Saturday, April 23, 2016

Questions to Ask When Buying a Crane

Do you have an upcoming construction project that you will need a custom crane to complete? Buying a crane is not easy. This is especially true if your job will require the use of a special crane that is not commonly sold. There are many things that need to be considered before you commit to buy a crane. You could have a big problem on your hands if you ignore any important details. The more you know about cranes before you start shopping around, the better off you will be. Here are some questions to ask when buying a crane.

1. What tasks do you need to complete?

First of all, do you need to have a crane permanently installed at your facility? Will you only need to use a crane for a limited amount of time while you are building a specific structure? If you will only need the crane temporarily, you will be better of renting it. Take a look at the tasks that you will be using the crane for. How high will items need to be lifted? This is important because you need to be sure you get a crane that is able to lift objects as high as you need them to go. Consider all of the other aspects of your project so you are able to buy the ideal crane for your specific needs.

2. How much weight will you be lifting?

Cranes have different limits in terms of how much weight they can safely lift. Because of this, you will need to research the amount of weight you will need your crane to lift on your job site. It is imperative that you have these calculations correct before you purchase a crane. Failure to account for additional weight could result in the crane collapsing. You can view a huge inventory of cranes and disabled crane parts at

3. Does the crane have a good reputation?

Machines are a lot like people in that they can have both good and bad reputations. Know exactly what you are getting into before you invest the money to buy or rent a crane. Do some research to find out which specific cranes have a history of mechanical problems. These are the machines that can cost you valuable time and money during your project. Do your best to find a crane that has a reputation for being reliable and rarely breaking down.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Varied Fashion Accessories for Stylish Women

In styling yourself sometimes you get bored with donning the usual accessories or jewelries to match your outfit. Women usually have a way of matching certain accessory to their dress and bag or whatever style they want to express. Some want the real gold jewelries for adornment but others prefer fashion accessories only as they have varied range to choose from especially that they have better and modern design and style. 

Well for those who want something different than the usual accessories they use they can do some unique expression of style like Joy Jewelers stackable expressions where you can do stylish assortment of rings to your beautiful hands. There are endless fashion possibilities you can do when you choose from varied colors, textures and finishes of silver rings and maybe you can share it to your friends as well or give them as gifts when the occasion calls for it. Anything is possible with stackable expressions.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Effects of Lighting on Stage and Events

Whenever I see stage play, presentation or evening events I particularly give much attention on the lights. I love looking at beautiful lights and at times it amazes me how a particular shade of light can make or break the total ambiance of the event. I know that putting on the wrong lighting can ruin the stage decoration while a good planned lighting effect can make the stage very beautiful. 

If you’re into movie industry, theater or stage plays or even in some social events that requires elegant designs you should know how to balance the lighting fixtures with the effect you want to achieve. It can define the time of the day if you want to make it look like morning, afternoon or evening simply by putting on appropriate lightings just like american dj lighting where they see to it that proper lighting should be done to achieve their best planned effect on stage. There are many things to consider but after all these considerations you’ll be amazed at the results.


Monday, March 21, 2016

Kids’ Flair and Interest

Kids have different hobbies, skills and flair for things in life. Some loves adventure and outdoor activities while some just want to do their things at home. While most kids finds technology very awesome others treat it as just a thing to learn about to keep pace with the modern world. I also know some kids who loves shopping and eating at different fast foods while some just want to play music on their free time. Often parents didn’t know exactly what their kids want but if they really focus on their kids they will know their interest in life. 

As early as my kids were in grade school I realized that they got my grandfather’s talent and interest in music. I’m happy about it and encouraged them to pursue their interest. I enrolled them in summer musical workshops and from there they continue with self-studies and practices. They all have talents but they differ in intensity. My middle child got the most and she’s now playing guitar, keyboards and some other instruments. She also wants to shop here! for accessories she wants to add to her collection. Playing musical instrument is one thing that makes her happy and I’m glad about it.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Promo Codes for Music Enthusiasts

I always visit online shopping sites because it’s where I always get a good deal. I was even tagged in our office as the best online shopper because of my gadgets and tech accessories which I was able to buy in super discounted prices without sacrificing the brands I want. I love deals, coupon code and some of promotional site offers like wwbw promo code because it pave a way for us to buy good brands at affordable prices. 

I'm glad to know that even musical instruments now are having promotional strategies and they’re now offering good deals you will love to use on your favorite musical instruments. This matters to me so much because we want to invest on buying musical instruments but can’t afford high quality expensive brands. Now I think I can squeeze in some of my savings to buy for my kids who love playing musical instruments.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Time to Remodel? How to Boost Resale Value

Remodeling a home can seem like an incredibly stressful process for most people. If you've been through a remodel before, chances are you know that isn't always a walk in the park for the people living in the house. That knowledge is why many people are tentative when it's time to remodel their house.

Remodeling isn't something you can put off forever though, especially if you have a growing family or your baseline needs have changed. Keeping your resale value high is also important, especially if you're thinking about selling in the next few years.

Use these tips to remodel your home so your resale value is among the highest in the neighborhood when its time to move.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

When people visit a home for the first time they immediately check out the kitchen. That's definitely true of anybody considering buying a house for themselves and their family. That's why your kitchen should be a focus of any remodeling project that you do.

Start by making your kitchen more functional with items like a center island or more counter space. Updated cabinets and drawers, especially with built-in shelving and dividers can also be very attractive to large families and people who love to cook.

If you're considering selling in the near future, you should also do things like painting your kitchen in neutral colors that will appeal to a broad audience. You don't want to paint your kitchen yellow or bright green – even if it's your favorite color – if you want to be selling your home soon.

When it comes to decorating, there are a lot of websites that have a free join us period so you can get ideas.

Don't Forget the Front

The front of your home is the first thing people will see when they come to look at it, so it stands to reason that it should be attractive. Making the front of your house attractive all begins with the big things like your lawn, paint job whether or not you have cars parked all over the driveway.

Once you take care of the basics like a good paint job, spend some time taking care of the little touches like your front door and the hardware on it. You'll also want to make sure you have plenty of foliage, whether that's seasonal plants or succulents that don't require a whole lot of regular care.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Replacement for Old Instruments

When we had meetings in our church we discussed about how we should update our musical instruments used in praise and worship. As to date our instruments are more than a decade old already and most of them badly needs replacement. With some instruments the price can be saved for but for the drum set we really need to think of ways on how to buy it because the price range is too high for our budget. 

We need a good sounding high quality drum set more in the likes of ludwig vistalite but we’ll be happy for a simpler one that our church will be able to afford. I know that we can pray together to achieve this plan.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lazada Kicks Off the Biggest Online Christmas Sale of the Year

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Lazada Philippines ( the Philippines’ One Stop Shopping and Selling Destination today announced the launch of the Lazada Online Revolution Sale which is set to be the biggest online Christmas sale of the year. The month-long sale kicks off on November 11 and will run until December 12.

The date November 11 or 11/11 is popularly known in China as “Singles’ Day”, a day to celebrate singlehood. E-commerce retailers in China have turned this holiday into the world’s biggest online shopping event, selling over US$9 billion worth of products last year. In 2013, Lazada introduced the 11/11 Online Revolution Sale in the Philippines to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season and has since then set online sales records each year.

This year, Lazada Philippines expects to break new records as it anticipates over 2 million visits to its website and mobile app on 11/11. Big brands and merchants will join the sale and are bringing in over 200,000 marked-down deals up to 95% off across 13 product categories including electronics, fashion, kids & toys, and home. Exclusive items on flash sales and P99 peso deals will also be revealed on 11/11. Brands that have confirmed their participation in the sale include ASUS, Lenovo, Alcatel, Cherry Mobile, Bosch, Belo, Huggies, Mamy Poko, Timex and Giordano watches.

As an early treat for Lazada fans and shoppers, special items will be available to purchase at only P11 each. Lazada bestsellers such as Sandisk 8GB flash drives, 5600 mAH Powerbank, and 4-layer shoe racks will be available to purchase at P11.00 starting today until 11/11. The P11.00 deals will be announced at 11:11am everyday on one of Lazada’s social media channels (Twitter: lazadaph, Facebook: lazadaph, Instagram: lazadaph). “We have been working very hard together with our merchants and suppliers to bring these amazing deals to our customers. We believe that online shopping will provide a lot of convenience to shoppers especially during the holiday season. By shopping online, they can avoid heavy traffic, long lines and crowded areas,” said Lazada Philippines CEO, Inanc Balci.

About Lazada

Lazada ( is Philippines’ largest online shopping mall and is pioneering e-commerce by providing a fast, convenient and secure online shopping experience combined with an extensive product offering in categories ranging from mobiles & tablets and consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion and sports equipment. Lazada is continuously striving to offer its customers the best possible shopping experience with multiple payment methods including cash on delivery, extensive warranty commitments and free returns. Lazada mobile applications for Android, iPhone and iPad provide additional convenience to its consumers’ allowing them to shop anywhere, anytime.

For more information, please visit For updates on Lazada’s latest innovations, as well as activities, contests and promotions, connect with us via Facebook (


Public Relations and Media Manager
Lazada Philippines
(M) +639178239725


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

11 Things you Need to Know About Dating an Online Shopper

Dating nowadays is not as easy as we would have thought. Finding the perfect match is not as easy as buying an item from an online shop. But what we find interesting is that there is a growing pool of relationship prospects which belong to those who scout, hunt, and bargain for the best deals online - they are the online shoppers.

This collaborative article of Lazada and its Facebook followers, take you through the 11 things you would need to know when you find yourself dating an online shopper - and trust us, you would never look at online shoppers the same way again.

1. Terrific Knowledge Power. To make purchases less risky, online shoppers research extensively to make sure they have made the right choice. You name it; your biodata, Facebook, and other social media have been checked since they want to know you from head to toe.

2. Expressions Super Gigantic. They are honest and super vocal on things that’s why they love sharing product reviews. You have to wait what they’ll say about you because you’d love them even more since their lines are deeper than what Romeo and Juliet used.

3. Snapshot the Magic. Online shoppers need wifi connection 24/7 to check what’s on the site or if there’s anything else worth buying. You’d be surprised that they’ll post everything you have done on social media gaining all the comments and the likes.

4. Quality Time Fanatic. You wouldn’t see online shoppers stuck in traffic just to hit the malls - or better yet, you wouldn’t see them at malls at all. With so much freed up time, you are sure that online shoppers can give you your well-deserved bonding time.

5. Obsessed with Biometrics. Online shoppers love playing spotting the differences. They actually double check whether the photo on the site matches the one delivered. You better be sure to lessen the photoshop or edits on your photos since they’d probably do the same when they have finally met you.

6. Adventure Trip Fanatic. If you think online shoppers only enjoy flash sales and vouchers then you’re wrong. You’d see them everywhere singing, partying, dancing - all jumping with joy. You’re up for an adventure from the mobile app, beaches, amusement parks until the church if that’s your goal.

7. Gift Giver Turner. You see them endlessly buy and you wonder why. Online shoppers get a wide array of products not only for themselves but for others too. You officially met someone selfless who’s actually good for you.

8. Always There Automatic. Time is as precious as gold for online shoppers. They want things happening fast and instantly with just one click or tap of the finger. You’d probably met the “Flash” of your life. You better get ready for your “faster than lightning” shenanigans.

9. Never be Problematic. Online shoppers don’t need lawyers, analysts or consultants to make their lives ever so bright. It’s inborn that they know what strategy to use whether it’s online or offline. Your life will be hassle-free once you start to date, put the ring, and say I Do!

10. Romantic Little Banker. They always want the biggest deals and the largest discounts. Eyes of online shoppers start to spin when they see the promos and vouchers within their reach. Imagine the money they save with all those clicks. It’s an investment plan for your future even the rich couldn’t think.

11. Road to Forever. Online shoppers once they go online know what they want to buy. There are no more questions for them whether it’s a deal or no deal. You shouldn’t be in doubt anymore since they are 100% sure about dating nobody but you.

Dating an online shopper is indeed very fun, thrilling and romantic. Our facebook followers agree that online shoppers know what is best and they always assure themselves of the decisions they make. That’s why we’ve got you covered on your next date since it is the perfect time to enjoy huge discounts, amazing products and countless promos all up during Lazada’s 11/11 Online Revolution.

Lazada is your one stop shopping and selling destination that offers you effortless shopping through PC or the new mobile app. So what are you waiting for? Join Southeast Asia’s biggest online shopping spree starting this November 11, 2015 with none other than your awesome online shopper partner.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Businesses Use Metrics to Better Allocate Their Resources

It is one of the principles of business that companies need to make the best use of the resources that they've been given. Companies have choices to make when they're throwing an event. They can choose where to hold the event, how many people to invite, and what the event should entail. They can choose an appropriate length to try and maximize their return. How do companies know when they've made the right choices? In the past, this was very difficult. Not long ago, many business people would engage in a guessing game. This has changed, though, as metrics are being implemented in the business world with greater regularity.

Analytics plays a critical role in helping business people make the right choices. There are solid companies out there offering businesses advice on what might work and what will not. Those companies take a hard look at some of the events that businesses have. They'll look at these events with an eye on value. Using analytics, modern companies are able to provide fellow businesses with a picture of their event ROI, among other things. This information empowers businesses to make good choices the next time around.

Metrics are becoming more popular in the business world because they take away some of the uncertainty. Throwing an event for a business can be a time-consuming money pit. If companies are unsure of whether they are spending their money properly, they may not be all-in on an event. This can cause performance to lag, reflecting poorly on the business and its ability to connect with consumers. By using metrics, companies are able to have more certainty that their approach is the right one. They'll know that they are getting the right rate of return on their money when they pour that money into an event.

At the end of the day, smart companies are willing to use anything they can to get an edge. If they can cut down on costs and improve their profit margins by throwing events that achieve their goals, then they should do so. This is made much easier with the help of modern analytics, though. In addition to just looking at how events bring a return, many companies are using metrics to determine ways to improve their meetings and other corporate happenings. These are the things that can set a good company apart from the crowd.


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