Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cleaning Kit for LCD/TV & More

Since we have many computers in the house I looked in the nearest computer accessories’ store in the mall for my need. My husband asked me to buy him an LCD screen cleaning kit so he can clean the screen and some parts aside from the LCD. 

Well I found a very affordable cleaning kit in cdr king and it’s complete for me. It only cost me PhP40.00 each so I bought extras for future use. 

The contents of the package includes cleaning liquid solution spray, one air pump balloon, one handle brush and micro fiber cloth. The cleaning liquid can be used for CD/VCD/DVD disc and can remove dirt, dust and oil from the surface of the LCD’s. It also gives a protective film from static and dust. The fabric cloth which is structured to have more surface area can pick up dirt and absorb more water and together with cleaning liquid it can be used for TV/LCD monitors. All contents are proven safe.


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