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Online Printing

Few years ago when my previous company was just starting its business we’re very busy with promoting our line of products and services. We’re a telecommunications company and we hired account executives to get clients and promote our company thus there’s an immediate need for product brochures and calling cards. I was uncharged primarily to take care of all those needed materials for advertising our company’s products and I looked for a quality digital printing press to do the job for us. I did initial copies on my desktop and inkjet printer but it wasn’t what we expect it to be. We need the best quality materials printed at the fastest time possible to promote our company but the printing press can’t promise us fast and best quality printing. If only Online Printing is available at that time, I would have considered getting them to do our brochures and cards. 

Well now it’s all possible with because they offer quality printing of business cards, forms. Magnets, office products, promotional items, Label Printing, stock products and more. Good thing about this company is they have plenty of options to choose from with regards to materials, sizes, shapes, adhesive and laminating options. They can customize your order according to your specifications and requirements. It’s easy because you can have their online quote on your order instantly and you can order them online through accommodating customer service. You can get your order done in as fast as 3 days turnaround time at a competitive rate you can well afford.


What Household Chore Are You?

You Are Washing Dishes

You are a dreamy, thoughtful, and slow paced person. You enjoy getting lost in a mindless chore.
You can take on any task as long as you're able to mentally check out while doing it. In fact, you enjoy any excuse to let your mind drift a little.

You are the consummate multi-tasker, and you actually perform better when you're given multiple tasks.
In your opinion, focus is extremely overrated. Why have one ball going in the air when you can have six?

Most of what written are true except that I'm a slow paced person because I'm the opposite.  I'm a fast worker in almost everything I do but I'm dreamy, thoughtful and always thinking of ideas to write on my blog.  I'm a fast thinker too as when I see something interesting I get my pen and write about it. I'm used to multi-tasking work because my previous job demanded that kind of work.  I was head of accounting, human resource officer, billing and collection officer, administrative officer and international carrier settlements for our local and international clients and providers.  See all that designations on me? It's actually just fine except that a lot of pressures are attached so after 16 years I decided to leave the company. 


Payday Loans

Times are getting tough these days and prices of commodities are constantly increasing. There is a great imbalance with the high prices of basic needs with the current minimum salary of laborers. The current economic crisis here and abroad greatly affects people because companies won’t be able to cope up if the government will increase labor rates now. I’ve been assigned in the Finance Dept. for 6 years and I’m the one who do the financial statistics when there are labor increases. When companies were forced to obey the mandatory rule over minimum wage increase the solution from them is to minimize hiring of employees. The urgent solution is to assign multi-tasks to regular employees. I was a perfect example of that as I handled personnel, accounting, administrative, billing and collection department all in one. This way they get savings on the total monthly salaries given to employees.

That’s one of the reasons why I resigned from my job because I was not compensated for all the tasks assigned to me not to mention the pressures and responsibilities attached with the tasks assigned. The trouble with that is you’re spreading yourself too thin because one person will not be able to handle such numerous tasks perfectly. In some way or another you’ll have some mistakes which will mar your performance. Sad thing is your salary remains not enough and you’ll have to get payday loans  whenever emergency expenses suddenly occur. Employees have no choice but to secure loans when their salaries are not enough for the unexpected sickness or home emergencies. We just have to comfort ourselves that we get loans with lower interest rates and with no collateral because it will be a long process if they will require it. Anyway that’s well under the bridge now I’m working now at home where my job and pay compensate with each other. If you’ve worked hard for your online tasks you’ll get what you’ve worked for.


Blood Pressure Monitors

I accompanied my Auntie in her checkup in the nearest community hospital, she needed an ultrasound for her abdomen but basically she has problems with hypertension. It was complicating for her because she feels something in her tummy and it’s difficult for her to just drink medicines for her hypertension without consulting her doctor. She’s an old lady and medicines should be taken very carefully as it might complicate things. At first she was given an instant checkup of pulse rate and blood pressure monitors to prepare her for the doctor’s final health checkup. She exceeded the normal rate and was prescribed her usual medicine for high blood pressure and advised of what to eat and do to lower shoot up of blood pressure. 

Then she had her ultrasound where she was found with little stones on her gall bladder in which medication would have to wait until her HBP is normal again. Anyway she looks fine now and reacting finely to her medicines except that she’s been recently stressed from usual everyday problems of finances. She’s also thinking of some prescribed equipment that her doctor told her to buy to monitor her condition. I told her that there are stores that offer discounted prices like Southeastern Medical Supply. They offer factory direct pricing for their wide variety of medical equipment like nebulizers, oxygen concentrator, blood pressure cuffs, heart rate monitors, pulse oximeters, pedometers and others needed for home and hospital us. They also assure their clients that their convenient online shopping is safe and secured.


What Kind of Blogger Are You?

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And you make it as entertaining as possible.
You may be guilty of over-sharing a bit on your blog, but you can't help it.
Your life is truly an open book. Or in this case, an open blog!

Well definitely not my life is not an open book,  I know how to be privy on some part of my life.  I just want to document my kids' progress in school, their achievement in life, their daily no-nonsense and all bout their activities.  It makes me feel good posting about our journey and travels.  And the most important thing is sharing my life's experiences and inspirational thoughts that may help someone reading my blog.  If that's what it means as a life blogger then let it be.


Learning Some Health Facts

It’s always my Mom’s advice to us that it’s better to eat and live healthy than abusing your body with unhealthy foods and vices. Living a healthy life will prevent us from being so sickly and from getting deadly diseases. Mom always tells me that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure so we practice some healthy habits of my Mom in the house. Well you will never be immune from sickness but a least you will minimize occurrences if you follow the right way to a better health. This is not sufficient though because you also have to know some Health Facts to be aware of certain diseases, its symptoms and causes. Learning some facts will guide you in keeping up to the best natural way of making yourself healthy. It will also help us understand the current diseases that normally afflict people.

Just like now I learned some facts about colic, the sickness characterized by crying incessantly without reasons at all. I had the chance to know its reasons, when does it starts, when do we need to see a doctor, how colic is treated, its causes and many other facts about the disease. I know that it’s frustrating to have this sickness but if you know the cause you’ll eventually prevent it and with a lot of patience it will be solved. Reading and understanding these health facts can be of great help to me and my family.


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