Friday, October 15, 2010

Universal Charger

Sometimes it’s hard having different brands of cellular phones in the family because you also have to keep various cell phone chargers at bay when one cell phone’s battery has a warning of being low charged. Now we keep four chargers in the house and when we’re in a hurry we’re confused what to bring out from the box. Now I’m thinking of one charger only for any type of cell phones we may have. I heard from my friend that they’re now using universal charger and it’s so convenient you can carry it lightly on your travel. Just one charger for all types of phones.


The Flip Flop Test

Your Flip Flops Say You're Idealistic

You are hopeful and romantic. You love many people and many things.
You aren't unrealistic, but you do imagine things in the most ideal way possible.

You are a dreamer. If something exists, you've probably thought about it.
You don't think about what is, you think about what could be.

Your ideal warm weather place: Fiji

Picking that kind of flip flops gave me those personality assessment.  It's only a quiz but it matched somehow to the real me. That's the other side of me hopeful to most aspects of my life.  I never give up easily on something I want.  Whenever I need or like somethings I pray for it until I get it.  Of course not everything you want is given to you and I know that.  I'm romantic in a sense that I believe in true love in this time and age.  I know that it still exists and fairy tale happens too. But then again we should be realistic enough that not all love story ends well. 


Living in Cool Places

Slowly I can feel that the most festive season of the year is coming very soon because the weather is changing too. Now when I wake up at dawn I can feel a cooler temperature. Well there’s a coming storm in our country and I just don’t know if that contributes to the sudden change of temperature. 

Anyway this cooler air is nothing compared to that of the northern part when December comes that’s why they need to have fireplaces inside their houses to enjoy a warmer environment. I remember my friend Gem telling me that they never got used to using electric fan in the house because it’s always cool in their house. It must be nice to live in such cooler places.


How to Stay Healthy and Fit

How we wish we’re always young, active, healthy and free from sickness that hit us from time to time. Some may have wish for an hgh spray to bring their youth and good form back but I opt for my own natural way of getting healthy and fit. We should the proper food, should meet the daily nutrition requirements, maintain regular exercise and form a habit of normal hours of sleep. I know it’s not that easy with some people like us who sometimes need to work and wait for opportunities in the evening but on some other not-so-busy days we can rest and practice healthy habits. We can make adjustments and save our energy and strength for the coming stressful days.


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