Friday, January 21, 2011

Gift for Dear Hubby

It’s hubby’s birthday tomorrow and until now I’m still thinking of what I should give him for his special day. I’m choosing among his usual favorite things such as accessories and tools but remembered he told me last month what he really wanted. Actually I have that thing in mind now but I’ll have to keep it a secret because he’ll find out if he reads this one. He told me that he wanted that when they had an exchange gift but he didn’t received his wish last month so I’m canvassing the price of his wish now. 

Earlier I was looking at some gift ideas like the 21st bar gifts for my nephew but opted to purchase on the same month of his birthday because I’m going to buy my special gift for dear hubby. I know that he’ll love it dearly so I’ll buy it even if I’ll have to go to that store miles away from us. It’s his birthday and I want him to be happy with my gift though he told me earlier that I’ve given him enough gifts.


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