Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bumper Stickers

I love seeing beautiful cars and of course pretty accessories that define the look of the car. But sometimes finding the same accessories or stickers in the cars makes me yearn to see unique ones. My sister works for a car dealer company and she really has an eye on anything related to car and its accessories. When we’re on travel we can’t help admiring those with unique bumper sticker printing which is a site to see when you’re near the car especially when it’s customized to the client’s needs. I’ve seen some funny ones including those that pertain to politics, people and environment. I keep looking the bumper of the car behind us because it’s a funny sticker.

Well after seeing those customize and funny stickers I got curious where they possibly got it or who made those stickers? Then I found where ordering bumper sticker is just an easy thing to do. Once online on their site you can get instant quotations on your desired bumper sticker. They have custom process color bumper stickers that are printed on durable vinyl with free laminated protection. This will make your car bumpers lasts longer and you can choose from oval and rectangular shapes. Rest assured you’ll get your orders fast in 1-5 days at competitive price.


My Would-Be Career

We all have our own liking for recreation and hobbies. My hobby is cooking, reading and photography and you can see them through my multiple accounts of experimenting ordinary dishes I serve for my family. I’m not the one who will be satisfied with the old regular way of cooking dishes because I want my dishes to be unique in some way. It gives me a feeling of being a chemist in some way. If you’ve been close to me you’ll probably know that my first would-be careers are that of being a chemist or a journalist but I took up Computer Engineering to be competitive and to secure a good paying job.

Well you can’t turn your back on your first love so I diverted it into cooking, the chemicals that I want to combine turned out food to mix and cook. Nice resemblance don’t you think so? Well now I’m into writing and some amateur photography so I feel like my dreams somehow came true. God has a way of giving you things in His own magical ways.


Benefits of Collecting Gold Coins

I’m fond of collecting old coins and this hobby of mine started when I  was still a kid. My Mom started the collection for me by giving me her old coins from several years back and I was amazed to see the early dates of the coins. Since then I added all coins that the government deemed not for use in buying. And now I have plenty of coins in various denominations, forms and dates. Several years ago we were surprised by our officemate who asked us if we have an old coin dated in the 70’s and I was excited to find one in my collection. She said that someone will buy it for a 5-digit price amount but when my coin was ready for the selling they told me that they don’t need the coin anymore. I was not sad on that moment because it’s also hard for me to part with any of my most precious coin collection and was only tempted because the amount was over the selling price of old coins. Well my coins are really meant for collection and not for selling, for now I think. 

This incident has awakened my mind that coin collection is not only a hobby but an investment also because I know that after several years my coins would price a higher value. It can be my fall back when things get rough so I’m keeping it then. But for those who want to reap the rewards of high value appreciation for their collections they can sell gold coins to and in doing so you’re helping the planet because the company is an eco-friendly site that buy old coins and refine it for other usage purposes. By recycling and refining gold we can reduce the risk of environmental hazard while earning the most cash out of your collections. They pay the higher rate for your coins, jewelleries and others.


Marine Engine

My brother told me that he’s having a good time going to Mindoro almost every other week. Their travel is convenient and he enjoys riding on a boat going to the specific town in the province where they have their church. They built that church there and they visit it every now and then to check and to have fellowship with their brethren there. It’s also a wonderful experience for his little boy when they brought him along with them. They just make sure that the Boat engine is in good running condition to avoid capsizing or accidents. Well if it’s from US Engines Inc the engine must be of high quality made because they provide rebuilt engines that’s made to long lasting performance in driving and with safe assurance that it will get you through your entire boating trip. They offer affordable and carefully inspected engines for various vehicles from Marine engine to car engines be it domestic or import car engines. 

They have their Mercruiser engines which consume less fuel but delivers higher compression engine with increased torque. This is great for those who love boating because increased torque would mean getting through waters faster and quickly. They would love more quality time with their hobby and economical because they will consume less fuel. Visit their site for more of their varied rebuilt engine products.


What's Your Brain Like?

Your Brain is Logical

You are a very facts and figures oriented person. You don't get clouded by emotion.
You like to understand how things work, and you're always collecting data of some sort.

You are a critical thinker. You are look at all the facts before you make a decision.
You aren't likely to change your mind once it's made up, but new facts could sway you - emotional appeals could not.

I'm a very logical person but sometimes I'm also emotional.  It's just that I really think things out before plunging into minor or major decisions in my life.  I always want to plan for things in my life. That's the part of my life that I don't want to rush, who knows? my plans could affect some future changes in my life.  It could be about myself, my husband, my kids or my maiden family.  People should be like that, we should sit.plan, think and decide. On some occasions we can let things as they are.  No need to plan.  


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