Friday, October 1, 2010

With Strong Determination and Discipline

My Mom noticed that I’m doing fine with my diet plan which I started at the beginning of this week. I’m determined to manage my dinner without rice and so far I’m not tempted. I told my Mom that I will do my diet first without the help of tea and pills just to see if my own planned healthy meals will do changes for me. I heard about all natural diet pills and it gave me some thoughts but I think I will not have a need for it anymore as my body is responding to my meal plans. I know it will take some time before I even lose a pound but I will give my best determination and self discipline. I’m doing this not just to be slimmer but to be healthy as well.


SwissGear Computer Backpack

I'm always on the go but I have second thoughts on bringing my lappy because my HP case is not that easy to carry and sometimes it's too obvious that I'm carrying a laptop with me. Some areas are just not that safe to carry gadgets so I have to put it in a not-so obvious bag when I ride public vehicles. It's not a problem when I'm with my husband or if we have a car.

Anyway I'm looking for a nice black backpack just like my office best friend's bag. Few months back he told me that he'll find one for me but due to busy schedule he failed to buy the few stocks left. I've found this one at which is just perfect for me, the style and the color fits my specs.


Some Other Source of Income

Since I started working at home I thank God that He has never stopped on giving me work blessings until now. Now I’m thinking that I should be wise in my finances and should learn how to save and invest. My work is not a stable one though for years now I’m having a stable income and more than what I’m earning from my previous job. I’m glad I resigned last year to concentrate on my family and blogging. Back to investing, I’m really looking for a tangible investment like gold coins so I can be assured that I can have returns of capital in the following years to come. Investment is important to me because four years from now my daughter will enter college and I need some sources of income when that time comes.


Separate Beds for the Girls

I dropped by my favorite furniture store yesterday with my daughter from her inter-school competition and canvassed beds and mattresses for the girls’ room. My girls are getting bigger now and they suddenly don’t want to share beds although it’s wide enough for them. One daughter was complaining that her sister keep on moving while sleeping and the other one find the bed narrow for them. Anyway to succumb to their request I’ve canvassed prices and thinking now how we would arrange the room with two beds. The room is big enough to accommodate two beds but they want more space in the room for some of their accessories and displays. Hope I’ll be able to rearrange the room within this month.


September 2010 Top EC Droppers

I'd like to express my warm thanks to my regular visitors and ec droppers.  Thank you for the effort and time consumed to pay me a visit.  Hope to see again next month for my top droppers!

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Special thanks to my consistent droppers every month - my friends Liz of A Simple Life, Moms.. Check Nyo etc.  and June of  Fledging Blogger.  Thanks for the efforts guys!


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