Sunday, July 29, 2012

CoolerMaster Storm Xornet mouse

When you're always using computers it's best if you have accessories fit for your specific requirements because each user has their own length of usage, kind of usage and needs.  This is the reason why stores have various kinds where you can select which is right for you.  Found this  CoolerMaster Storm Xornet mouse at pc express online store which offers a good choice for minimalistic gamers. This newly-marketed mouse is ergonomically designed, lightweight and specifically designed for smooth in-game and precise movements. 

Some Specifications:  rubber grip material, 2000 DPI storm tactical optical sensor, 160 IPS tracking speed, right hand ergonomic, 5 mouse buttons+ 2 fix function buttons. 142 g. Sells at PhP995 at pc express phils.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

BlueAir Heating and AC Repair Services

Convenience is very important in every place you’re living or working that’s why we always see to it that our homes are well ventilated to give us the comfort and convenience we need in our everyday living. I had a chance on visiting a house of my friend which lacks windows and the air is so stiff and humid. They only have the door as their outlet in the house and maybe it’s the reason why they always have difficulty in maintaining a good temperature inside their homes. It can also be the reason for their asthma and other respiratory sicknesses.

In our daily living we should get clean air, well balanced diet, enough intake of water and clean healthy environment to protect us from getting sick. Now if ventilation is a major problem these things will not be enough. In office environment every opened windows and doors are not acceptable because they install air conditioning system to give office staff a good, comfortable and convenient working places. They just make sure that they get a good installation and maintenance service company like BlueAir Heating and Air Conditioning repair Austin to manage their air conditioning system, With their help homeowners can feel secured that anytime their system malfunctioned they can get quality repair service. 

 BlueAir Heating and Air Conditioning provides reliable, fast and personal service to those who needs repair and maintenance services. They prided themselves in delivering quick service that they have a stock of commonly used parts when they have schedule for service. This way they can repair as soon as diagnostics are made because they have the parts already. With the help of their well trained, skilled and certified staff to do Cedar Park ac repair they’re able to give the most dependable services like installation, filter services, maintenance, energy audits and proposals to their clients. 

If you want improved efficiency, flat rate prices, extended equipment life, reduced costs, 15% repair discount and a lot savings you can get a Blue Protection Plan. They have 24-hour service and provide a one-year warranty on all repair jobs. No need to worry about commitments and prepayments as they don’t require it.


Monday, July 23, 2012

The New Canon PowerShot A4000IS

Canon has released various new models and though I want their A3300 PowerShot I now prefer their PowerShot A4000IS better 8x Optical zoom which I need for long distance shots. I’ve searched for prices online and glad to find prices as low as $149 but in Canon stores here the price is P10,298 with free 4GB memory card and camera case. Of course I’ve searched through eBay prices but the price is close to that of Canon’s store. Here are some of other features of this digital camera from my favorite camera store. 

Camera Effective Pixels – 16MP 
LCD Monitor – 3.0 inches 
Shutter Speed – 1 – 1/2000sec. 
Shooting Modes – Auto, P, Portrait, Live View Control, Face Self-Timer. Fish-eye Effect, Low Light, Toy Camera Effect, Miniature Effect, Super Vivid, Monochrome, Poster Effect, Fireworks, Snow, Long Shutter, Discreet, iFrame movie 
Digital Zoom – 4x zoom 
Movie Recording Time – Continuous Shooting – approx. 1 hr & 20 mins., Actual Usage – 50mins. 

Weight – approx. 145g. (including memory card& battery) 

What I like most is the various creative effects like Fish-eye effects, Miniature, Toy Camera and other effects which add fun and enjoyment in shooting while making your photos more artistic and creative. Just shot and choose the effects you want. I know that my daughters will love using it in their basic photography class.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stuffed Toys Collection

My daughter loves stuffed toys since she’s a baby and whenever we shops at the mall she always visits the stuffed toy section of toy department. She has various collections of which most are gifts for her from her godmother who worked in toy factory several years ago. She has cat, dog, teddy bear, worm, parrot and even some ugly stuffed animals. She loves them all together with her rag dolls. She loves having them in her bed and when she goes to sleep she cuddles them. She’s now thinking of arranging her bounty collection in a new cabinet and we’re looking for a nice one that will fit her purpose. I told her that before she put all of it in the cabinet she’ll have to dry clean the stuffed toys so it will look new and lovely again.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Shopping for Banner Stands and Custom Displays

I love gadgets and high technology equipment so I often browse online for new products that interest me. I don’t always buy as I’m a frugal shopper and I always plan and save before buying my whims. When my company participated in a trade fair exhibit I was exposed to how marketing works in such environment. All participants in that trade show were required to submit a specific size of banner stands which were placed on stage to promote all companies who are present in the trade fair. We canvassed and searched for a company that will make our banners stand amongst our co-trade show exhibitors and we fortunately got one whose office is very near our location. There at the exhibit I saw advertising medium of varied kinds promoting each exhibitor’s products like what I’ve seen when I was browsing where they provide customized displays that would help in advertising their client’s products and services. 

Since retractable banner stands offers quick visual and attract attention in every trade show we decided to have it for our company which is a good decision because it served as the background of our company’s booth. There are other kinds of displays that you can choose from among monster displays site. You can click here for a peek of what they have to offer like pop-up and panel displays, modular and custom display, outdoor display, truss display, tension fabric display, banner stands and sustainable exhibits. These displays are customized according to company’s specific requirements of content and design. To complete the displays and stands they also offer accessories such as kiosks and pop, tradeshow graphics, workstations and a lot more. These would complete your place of exhibit and will surely make it as attractive as possible enough to capture future clients’ attention. We experienced the power of banner stands and you should too.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Laptop Sleeves

Since I'm also working in office my laptop at home is also used by my kids when our other computers are not enough for everyone.  Just imagine the three kids having multiple assignments and they only have two desktops.  Also DH has many reports and projects for his education degree that we all need to use computers at nights.  Even if I have online work to do their assignments is of utmost priority and to protect my laptop I need to get a sleeve.  I actually had one but I gave it to my sister because I bought the wrong size. I searched for it in the nearest tech store and found it only costs PhP200.00  at cdr king.  I'll go to the shop now to look for stocks.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Air Compressor Parts Online

My friend has got himself a new hobby and a business as well and it’s got nothing to do with his field of expertise. He has tried many business in the past but all failed to give him the satisfaction of seeing a high return of investment. He nearly quit being an entrepreneur until he bought an air compressor and began learning the business that fills up clean air on some machines and devices. I myself can’t imagine him running a business like that because he’s not into that field. His shop accepts clean pressure air fill-up for tires, gas cylinders, power pneumatic tools and a lot more. He’s enjoying his little business and day by day he loves it more.

Now he’s buying additional air compressors for expansion of his business on other locations and searching for suppliers of air compressor parts should there be a need for repair and maintenance. He’s happy to find Edmac compressor parts where he could purchase needed parts easily. They have an online catalog where you could see their variety of spare parts products like aftermarket coolant filter, hydraulic filter, lube and coolants filters and others. 

They also have compressed air accessories, air/oil separators, in-line filter elements, air filter elements, van air deliquescent desiccant  and a lot more air compressor parts. So if you want discounted price on your compressor parts you can set an account with Edmac, register and when your Edmac account is confirmed already you can order online and enjoy discounts.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Change in Preferences

Sometimes young kids changes preference a little too fast. The other day my little boy is crying over his requested drum set which is too expensive for him. He wanted a complete set of drums like the ones used in concerts and major shows. He thought that it would only cost me a few hundreds and never imagined it costs several thousands. He asked why I would say yes easily to my daughter’s guitar request and say only maybe to drum set. I was actually laughing inside that my little boy is just too young to understand that his favorite instrument is not practical to buy for just a starter in playing drums. 

Now when I told him that I would buy the church old drum set he whispered to me that he preferred a guitar also just like his sisters. I was surprised by the sudden change but thought that maybe in his young mind his wants are not that final and changes are always expected. I wouldn’t be so surprised now if he told me that he wants breedlove ad25/sr plus even without knowing it fully. Oh well no matter what I’ll always be supportive to his dreams and favourites in his journey through life.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baby Beddings and Gifts

My friend’s baby will turn two next month and as early as now I was thinking of nice gift ideas that would not only be functional but pretty as well. I want to give something that will not be given by anyone else and I’m sure at her age few would give her baby beddings like Glenna Jean Isabella as many would think of toys and clothes for their gifts.

I just love looking at the elegant and stylish designs on their online site and glad that I’ve found it. Anyone would love their wide range of baby beddings for boys and girls, blankets, cribs, diaper bags, and baby decors. They even have choices of baby gifts. Now it will not be so hard thinking of something to give to babies and toddlers as this online source site has everything you need for them.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Montalban Vacation Plans

My daughter told me that on the next school vacation we should visit MIL’s house and rest there. My MIL’s house is located near the foot of mountain and as such the air there is clean. At night you can hear some sounds of nature and you’ll feel the very cold breeze of the place. I also want to stay there for a night or two because you can forget about your work there and it can relieve your stress, if there’s any. I asked my daughter that it’s better if they can bring her bike there. What we’ll do next is to look for bike racks like kuat racks so we can bring the bike easily from our place to MIL’s. Gen would really love to do it as she always wants to go on biking at a park near us. As early as now the kids are excited about the plan.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Austin Downtown Condos

Home is where the heart is because it’s the place where we can relax and be ourselves without the disturbance of others. Young couples strive hard to invest for themselves a house where they can build a family and where they can raise their kids. With all the innovations in modern homes there are plenty of choices now what you want to buy for your home. The traditional would prefer the regular community of housing but now there are smart choices of town houses and condos for those who prefer the modern living. It actually depends on the kind of lifestyle you want, your work and its location and the amenities you need. Two decades ago I myself wouldn’t imagine living in a condo but now I can consider it because it offers a more convenient and less hassle.

When you choose a home for your family you should consider the type of community and accessibility to basic amenities in life like schools, market, groceries, recreation centers, church and a lot more. It should also be not too far from your work as traveling can be so tiring at times. Most of the foreigner executives chose to live in places like Austin Downtown condos  when they’re not in their home land because they find it more accessible and convenient. Since most of them have high standards when it comes to place of residence living in condos seem like the best place to buy and live in. 

Austin downtown condos for sale  offers distinctive residences specifically designed and tailored to homeowner’s preference and requirements. The team strive hard to provide the best professional service 24/7 to make living simpler and easier not only by having luxury amenities within the building but on near proximities outside the building as well. Austin residents would love having spas, camps, workshops, education hub and a lot more just minutes away from their condos. Imagine yourself walking from your residence to favorite relaxing salons and centers. They also practice environment-friendly activities within the community helping the environment and their residents as well.


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