Friday, October 8, 2010

PH: Stripes - Zebra

This was taken in Manila Zoo 2 years ago when Josh was only 5 years old.  It was my girls' educational tour and my little boy joined in. It was his first field trip and he's very excited to see all the animals in the zoo.  Just look at his eyes and sheepish smile.  He's very young here and all their stop overs overwhelmed him.  He was so amazed at the stripes skin of zebra, he thought it was painted on the body and not a natural one  hmmm the innocence of toddlers :-)

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Sleeping Early Tonight

I’ll be resting early tonight because we’re going to be at the contest as early as 6:00 in the morning. No worrying about finding the best acne products for my teen daughter because she’s not allowed to sleep late in the night. We told her that it can cause her to have acne so she’s trying to sleep earlier than usual. Anyway I didn’t have problem with acne or pimples when I was her age but she’s our eldest and she might possibly get it from his father’s genes. DH is free from scars of acne too but he told me that during his teens he also experienced having minor pimple problems.


Managed Hosting

I’ve been enjoying having domain sites for about three years now and I’m glad my friend introduced me to it. It’s more flexible and there are more benefits than having free-hosted blogs. It’s like a company with very reliable managed hosting because you’ll get the full service performance and round the clock monitoring. I’ve been employed with a company with such a high tech equipment and gadgets and I know how nice and easy to work if your office has the latest innovations in town. Not only that because if the company you’re working for gets the best hosting you’ll have there are few interruptions online.


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