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How to Find the Best Apartment Rental Deals

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Many people today are trying to find the best deals in everything from food to new cars. This also includes finding the best deals when renting a new apartment.

Finding a great apartment at an affordable, reasonable price is not difficult. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for apartments in Columbus Ohio or Los Angeles, California, you can find your new apartment with these simple steps.

Define Your Budget

The initial step in finding your new rental is to determine exactly how much you can spend. Many rental and housing experts state that this amount should be approximately 30 percent of your month income, after taxes. You may already have a personal budget created; however if not, use a simple spreadsheet and outline your expenses and income. You will be able to see in black and white just how much you can spend. In addition to the rental amount, make sure you budget for utilities such as electricity, cable and so on. Some apartments may include these in the rent, while others do not. Make sure you factor this in with your final selection.

Identify the Area You Wish to Live

Determine the area or areas that you want to live in. If you are familiar with your town, this should be an easy task. If you are unfamiliar with the location, do some research into demographics and other statistics to familiarize yourself and give you the tools to select an area. You can also visit potential areas to become educated about the place. Check out the activities, restaurants, parks and so on in the area.

After selecting an area, make sure that the rent amounts are within your budget. You can do this by checking online sources such as or local real estate listing sites. Make sure that the apartment comparison includes your desired amenities. You don’t want to find out that you need two bedrooms and the rental rates are for a studio apartment.

Selecting the Apartment

After you have found at least three potential apartments, set up appointments to see them in person. When visiting the apartments ask questions about such things as:

• Rent amount, and does it include utilities,
• How much is the security deposit,
• Are pets allowed,
• What is the parking situation,
• General maintenance schedule,
• What is the complex’s turnover/vacancy rate,
• How easy is it to contact the landlord or the management

With these tips, you can be on the road to moving into your new apartment quickly and easily.


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