Saturday, January 30, 2010

Small Business Plans and Preparations

When I resigned from my regular office employment I planned on doing freelance writing and start a business of my own, just a small food shop of meat products and some varieties. But when I started working at home and did several online advertisement works I realized that I can’t start a business right then because my time is full already. I’m afraid that I will not be able to make my business successful because I have a handful of works already and I’m fully occupied.

Starting up a business will require you so much time and effort and I can’t promise that I can spare my time then as online writing became my full time job. I know in my heart that time will come for me to balance my family, work and my dream of putting up my own business. Now I’m preparing some plans for it, allocated some space for my shop, saving money for my capital, inquiring about business license and will soon start a small business checking account so everything will be ready and in order when I finally decide to start my business. It’s best to plan early and ahead of time so I can be prepared for whatever hard work and circumstances that goes with having your own small business. As they say dreaming is free so I’d like to dream more!


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