Monday, October 7, 2013

Ultraviolet Money Detector

Did you experience being the victim of fake money?  If you have a business and you receive payment directly from consumers like stores, groceries, bookstores or any other business that accepts cash payments you’re susceptible to this kind of fraud.  This often happens on holiday season when everyone is so busy with holiday activities and shopping for goods.  The exchange of money is usually fast on these days that some are too busy to check the money carefully especially on crowded shopping centers.
Well it always helps to be cautious and careful all the time and if you don’t know the difference of authentic and fake you should equip yourself with an equipment that will help you detect bills fast and accurate.  This ultraviolet money detector checks more money clearly than the normal money detectors by its ultraviolet radiation lamp.  It suits any money and sells at PhP280 at


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