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:PH#198 : Spotted

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These photos of spotted beetle and spotted butterfly are shots from Josh educational tour in BioResearch mini zoo. The beetle is only a representation while the butterfly is real. BioResearch is located in ParaƱaque, Philippines and contains aquatic resources, minizoo, butterfly garden, honeybee, medicinal plants, cactus and many other things that small kids will love to see. They have mini representation or imitation of Philippine volcanoes, castle, dino fossils, dog & cat mansion and a lot more.

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Construction Industry Careers

We were having dinner early evening when my 3 kids started asking me where they will be studying in high school and college. I told them that I will enroll them in a Christian school on their secondary education but for their college it depends on what course they want to study. I told them that there are schools that specialize on certain courses in the fields of business, engineering, IT and some other courses though there are many schools that offer all courses. They were so inquisitive about their future studies and I told them to take things in due time.

First I told my little boy to think only of entering primary school then I told my young girls to concentrate on thinking for their high school education. I advised them to feel in their heart what they really want to do after schooling so they can come up with a desired course and then we can look for school that will give them proper education on their chosen field. My Mom just listened to us while we were discussing it and smiled at the innocent questions of my kids. Anyway it’s a healthy discussion and I really enjoyed it.

I remember my last year in high school where we had some professional guest speakers who enlightened us on different careers to take and explained some points on every career that we asked just like in Pennsylvania Construction Career Day where they provide a way for high school students to know career opportunities in the field of construction like highway design, construction and maintenance.

It’s a day for students to know the many facets of construction industry and well paying job openings in that field like Drafting Jobs In Construction PA and other engineering and construction jobs. What greatly interests me is their activities that students can take part in hands, view exhibits and demos, be able to operate construction equipment and the chance to talk to the educators and to school that offer such courses It’s like having an on-the-job exposure of the construction industry.


Lazy Saturday

I felt so lazy today but I know that it’s due to my working habit this whole week. I’ve worked through night hours until dawn for almost 4 days and before the weekends arrive I didn’t sleep at all. I have plenty of online works which were expiring today and I don’t have a choice but to sacrifice my rest. I was able to finish almost all yesterday but I didn’t sleep in the afternoon because I’ve got schedule to meet my former officemates whom I’ve worked with for nearly a decade.

We have so much to catch up and I can’t bear to say no to go over Jhen’s house to meet there. It’s also her birthday celebration yesterday so I left my work and went to Paul & Jhen’s place in San Juan. I really had a good time chatting and laughing with Ate Chit, Jhen, Shiela, Noralyn, Art and Paul (Jhen’s hubby). Ate Chit was so amusing and as always full of funny anecdotes and stories of our times in DSI. I called DH when it’s time for us to go home and met in their branch store where he brought some letters. Today I slept through the whole afternoon and felt very relaxed and rested after a week of too much work. I just feel great now and inspired to work this night again!


Small Business Plans and Preparations

When I resigned from my regular office employment I planned on doing freelance writing and start a business of my own, just a small food shop of meat products and some varieties. But when I started working at home and did several online advertisement works I realized that I can’t start a business right then because my time is full already. I’m afraid that I will not be able to make my business successful because I have a handful of works already and I’m fully occupied.

Starting up a business will require you so much time and effort and I can’t promise that I can spare my time then as online writing became my full time job. I know in my heart that time will come for me to balance my family, work and my dream of putting up my own business. Now I’m preparing some plans for it, allocated some space for my shop, saving money for my capital, inquiring about business license and will soon start a small business checking account so everything will be ready and in order when I finally decide to start my business. It’s best to plan early and ahead of time so I can be prepared for whatever hard work and circumstances that goes with having your own small business. As they say dreaming is free so I’d like to dream more!


A Day with My DSI Friends

Got a chance to spend my friday afternoon with my former colleagues and friends, my officemates in Design Science where I've worked for 10 years before I was transferred by my boss (the same owner) to his telecommunications business. Well I'm so happy to see my dearest friends whom I've worked for almost a decade and whom I've shared endless working nights, sometimes overnights for 3 days doing technical proposal for bidding projects. A day is not enough for us to catch up with the tales of our lives after we transferred to different companies. We're a group of more than 12 and some of us are now living in USA and Canada. Few are working abroad in Asian countries while most of us who were left here in our country have been employed in better jobs.

I'm just too tired now to upload our photos but will do it later.


Handling Your Corporate Events

In my previous employment we always think of some new things to add to our present list of services and products that we could offer to our clients. Company must always come up with new innovations or products that would make us retain our existing clients. Telecommunications is a very demanding line of business because we always have to be updated of the current trends, prices, forex rate, international call rates and every new product and services available to the clients. Every month technology is growing and before you know it there’s new in the market and if you’re not paying attention to latest technology updates you’ll be left out in the field. In view of this we instigate team building, managers’ meetings and product training to cope up with the growing demand of telecommunications industry.

I think it’s good if we had some major corporate events that would tackle several areas of advertising and marketing for the company’s products and services. If only there’s someone who was good enough to handle all that there wouldn’t be a problem. We all know that arranging meeting, conventions, conferences and product launches can be so tiring and exhausting because we want it to be a perfect occasion to remember. It would also help the company if marketing and product launches would be successful. In this kind of situation we could always hire people to do corporate event planning for us so it would be easier to handle events. Hiring a company like Dynamic Event Solutions brings you to the fore of experiencing an awesome event to remember because they provide excellent service and professional management all throughout the event.

Their event solution goes beyond the superb service, catering and staffing because they provide personal attention and dedication with a very affordable price. So if you ever need a company to handle your meetings, conventions, conferences, product launches, consumer events, team building and some other corporate events visit their site and see what they can offer to you.


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