Monday, August 2, 2010

Manic Monday #216

What are your 10 greatest joys in life?

Fellowship, My 3 kids, Dear Husband, Dad, Mom & Siblings, Relatives-friends, Vacation & Travel, Blogging and Tasks, Hobbies (cooking, reading, surfing and sports), Music and Sleep where I can forget everything and just relax in my dreams.

I’ll never do get angry and lose my temper again and here’s why:

It's bad to get angry and lose your temper at the same time because it will lead to more problems such as hurting the feelings of your loved ones, hating yourself in the end, will not solve the problems and may get worse, kids may not understand what you're trying to say and you'll be misunderstood. I learned that it's better to say some words softly to convey your message clearly. I'm trying and praying that I will not lose my temper anymore. God help me.

What’s the coolest piece of technology you work or play with?

I don't have lots of techie gadgets but my coolest I love to work and play with are my digicam and laptop! I'm saving for a nice techie wifi mobile phone!


Portland Computer Repair

I started blogging 3 years ago and found that it’s a way for me to share my life and my thoughts. It has helped me a lot to uncover my passion for writing and at the same time earn some money from it. My work depends not only on my ideas but also on the computer I’m using in doing my tasks. My computer must be properly maintained to ensure good service every day. When I encountered trouble in my computer I call on my technician to do the job. We really need to have a technician on call whenever the need arises. Just like in Portland metropolitan area there’s a good service company that provides prompt and quality service to businesses and PC users at home. This Portland computer repair offers choices of onsite or remote service for your computers. You will tell them if you want them to repair your PC in your home or through remote internet connection.

Honestly it’s only now that I heard of this thing and I find it very ideal because remote service repair is a sure fast way of having your PC checked and repaired. Portland pc repair also offers virus removal, installation of software, hardware and OS, data backup and many other computer services. You’ll be interested to know that they offer flat rates and hourly services in their onsite and remote categories plus a 10% discount to non-profit organizations. Visit them and see what they can do for you. Portland computer support is always available to answer queries on services, support and everything you want to know about their repair service.


Kitchen Light Fixtures

I like watching and observing different lighting themes of houses. I’ve been doing this during my walking exercises in one of the plush subdivisions near my work. I love looking at how lightings can do to the total look of the house and create ambience to each room with home lighting fixtures. I’ve observed that the owner of those houses have different styles of their own because they have different lightings installed in their houses. I remember suddenly that the rich people have their pride on being unique in their house and its interiors.

Due to my love for home accessories and lightings I visited Echo Lighting Design Gallery and saw a large selection of attractive lighting fixtures for the house interiors and exteriors. What caught my attention are their choices of kitchen light fixtures they have there in their site. My favorite place in the house where I stayed most of the day is my kitchen because I can also work there while cooking something for my family. I would want an ambience of softer and warmer look in my kitchen because bright lights make me think of deadlines and pressures. Well with what I saw from their wide range of stylish products I find pendant light fixtures somehow cute and looks like what their name implies- a pendant and it looks so beautifully dropping down from the ceiling.

You should visit the site to appreciate their wide range of lighting fixtures such as ceiling lights, wall lights, lamps, outdoor lightings, fans, home accents and more. I could say that you’ll never exit from the site with an empty cart because they have everything you’ll need to create your own style of lighting ambience for your homes.


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