Monday, August 12, 2013

Online Book Price Comparison

I love books but I seldom buy them now because most of my fave kinds are expensive. I’m just lucky that a cousin of mine gives me plenty of her pre-loved books that I was able to continue my reading hobby. As I’m working online writing articles and reviews it’s not just hobby but a necessity as well to be a wide reader. I also need to sharpen my minds and keep it active always, for me reading does it for the mind. Sometimes I’m tempted to buy online but I don’t actually have an idea if the book I want is really expensive or they’re just selling it at a high price. 

Since I’m a bargain buyer and loves to go for deals and discount vouchers I always want to buy my things at a competitive price so it’s best to compare textbook prices before I indulge into buying them. That way I will be confident that I’m buying fairly and I’m not wasting my money on over-priced items. I’m just glad that there are sites that let you see the comparison before buying. Very clever, don’t you think?


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