Monday, January 31, 2011

Pretty Accessories for my Girls

My sister has some cute bracelets personally made by her office mate who wanted to make extra income out of her hobby to add to her monthly budget. I find her works lovely and of high quality materials. I wonder where she gets her beading supplies because all of her finished products seem to have a distinct stylish look. Maybe her provider doesn’t provide her cheap quality materials because you can see it on how elegant the bracelets are. My sister asked me if I want one or two of those personal creations and I told her I wouldn’t mind having them because it looks good on my arms when I wear them. I also want some for my girls who are growing up fast and may need one of those after some more years. I will save those when they’re big enough to wear pretty stylish accessories.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Protection Covers for Your Patio Furniture

With the kind of weather that we’re having right now it’s always tempting to leave your work aside and read book while lounging in our patio. I’ve always love resting in our patio where I can breathe fresh air and gets to see my Mom’s garden which happens to have beautiful blooms these days. Some of our relatives who visit her praise her for giving life to her plants and flowers. She really has a green thumb on cultivating and tendering plants. Now with Mom’s lovely blooms I can stay at the patio the whole day without boring myself. There at the patio I can read, have coffee and write some interesting posts for my blogs. 

I’m just worried somehow that our furniture won’t last its beauty because of too much exposure to sun and sometimes to rain. I’ve been thinking of getting some Patio Furniture Covers to protect them from wearing out its quality finish and made. Too much exposure can robbed them of the shine and of the whole texture quality. I’ll start with Outdoor Chair Covers  then down to the table and chair lounges. I learned that I can have all that I need from Empire patio covers with their variety of quality products  available online for all types of patio furniture like chairs, tables, chaise lounge, BBQ and grill, fire pit and other outdoor furniture. They can assure their clients of a one year warranty from manufacturer for the classic material covers while they gave 2 years for the signature type covers. You can shop by collection and you can choose if you want covers for seating, tables or accessories.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Loopbag Transit iPad Case

Are you afraid to carry your iPad wherever you want to go?  Well with this transit iPad case you'll be able to carry your favorite gadget with you anytime, anywhere.  This transit iPad case has two parallel zippers that open wide for easy access to all your stuff.  This iPad Case Store offer these iPad cases with stunning bright lining so it will be easy to find what you’re looking for on the run. Look at these Green/Brown and Blue/Brown cases:

Don't worry about matching outfit as this one will look good also on your business attire. It has other features as well like it's made from environmentally friendly Airguard™ nylon that offers a soft, cotton-like touch and matte finish, while being extremely durable and waterproof.  It has easy-access pockets, and comfortable Neoprene-padded shoulder straps.  Nice gift idea too!

Visit for variance of colors and products.

Sells at USD112.00 from USD121.00


Monday, January 24, 2011

Lovely Red Waterproof Purse

It's only few days before Valentine's day and I have here one lovely waterproof purse in pretty red color just in time for the occasion. I've found it at from the See-Too By Bell design. Got some description from the maker and learned that it's a handmade cotton fabric purse cover with transparent PVC sheet for water resistant. A lovely retro inspired cosmetic purse in funky dial design to keep all your make-up must haves or keep your cellphone, stationary, notebook, calculator, pen and etc.

This pretty purse is waterproof with a zipped opening and fully lined. It's sturdy and highly durable with 2 compartments. It has two handles for short and long.

Sells at USD13.50


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Landing a Good Job

Work at home Moms like me should have discipline on scheduling of work because it’s easy to be sidetracked on doing the job later as you have more time than when you’re in an office. Time management is of the essence or you’ll be burdened with expiring tasks at the time of due dates. It’s easier to do online tasks ahead of time so you will enjoy working and writing. Sometimes people work better when under time pressure but I don’t like the feeling of running after the time, it’s risky also. 

And I don’t want to take so much risk in my life that’s why even my college degree course was chosen because I want to secure good employment after college. That’s my goal then just like my high school classmate who took up beauty course in one of the best schools like Regency Beauty Institute to ensure good paying job after her graduation from that school. When you graduated from reputable school which is known for delivering quality education and training it’s more likely that you’ll land a good job. 

Well the course I’ve taken in college was actually my third choice but I didn’t risk taking up my first choice because employment on that course is not that stable. We need to be employed right away after college because my father has suffered stroke and my Mom was the only one working for us. It’s tough but we felt challenge has taken us to where we are now. All of us finished college without back subjects and was employed right away, a blessing my Mom was very thankful until now. 

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051


Friday, January 21, 2011

Gift for Dear Hubby

It’s hubby’s birthday tomorrow and until now I’m still thinking of what I should give him for his special day. I’m choosing among his usual favorite things such as accessories and tools but remembered he told me last month what he really wanted. Actually I have that thing in mind now but I’ll have to keep it a secret because he’ll find out if he reads this one. He told me that he wanted that when they had an exchange gift but he didn’t received his wish last month so I’m canvassing the price of his wish now. 

Earlier I was looking at some gift ideas like the 21st bar gifts for my nephew but opted to purchase on the same month of his birthday because I’m going to buy my special gift for dear hubby. I know that he’ll love it dearly so I’ll buy it even if I’ll have to go to that store miles away from us. It’s his birthday and I want him to be happy with my gift though he told me earlier that I’ve given him enough gifts.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Managing Finances Wisely

I’ve been sick and lazy with my work for the first two weeks of this month and I’m relieved it’s not our peak season for task assignment. I noticed that before the two week ends our work started to pick up and over the weekend I’ve worked for long hours. I have plenty of tasks and opportunities again and my hands are full with due dates. It’s a good sign with the kind of work-at-home job that I have because that means good earnings in the coming weeks ahead. When work was not that good three years ago we experienced having cash advances in husband’s office but now I tried the trick of saving money for the rainy days.

We’ve managed and survived on low-peak work season because of our savings and no matter how hard it is to avoid shopping temptation I see to it that I save some of my earnings in our cooperative group so when the year ends I’ll have considerable finance money for all our holiday expenses. It’s always good to be able to manage your finances wisely.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sealing and Surface Protection

I’ve been employed with a Consultancy firm for design and construction supervision of infrastructures, roads and bridges. I was primarily assigned in the technical proposal department and have helped in doing progress reports of current projects. I was exposed to projects that need restoration due to natural disasters and once in a while due to improvement request. Construction is not an easy task and I’ve known this since I’ve worked in that company especially when it comes to stones. When we have building projects which is usually multi-storey buildings or large offices we checked what quality of materials the contractor uses for the project. 

Consultancy works involved seeing through the contractor’s work and assuring that all materials used are of excellent quality. Now I learned that there’s a way on how to further assure that stone will be maintained for a long time. Contractors should learn that sealing granite when they used it for their building projects will improve the stone’s resistance to forces that would soil, spall or stain it. This protective seal of the stone surface will minimize the need for cleaning procedures that can affect the stone’s quality.

With Bonstone professional experience in the field they assure the right methods and kinds of materials to be used to prevent surface damage of the stone thus they seal and protect the stone like what they’re doing when sealing limestone and other kinds. They study the composition of the stone before making any cleaning and sealing to determine which contaminant to clean. Of course product should be suitable to prevent further harm to the surface.

Stones differ in sizes and capabilities but they all need proper cleaning and protection to resist damaging forces that would bring about spoilage. Just like in sealing marble and other kinds of stone Bonstone has built or developed quality products for every stone, concrete repair, tile application, bonding products and more. You can count on their technical team to assist and support you in any way they can.


University Gear and Apparel

My eldest daughter told me that she wanted to be in their volleyball team but the list is closed now and she can only join the basketball team which is only her second choice. She’s now praying that one of her classmates in the team would back out so she can come in or she’ll have to learn and practice basketball starting this weekend for her to cope up in the game. Well this is for their upcoming Foundation Day where they all must join a sports team to compete with other sections and further to inter-year level. This is her first sports’ competition and she’s excited about it although she’s hoping that she’ll be included in the volleyball team. She’s not as athletic like her younger sister who joins chess, volleyball, badminton and basketball in her primary school but she wants to join now. She’s more artistic and creative but I can see that she can be athletic as well given the chance.
They still don’t discuss about their uniforms now and I’m still thinking what type it will be as I’m browsing now sites that offer personalized clothing for universities like the central michigan university gear. I found C&O Sportswear, quality maker of customized gear for small and large scale for universities or companies. They make great CMU gear with logos embroidered and what’s required in the uniforms. They offer personalized apparel, gear, accessories and a lot more plus they can assure on time delivery even for bulk orders. They’re in the business for several years and been giving quality products that you’ll want to order again next time around.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun and Informative

Being a work-at-home Mom brings me online most of the day but when my friends asked me if I’m playing online games I told them I’m not much of a player except for word games which excites me so much. Well most of my online friends really plays a lot but this boxhead 2 they say is mostly played by younger generation. They get very excited with playing this 2-player zombie game online. Some really spent too much of their time on online games that it’s hard for them to get away from it.

One friend I knew stays at the office after the regular hours and spent his time playing online war games like age of war to pass away rush hour time. He hates traffic and he brings his notebook along so he can freely play after he timed out. He leaves the office at a much peaceful hours without the traffic. When I asked him why he want war games he told me that he’s also fond of war movies. So that explains his preferences for entertainment.

Anyway if you’re like him and want to be entertained with such online games you can get them free at and have fun-filled moments with entertaining yourself. Well the site offers not only games and sports but blogging as well. I’ve read a lot of advices, tips and ways on how you can monetize your blogging for money. There are many details and information there that will help you learn from it. Start earning revenue from your blog, check out their site and read some useful tips.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Online Freebies and More

Moms like me must be good in managing family’s finances because if not that’s the start of money problems. It’s not that easy to budget your money especially if the income is not that high or not meeting the family’s requirements. Well the secret is in getting some discounts when you shop for your goods or getting quality brands at lower prices. If you happen to see free samples at supermarkets don’t hesitate to try new brands because they usually vie with other known brands and will try to give more at lesser price. Just be sure that you’re not sacrificing quality with quantity. You can do it online as I’ve browsed over such things at and got overwhelmed with variety of free samples for my personal use and for my family. They’re the leading source for freebies and free product samples such as food, computers, automotive, beauty products and a lot more.

It’s like grabbing good deals at the stores because you get your money’s worth just by clicking at the chosen freebies. They list all freebies and stuff available in the internet so it’s easier for the consumer to find them out. I’ve found more of the free samples at including my favorite computer freebies which I always have a need. They have free anti-spyware software, free anti-malware and more. The free operating system for home theatre PCs and media center computers is also free. Well that’s a lot savings on computer users like me, we always have to buy software for our PCs to be protected and having those freebies help us save our money for other needs. helps a lot in discovering new products that offer the same quality as the other more expensive brands. They paved the way for people to find out freebies, free stuff, free movies, free online games, free music and product samples for variety of goods for the family, office, home and other uses. So next time you search for baby products, food, things for the house, games, electronics and many others be sure to check out their site so you can avail good deals and discounts. Remember the best things in life are free.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Preventing Skin Problems

My friend next door dropped by the house yesterday just to ask me how she’s going to cope up with her son’s skin problems. His son is just the age of my eldest and he’s starting to develop what other teenage kids has been suffering in their adolescence age. Well it’s the usual pimples that keep on popping on her son’s face and it’s beginning to cause inferiority complex to the kid. As my friend is also online most of the time I taught her to click here to read some info and details on her specific dilemma and for sure she’ll get some answers there. I also gave some advices on proper skin care to avoid pimples from coming back after the treatment. I recommended my brother’s brand of soap that gave instant relief to his pimples on his college days and it’s available on all stores here.


Free from Scars

A friend is looking out for ways on how to keep her skin clean-looking and without scars even if she has incurred acne in the past several weeks. In fact she’s searching for new acne products that will guarantee healing, prevention in the future and one that will not leave scars or blemishes in her skin after the acne is treated. She’s still single and she’s going to meet up with some old friends from college and she didn’t want them to see her face looking like that. Hope the scars wouldn’t be so noticeable.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Effective Materials for Marketing

When I was still working in a small telecommunications company I was used to commenting on our brochures, banners and other forms of advertisement for our new business products. We have our own graphic artist that designs our marketing materials but they never used door hangers to advertise our products and services. I saw some of them now and I realized that full color door hangers can be an effective way to notice newly-launched products. Anyway I hope that they can come up with more interesting advertisement for their products now. When I visit my former office I always want to hear good news from them that the company is doing fine. I still love my former work and just like me I want them to make good work business.


Going Back to Normal Days

With the kind of foods eaten last holiday season I wasn’t surprised when I weighed myself. I know most women with slow metabolism gained pounds last month because the previous month opened lots of parties, celebration, reunions and dinner dates. Now that we’re back to normal days I came to my senses and planning a healthy plan for myself. I just turned a year older last month and I know it’s not healthy to stay overweight when you’re older. I’ll try to get back to workout exercise and planned meals before trying out fat burning products. I’ll wait for my total recovery from severe back pain and then I’ll start again my aerobics, cardio workout and taebo. I’ll pair it with no rice diet and that’s it. Well if I don’t succeed maybe I’ll resort to those products.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Custom Wedding Dresses

All couples in love dream of getting married and to start a family of their own. It’s the culmination of their love and being married is one way of committing to just one person to love and care. I’ve passed through the stage of getting engaged and married and I can say that it’s one of the most memorable moments in my life and until now I can still remember how we planned our wedding. Of course it starts in selecting the date, sponsors, entourage, reception, food, and in searching for beautiful Wedding Dresses to choose from. I had mine in Spanish style because that’s the one that fits my personality and figure perfectly. In every wedding it’s the bride’s wedding dress that everyone waited upon. Sometimes it should be approved by family and relatives first before choosing. Mine was chosen by me, my sister, my best friend and of course my groom. It should be chosen carefully as it will be used for a very special day that comes only once in a lifetime.

That was 14 years ago when everything you have to shop for your wedding can be found only in shops, boutique and stores. Now finding the perfect wedding dress for your betrothal can be an easy task because you can search, choose and buy online at various sites like, the world’s leading online retail and wholesale website for all your wedding and event needs. This is where you can buy your desired custom tailored wedding dress in various styles you can choose from. I’ve just visited their site and found this Ball Gown Square Chapel Train Satin Wedding Dress that caught my interest. Well every bride has her own preference so you’ll be glad to know that you’ll surely find your preferred style of dress here which will be personally tailored for you at the price you can afford. They have wide range of wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, special occasion dresses, accessories, wedding favors, wedding ceremony and groom wear. You can find some great deals and discounts here, perfect for your budget.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shopping for New LCD TV

My friend is planning to buy a new lcd tv because her Mom requested her to replace their current flat tv with a more advanced lcd tv. Her Mom wants to enjoy seeing her favorite show on bigger screen. My friend is searching for best deals and discounts on particular product and she’s also getting help from her sister who lives in Middle East now. I learned that the price is lower there. I wonder if she’s also going to buy one of those attractive and durable lcd tv mounts we saw online. Her new tv would look really good on that tv mount we saw recently. I know it will be just perfect and fit for that kind of tv and it can also be an added decor to their home.


The Old Paintings

My computer chair has been placed in our stock room few months back and now I remember that it can be repaired also like our other appliances in the house. We can buy some casters so we can replace the old broken one and search for a way to repair one leg chair. We have a lot of old furniture in the house and it would only take us some repairs to use them again. Some of our things especially the paintings can be dated back to 50s and 60s and they’re priceless to me because my father liked them when he’s still living. There’s something about old paintings. They seem to speak silently of our old folks’ lives in the old days.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Stylish Medical Uniforms

I’ve noticed that there’s a new hospital near my kids’ school and the building is very modern in design. I assumed that it’s going to be high rate hospital and for sure confinement there would be expensive. Anyway I always like to see hospitals being built in town because that would mean convenience in accessibility and more opportunity for healthcare professionals to practice their education and skills there. It will be opened in a few days and I’m sure when I passed by there again this week I will be seeing nurses and doctors in their hospital scrub uniforms because the hospital is just along the national road. I saw some 24-hour convenience store and pharmacy for clients and patients’ convenience and comfort.

One of my friends who applied for employment duty in the new hospital got hired and they were discussing about how they’re going to get some stylish nursing uniforms that would make them look respectable and fashionable while on duty. I told her that it wouldn’t be so hard with the various options offered by Blue Sky scrubs because they provide uniforms for healthcare professionals and staff in quality fabric with the fit that will not only compliment their look but feel comfortable too. 

They also planned to give each department different colors to differentiate field of work. It’s very helpful in identifying by color which department they belong to. Well it will not be a problem with Blue Sky custom scrubs because they have various colors to choose from and different style for men and women. My friend chooses the simple scrubs for the women nurses because it has a definite chic look and quality that can stand the pressure of their everyday work. Her superior choose the scrub for men which will be the classic look in various colors too. With these quality and stylish uniforms available at Bluesky Scrubs shopping for health care scrub clothing won’t be so hard.


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