Friday, March 28, 2014

The Benefit of Knowing Your Customer

For any business to be successful, you need to find and create loyal customers. This sounds like such a basic concept, yet it can be extremely challenging. In today’s business environment, so much of your interaction will probably be over the Internet. While this method allows you to reach out to many more possible clients, you never meet them face to face. 

Do You Know Your Customers? 

Just a few years ago, you were able to communicate with your customers and know them. You were able to have conversations with them and they would come into your business to discuss your services or products. If something new was available, you would show them and tell them all about it. Today, you may not ever meet some of your customers. You may have many people look at your web site and just glance through a page or two and leave. You don’t have the opportunity to tell them more or to share your story with them. A lead capture app may be just the thing that will allow you to reach out to them. 

How to Communicate with Your Customers 

A lead capture app  leads a customer into an information gathering form. Typically, a client will need to fill out some basic items such as name, phone number and email address to enter your site. Once this is provided, they can then browse all the wonderful things you have to offer. You shouldn’t be afraid that this will send customers away. It is true there will be a percentage that will not fill out the requested information, but they most likely would not contact you anyway. 

For those that do respond, you have multiple ways to reach out to them. You are able to contact them via phone or email to provide them with additional materials that will lead them to your products. You can send these communications with their names and create that personal feel. It also makes it easy for them to refer you to their friends by being able to forward your emails or follow you on Facebook or Twitter. There are many advantages to this marketing method.


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