Monday, September 20, 2010

Preparing for the Kids’ Education

Times are hard now and it’s enough that you have a stable job to provide all the necessary things for your kids. DH and I are thinking of some other means of earning money through small-scale business or investing our money on good stocks or gold coins. We’re thinking of the kids’ future and how we can cope up with financial expenses when they start going to college. Our two daughters are only one year apart in studying so when the eldest daughter reaches college it will only be one year before they’re both in college.

Things get easier when you plan for it carefully and properly so we’re studying all probabilities of gold investment before buying from United States Gold Bureau which sells silver, gold, precious metals and coins. They can have it delivered to you or arrange for safe storage in the bank. I think it’s one of the elements that really appreciate value over the years and investing on such secured thing can give higher returns for your capital in the next few years.


Hand Painted Children's Table and Chairs

I was searching for another table for my little boy and I came upon this, a hand painted children's table and chairs with a chalkboard tabletop. This is very useful as described by the maker of this very cute furniture for the kids.  According to Ever After Design Studio these hand painted pieces are made to order and can be customized according to match your existing furniture.

Some other details - The table and chairs are painted in primary colors. It is made of solid wood, durable construction. This table and chair set is a great way to add some extra fun to your child's day and play time. This set will come with one table and four chairs. If you are interested in having this table and chairs painted in different colors, please email us directly.
Table measures 19-3/4"H x 23-3/4"W x 20-1/4"D
Chairs measure 23"H x 12"W x 13-1/4"D
Got this from and this one sells at USD175.00


Early Detection

Last week I noticed some blemishes on my daughter’s face and I thought she’ll have her first acne experience but it turned out that those are rashes. She came home from school Thursday afternoon with a slight fever and rashes started to come out after 2 days. We’re so worried because there’s a breakout of dengue in most places now and once you had a fever for 3 days you better have CBC and APC tested in laboratory for safe proceedings. It’s a viral infection according to doctor and instead of having cough the infection goes our through the skin thus to explain the rashes on Ruth’s face and arms. 

So be careful in assessing the skin disorders in your kids, for information about acne and treatment click here. For other rashes that’s not familiar to you better consult your doctor because it might be an indication of infection that your kids incurred in school or in your community. We should be vigilant now for the signs and symptoms of common diseases because early detection can save you a lot of trouble.


Securing the Kids’ Future

I’m again saving up for my kids’ second quarterly payments and I’m happy that I can help my husband with tuition payments. I believe in ensuring the kids’ future by giving them good and quality education that’ s why we’ve chosen my kids’ respective school to nurture our kids. Education is the only treasure that we can give to our children. Well for me it’s the best because no one can take knowledge and wisdom from them. It’s also one assurance that they can get a decent and well paying job.

There are other things aside from education that can secure their future and that’s having a tangible investment like gold coin and other precious metals. I know gold has the best properties for investing because we can count on it to have profitable returns after several years. Gold appreciates value over the years.


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