Thursday, July 1, 2010

:TC - Home (Near the Mountains)

"HOME" (House, Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Nest, Hive,...)

We spent few days in my MIL's house in Montalban and there I saw the beautiful homes at the foot of the mountains of the town. The first shot was late afternoon just in time for the sunset but the sunset was on the other side. The second shot is nearer to my MIL's house and a farther from the mountains. It was taken early morning. Even though the place is a little far the city it is very accessible and all your tiredness from the travel will be gone when you get there because you'll see the beauty of the nature and it's so peaceful there.

We also had a shot in MIL's house.

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Computer Support Service

My desktop computer is down and I have to call my technician to see it and repair whatever is needed. It’s my computer since I started blogging 3 years ago and all my files and tons of pictures are there in its hard disk so I find it hard to secure copies when I need them. I’m relieved that I have a laptop now so my work wouldn’t be slowed or discontinued because of the breakdown of my desktop PC. When I’m full of schedule and activities I can’t call my technician because I have to be at the house while he’s repairing my PC. I’m fixing my scheduled activities and errands so I can have my computer repaired. It’s really good if you have a backup PC whether it’s a desktop or laptop because you can never tell when your companion for work will be tired and sick. Yes I compared PC to an individual that if your helper or assistant gets sick you’ll have hard time in your household chores. It’s just the same with your equipment and gadgets. If they broke down or malfunctioning you’ll have to do with backup PC.

Well it’s easier when you call for help online as there are sites that help and assists clients in their technical problems anytime. You’ll get Computer Support Service with Support Squad anytime you want to in lesser time. They offer technical services to your PC and PC-connected device problems. They’re as good as your technician but a lot more because they troubleshoot, identify problems, install devices, install software, connect printers, scanners and protect your files. You don’t have to worry about your computer brand because they support, maintain and repair almost all brands which include Dell, HP Compaq, IBM, Windows, Mac and many more.

They cover a lot more services like internet connection, camera support and virus removal. They have all the things you’ll ever need for your computer so if ever you need someone to service your computer just visit them and look for specific service you want.


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