Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting Good Results on Losing Weight

Losing weight needs a lot of discipline and patience. I’ve made such an effort for the past few months and it gave me good results but I must admit I was not able to keep it for two months and the pounds that I lost is getting back to me now. I’ve been busy these days which hindered me to stay to my routine of shedding excess pounds. I still eat balanced meals at lunch but at dinner time I returned to eating heavy meals. It really is difficult to stay to your weight loss routine if you don’t focus on it. My friend told me about visiting which would help me to see other ways on how I can lose some pounds again. I know that I need to increase my metabolism but I just can’t figure out how because I’m very busy at work and can’t follow routine schedules. Anyway the suggestion is good but I think I’ll just go back to my diet meals and workout which gave me good results last time I did it. Wish I can start again on it.


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