Saturday, August 28, 2010

Payday Loans

Times are getting tough these days and prices of commodities are constantly increasing. There is a great imbalance with the high prices of basic needs with the current minimum salary of laborers. The current economic crisis here and abroad greatly affects people because companies won’t be able to cope up if the government will increase labor rates now. I’ve been assigned in the Finance Dept. for 6 years and I’m the one who do the financial statistics when there are labor increases. When companies were forced to obey the mandatory rule over minimum wage increase the solution from them is to minimize hiring of employees. The urgent solution is to assign multi-tasks to regular employees. I was a perfect example of that as I handled personnel, accounting, administrative, billing and collection department all in one. This way they get savings on the total monthly salaries given to employees.

That’s one of the reasons why I resigned from my job because I was not compensated for all the tasks assigned to me not to mention the pressures and responsibilities attached with the tasks assigned. The trouble with that is you’re spreading yourself too thin because one person will not be able to handle such numerous tasks perfectly. In some way or another you’ll have some mistakes which will mar your performance. Sad thing is your salary remains not enough and you’ll have to get payday loans  whenever emergency expenses suddenly occur. Employees have no choice but to secure loans when their salaries are not enough for the unexpected sickness or home emergencies. We just have to comfort ourselves that we get loans with lower interest rates and with no collateral because it will be a long process if they will require it. Anyway that’s well under the bridge now I’m working now at home where my job and pay compensate with each other. If you’ve worked hard for your online tasks you’ll get what you’ve worked for.


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