Thursday, November 25, 2010

Personal Touch in Every Card

It’s only one month away before Christmas day and as early as now many of my friends are sending their cards around the globe. They have discovered custom address labels that they used to dress up their envelope. It’s nice to see stylish address labels that I can say make a letter or card very impressive. It adds up personal touch to the card that will make any recipient feel special plus of course with the unique greetings inside the card. In these times of modern technology in communication where people send their greetings through email and social networks it’s still sweet to receive the old traditional cards.


Tips: Stain Remover for your China

Many of us especially Moms like me would be glad to know some tips on how to bring back our china to their original shine and to erase stains caused by tea, coffee or iron rust.

For china stained with tea or coffee: You can mix 2 tablespoons of salt with enough vinegar to form a paste. Rub stain with paste.

For china stained with iron rust spots: Mix 2 tablespoons of salt with enough lemon juice (or calamansi juice) to form a paste. Rub stain with paste.

Easy does it? And very economical too, imagine all it takes is to have salt, vinegar and lemon juice which is readily available in almost any kitchen. Now you don't have to worry about those stains on your china and you can save some money by removing it rather than buying new china wares.


Investment Plan on Beach-Front Property

SIL is thinking of good investments lately since she has finished with her first major investment of new house and lot in the lovely mountain side in a peaceful town of Montalban. Since she stopped with paying for the land in one province because of too many conflicts she’s planning to invest again and start a new venture on resort business. Well I heard about Duck foreclosures and I would want to give SIL an idea of owning one property there since she always want to stay in beautiful beaches every time she goes on a work vacation. I know she would enjoy having a place to stay there whenever she wants.


The House Oracle

You Are an Extrovert

You are a bit shy and hesitant around people you don't know well. It takes a bit to get you to open up.

You like to weigh all of your options before making a decision. You are apt to look for a compromise.

You are responsible and determined to do the right thing. There is often a lot on your plate, but you handle it all well.

You rely on yourself first and foremost. You know that you won't ever let yourself down.

Well I'm just an independent worker who can work without too much supervision and help.  But I would appreciate help from friends and not from complaining staff lol! With making decisions I'm very careful about it and will spend some time thinking about the best decision before coming up with one.  I'm always determined to do the right thing because I don't want to suffer the consequences of my wrong moves.  In short I want to play safe and right.  I don't want to let myself down because some people are relying on me.


Need to Take Care of Myself

I’ve been busy since the first day of the week and spent long hours in the night doing my tasks. I’m used to overnight work when I was working in Design Science doing bidding documents but I was younger then. Now I have to think of my health, my low blood pressure and the possibility of using wrinkle cream whenever I stayed late at nights. It’s different when you’re getting old because you’re more prone to aging elements and ailments. Not that I look old because I only have few grey hairs and I’m a jolly person, I just want to take care of myself in the best health conscious way I can to ward off sickness in the future. I have three young schooling kids and they need a healthy vibrant Mom to guide them while they’re growing up.


Ability to Handle Challenging Works

In my first years of employment I worked with a government agency under the agriculture department and there I experienced working with people working until their retirement age. I’ve seen them working even if they look frail enough to quit working and retire in their house. I noticed that some were old enough but don’t look like their age. Maybe they were using the best anti aging products to hide their age. Some of them don’t want to look very old because it affects the way people look at their working capacity. People tend to compare them with younger employees and they were often deprived of handling challenging works. Well with their younger looks the boss wouldn’t hesitate giving the harder and challenging jobs to them.


Birthday Party Supplies

I have three kids and plenty of nieces and nephews and I like organizing parties for their birthdays. I work hand in hand with my sister in planning the kids’ birthday celebration and some special occasions of the family. It’s exciting to plan and prepare but sometimes it’s also stressful especially if you can’t find the things you need for the party. More often the supplier doesn’t carry all the supplies needed so you have to hop from one store to another to complete your list of party supplies. Just two months ago we’ve organized my little boy’s 7th birthday party and we’ve completed all our needs like invitations, giveaways, loot bags, balloons, banners, birthday cake and game prizes from different suppliers. The party was a success but I was hoping that next time I would just buy from a one-stop shop store for all the things I need for birthday party. 

If you want to organize or arrange birthday parties you can make it a themed party because it’s the usual trend now. You should also plan it with a target budget that will cover everything from place, accessories, birthday goodies and food. Well I found out that all these are possible at, an online resource for discount party supplies for birthdays, holidays, catering, wedding, baptismal, baby shower and other parties. For children’s birthday parties they have over 250 party patterns for all ages. Their themes range from superhero themes, sports themes, animal pattern and princess themes. Of course I would love those superhero themes for my little boy and I would take note of this on his next birthday party. I will never have a stressful moment in organizing birthday parties when I have to order from.


What Color Cell Phone Are You?

You Are a Black Cell Phone

You are powerful, assertive, and a real go getter. You never have any problem getting what you want.
You value success, and part of that success means having the latest and greatest things.

You tend to be the first in line for the newest cell phone. You like to have as many features as possible.
You know that things don't make people happy... but they sure make life more fun!

This is quite funny as I don't have much interest in the latest cell phones in the market.  I just want the latest windows phone because I really need it for my online work.  Since my lappy is too heavy to carry anywhere I want usually in my kids' school I want a phone that I can use for blogging also.  Aside from that I'm not much into the latest model of cell phones.  I'd rather spend it on camera or kitchen appliances lol!


A Good Medicinal Plant

It’s nice to learn about medicinal plants once in a while because I was really amazed at how simple plants can do wonder to heal man’s sickness. I didn’t know that cissus quadrangularis is a very useful plant. It’s a tonic and analgesic and can help to heal broken bones because it contains ascorbic acid and other good properties need for healing. I have to take note of this discovery because this one can be used to treat sickness like asthma, cough, osteoporosis, hemorrhoids and gonorrhoea. Best of all it can be an aid to treat obesity. Now I believe the God has created many medicines in our environment. We just have to discover and use it rightly.


Organizing My Emails

I started the day organizing my mails because it’s accumulating everyday and I have to sort them according to importance and group them accordingly. I’ve always maintained organized files in my office computer and email files in my office email. Since I’m maintaining 4 email addresses for different purposes and categories I have to ensure that all of them are in good order or my mind will mess up with my files. I was surprised to see several male enhancement products promotions. Well I have to delete unimportant messages or those that are not necessary anymore like the ones emailed to me seven years ago. It took some time before I even reached half of my emails and believe me I’m tired.


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