Thursday, July 22, 2010

Studying Ceramics and Pottery

Being artistic and having some creativity with crafts runs in our family, well at least to my brother and most of my first cousins. My cousin has a gift for all kinds of artistic skills including painting with pastels and charcoal, and also with graphic arts, signs and everything you want done with the use of his magical hands. He’s really perfect in his skills and talents. My other cousins and their kids inherited the same skills and even though they finished college in other fields of study, they have all gotten back to using art in current their jobs. I guess some people just want to work where their hearts are.

As to our own family my brother has the best art talent of all of us, with my sister and I having some drawing and lettering skills. All of my kids are showing skills in that area too. I smile when I think of how artistic talent is passed on through generations. Well I hope these skills transfer to other areas, such as learning ceramic arts as I just love so many of those beautiful hand crafted pottery items. As I may have said before, I can always use some more unique pots for my flowers and plants, so I am hoping to try my artistic skills with some pottery lessons one day. I think taking a ceramic arts class will be the best as then I learn about different clays and using throwing wheels, slab rollers, and kilns.

I got some information about pottery making online at AMACO/Brent. This amazing website sells everything having to do with pottery from clays, glazes, and ware carts to throwing wheels, kilns, wheel replacement parts and more. They have all of the equipment, tools and accessories you’ll ever need for ceramic arts, along with many resources for teaching clay art such as art lessons, videos, dvds and instructional books. I know I have a lot to learn before I make my first flower pot, but I am going to be looking for a ceramic arts class in my area. Its always good to be learning new things, and I think I'll especially enjoy calling on my artistic talents to see what I can do.


Perfect Pasta Cooking

I’ve been busy the whole day and put my work on the side as I have to attend to my kid’s need for assistance on their cooking class. Someone asked me online about vigrx but I was sorry for not giving an answer as I have to cut the conversation early or I’ll be late for my daughter. It’s the first Thursday that I didn’t dedicate to working all day. As I said to my Mom Thursday is my day for doing everything on my sites including updating, blog hopping, doing tasks and everything about my work online.

Anyway this day is an exemption as Gen is the leader student in their cooking class and I don’t want their group to receive a low grade. Anyway all my efforts were not wasted as they’ve received great comments and my spaghetti recipe which I passed on to my daughter has received a perfect grade. DD Gen kissed upon arriving home because she’s very happy with the outcome of their group cooking.


The Power of Smile

Myspace Smile Graphics Quotes

Sometimes we're looking elsewhere for solutions on our problems and little did we know that we have something in ourselves that can solve them, erase worries on our foreheads, minimize our anxieties and eradicate misunderstanding among family and friends. And that powerful weapon inside us is our smile. Smile conquers all and so powerful that it can break the ice - what I mean is the ice that sometimes makes friendship become icy cold. We shouldn't let our problems get the better of ourselves because we'll end up as loser.

As they say 'smile and the whole world smiles with you' 'cry and you'll cry alone'.


Kids' Interest in Ceramic Arts

Sometimes during vacations or after school young people get bored. They often stroll the malls and some even get into trouble, mostly because they have nothing to do in their spare time. That is why it is important to get your children interested in hobbies and sports at a young age so that they have things they enjoy doing and will not find their time away from school so boring. There are many different things a parent can do to get their children interested in things at an early age. If they are athletic or like sports then sign them up to a soccer team or for dance lessons or baseball. If they seem artistically inclined you can enroll them in arts and crafts courses during their vacation, or you can buy some art supplies and encourage them to work on these at home.

A friend of mine introduced her younger children to ceramic arts last summer. Not into the serious ceramic arts like wheel throwing, because they are too young for that. But she did get some easy to work with clays from an online store AMACO/Brent. She said she found some great safe and non-toxic clays that her children found easy to use and they even molded basic items like small animals and pinch pots. She said her kids loved working with the clay and unlike their Play-Doh creations they had a product that was durable. My friend hopes to keep her kids interested in this art form and has done some research. She said there is much they can do as they grow before needing the use of bigger investments such as a kiln or a potter's wheel. She has discovered some self-hardening clays that her kids can use, and she can use a rolling pin to flatten the clay to a consistent thickness and then they can place the clay over simple molds to get some basic bowls and plates. If they like doing this as they get older she said she may invest in one of the slab rollers to roll the clay out properly as they have table top slab rollers at AMACO/Brent. She even has fashioned a small shelf with wheels for her children to use as a ware cart to store their creations.

My friend's kids are still young so it is hard to know how long they will stay interested in ceramic arts. If they remain interested my friend says she will enroll them in some ceramic arts classes as they get older where they will learn about wheel throwing and get to use kilns to harden their clays and set glazes. Right now my friend says her kids really enjoy working with the clay and making objects to give to their family and friends. She has found AMACO/Brent to be a very reliable source of products and information about ceramic arts. Who knows if something like this will keep my friend's kids out of trouble as they grow older? But I think she is doing something right by introducing them to an activity they enjoy and they can explore more as they grow older.


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