Beverage Certificate: If you own a restaurant that serves alcohol, you may want to look into obtaining this permit for your business. This permit allows you to sell beer, wine, mixed drinks and malt liquor to your customers. Your customers may consume the beverages inside the restaurant.

It usually takes six months or longer to secure an alcohol license for your business. However, Texas Alcohol Consulting can obtain the proper license in just 60 days. The organization focuses on the alcohol regulations so you can focus on your business.

It is best to obtain your alcohol license before you start your business. This way, you will not have to wait to serve alcoholic beverages to your customers.


Friday, December 23, 2016

Music Program Plans for Her Debut

We’re planning to celebrate our daughter Gen’s upcoming debut in some place other than our house because she requested for it. She’s not asking for a grand celebration of her 18th birthday but she want t to cool, relaxed and very orderly. She also wants a good music played because that’s her passion- music playing. Unlike other girls who have so many birthday requests on having their debut parties she only told us that a simple cake, good food and place will do as long as it’s organized and very cozy. 

She’s also requesting one thing that she loves most – a Music Friend's blue snowball microphone to use in friends’ messages, offered songs and in overall celebration of her 18th birthday. My daughter is really simple even when she’s only young. She only wants to play music, tinker with her music pieces and let her music relax my stressful working day. She’s not just competitive in school but very talented in music as well. Despite her bright mind and talents she still manages to be just a simple girl.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ideas for Creating a Closet

Many have found that when they are looking at apartments or houses, some of the bedrooms do not have closets. And while this is something that most people want, they are getting a great deal on the apartment or house, and so they cannot pass up the opportunity. Just because the room does not already have a closet does not mean that you cannot create one. The following ideas may help you. 

                                                               Image by wikipedia

Depending on the room and how much space there is, you may be able to make a closet. Many individuals have made very interesting closets either from PVC pipes or from metal plumbing pipes. There are a lot of ideas online that can be used to create bars where clothing can be hung. The metal plumbing pipes or the PVC pipes are joined together in order to create a sturdy closet that can support a lot of weight.

Another option is to go to a local hardware store and find some supplies that can be used in order to build a closet. There are a lot of different hooks and brackets that can be installed in the walls. Then you just need to purchase wood poles in order to create an area where you can place hangers and clothing.

If your budget allows for it, you may be able to purchase furniture that you can use for closet space. A lot of new as well as antique furniture stores have beautiful wooden furniture where clothes can be hung inside. In addition to the fact that there is a area where clothes can hang, there is usually shelves and drawers as well. Investing in a piece of furniture like this may be a great buy for you. Many individuals who have purchased high quality furniture like this have been able to use it for their entire lives and even pass it down to future generations. If you do not have a lot of money to purchase high quality piece of furniture at a new or antique store, look around at garage sales or look online. You may find that one is available for an inexpensive price. You may need to do a little bit of work to restore it, but you will have a beautiful closet space in your room.

There is also the possibility of talking with the owner of the home or apartment about having closets installed. If you have some construction skills, they may take off some money from the rent if you install them.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Technology in Music

Technology is fast innovating in various field of life. The most recognized innovation is on computers and gadgets which make communication so fast and modern. It’s not a problem when you want to talk to someone you love who lives miles away from you as there Viber, Chat, Messenger and every modern telecommunication you can get. It also makes conferencing easier as those who want to have a meeting can do it even if the attendees are not present with the audio and video conferencing. 

The world is such a modern portal of highly innovated technology that everyone can do their own piece of communication without spending so much with the use of social media and other software that simplifies things. Well when it comes to music enthusiast they care for software like synth software to help them to innovate their musicality. It helps them to do their music playing with an ease. It also assists them in bringing about not just good music but high quality and clear audio. You just have to visit some online shops that offer these things.


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Laptop and Music Upgrade

We’re updating our computers to the latest specifications available because my daughter need to use it for her Computer-Aided Design drawings. My old laptop is still in good condition despite several years of usage. I remember buying it in the peak of the blogging years in 2010 and was very happy to get the brand I love most with the fruit of my writing income. My husband is using a not-so high specifications laptop but with a big screen for presentation purposes. The two laptops are not compatible with the course requirement so we’ve bought another one and I’ve chosen an i7 Laptop with 8GB RAM so it can be easily used in AutoCAD 2016 without fear of delay in processing or lagging. 

With it Gen is very thankful that we’ve bought another one for her engineering drawings and she can do her drawings uninterrupted, it would be hard if the specifications are lower. Anyway she also thought that it would also be good if we update her old guitar with a new electric bass guitar since she has been browsing over villa park il and found some nice items there. She spends her free time from school strumming her favorite pieces in her good old guitar. Well she loves her musical instruments very dearly and would like to update and collect some other instruments in the future.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

USB Turntable with Built-in Speaker

For those who happened to know long playing albums in the past decades or those who used to play LP in turntable this product may seem familiar to you. This is quite smaller compared to classic turn tables but it serves its purpose. This USB turntable with built-in speaker converts the LP Disc into software file via Audacity converter in computer. 

This player can only play LP disc up to 18cm diameter and its cartridge is replaceable. This is compatible to Pentium 4 and above and to operating system such as WinXP/Vista/Win7. However you cannot connect your mobile phone here, the USB port is for connecting into computer using USB male to male USB cable. Well this turntable just caught up my fancy as I’m one of those who experienced using turntable up to early 80s and I miss it somehow. Saw this at


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Innovations in Audio Music

I always love looking at the latest innovation in technology especially in communications and in the world of things I love most like music, computers and the like. I find it awesome to see updates in software that will make computer operations easy and helpful. When it comes to music I’m always fascinated by the improvement of the audio world and everything about making sounds perfectly clear. 

The whole family loves listening to someone playing musical instruments especially when it’s coming from a good source like Yamaha p45 and other fine sounding instruments. It makes staying at home so relaxing and fulfilling, well that’s how it is to me and to my family. Music gives us an overwhelming effect especially when we hear Christian songs. It warms our heart.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Smart Safety Investments When Buying a Home

Buying a new home is an exciting experience, especially when the home and family is kept safe and sound. Once the house is purchased, it's wise to invest a bit of money in preparation of emergencies. Not all homes will be up to date on safety equipment. There is always a possibility that some items, such as smoke detectors or fire extinguishers, are nonexistent or expired.

New Smoke Detectors
Modern smoke detectors tend to have a better sensitivity to smoke and additional features, such as the ability to notify those who aren't home or to alert residents with bright flashing lights. All devices should be tested to ensure that they work and that the batteries are not faulty.

Fire Extinguishing Equipment
Every kitchen should contain a fire extinguisher, as one never knows when the kitchen might go up in flames due to a cooking mishap or appliance malfunction. In addition, homeowners might entertain the idea of small scale kitchen fire hose equipment if they have a large kitchen. This is a great backup plan in case a fire extinguisher is not able to put the fire out completely.

Outdoor Flood Lights
Outdoor floodlights, especially motion detecting lights, help the family to spot trespassers in the yard. Both humans and animals can be dangerous, whether it is a thief looking to break in or a wild bear looking for a trash can. Motion detecting lights tend to scare off people with ill intents, as they do not want to be seen. This is a cheap, useful safety feature every family needs to have.

If the electricity ever goes out due to weather or natural disaster, generators can save the day. Generators run on fuel and can power a house for a few hours or a few days. This can help the family to keep warm, cook food, and calmly wait until the power outage is over.

Corded Landline Phone
Corded landline phones are capable of being used during power outages. Wireless phones require electricity, proving them to be useless during an emergency situation. Even with cell phones nearly causing land lines to go extinct, all homes should have a basic landline service should the cell phones lose service or die.

Safety and peace of mind is always a great investment when buying a home. Many situations can quickly escalate into emergencies, from fires and other natural disasters to overloaded power grids and criminals. For under a thousand dollars, all families can be prepared for some of the most common emergencies that occur.


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