Monday, June 7, 2010

:Blue Monday/Mellow Yellow Monday: Water Fun


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"Look what I got Mom' he's just kidding of course as if I don't know it's his water gun. He wants me to believe that he got it from the bottom of the pool. It's a gift to him and he thought that I will not be able to recognize the toy lol! Anyway my little boy really enjoyed hi granny's birthday celebration at the resort and he's at the pool the whole day stopping at 3pm when he felt that his feet was sore from stepping on the hot pebble tiles.

The blue watered- pool and blue-yellow water gun is just right for Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday entry. Happy Monday everyone! For other entries just click the top logo!


Convenience of Contact Lens

When contact lens has gained popularity I never took part in trying or using it. I see it as a tasking job to wear on and off when you’re in daily activities that doesn’t allow having contact lens on your eyes like sleeping on travel etc. Besides I’m too busy to clean and protect the contacts every night. It’s only now that I’m beginning to realize the advantages of wearing contact lens because I’m seeing it on my sister. She finds it hard and uncomfortable wearing her eyeglasses previously so she switched to wearing contact lenses as per advice of her doctor and friends.

In the past I can’t see much difference except that you’ll look younger with contact lens than with prescription eyeglasses. Now I’m seeing it in a much better perspective. I can now see that contact lens has better benefits than prescription eyeglasses. Actually I’m beginning to think about buying Acuvue oasis contacts because I noticed that I’ve been having some problems with wearing my eyeglasses. Maybe my eye grade goes up again and needs some eyeglasses’ lens change. Since I don’t want to change my eyeglasses for a much thicker lens I’ll just try Acuvue oasis because it offers quality well-known products. With high UV rays, inside-out market and visibility tint ‘


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