Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lazy Saturday

I felt so lazy today but I know that it’s due to my working habit this whole week. I’ve worked through night hours until dawn for almost 4 days and before the weekends arrive I didn’t sleep at all. I have plenty of online works which were expiring today and I don’t have a choice but to sacrifice my rest. I was able to finish almost all yesterday but I didn’t sleep in the afternoon because I’ve got schedule to meet my former officemates whom I’ve worked with for nearly a decade.

We have so much to catch up and I can’t bear to say no to go over Jhen’s house to meet there. It’s also her birthday celebration yesterday so I left my work and went to Paul & Jhen’s place in San Juan. I really had a good time chatting and laughing with Ate Chit, Jhen, Shiela, Noralyn, Art and Paul (Jhen’s hubby). Ate Chit was so amusing and as always full of funny anecdotes and stories of our times in DSI. I called DH when it’s time for us to go home and met in their branch store where he brought some letters. Today I slept through the whole afternoon and felt very relaxed and rested after a week of too much work. I just feel great now and inspired to work this night again!


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