Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can't Afford to Be Sick

It rained a little today and I thought that’s the beginning of rainy days. With a little disappointment I‘ve watched how the sun returned with scorching heat again. Oh well it’s just halfway through the month of May and I’m not dreaming of heavy rains anyway. I’m just hoping for some drizzles to cool the night. On my way to fetch my daughter on her summer class I saw some people in the gym doing their morning workouts and I wonder if they have dip station because it would be better if they have as my friend told me yesterday.

Anyway I’m 5 minutes late and I found Ruth with her summer classmate waiting for me outside the building. Whenever I fetch Ruth we dropped by the market or grocery to buy our foodies for the day. I never go out of the house after that to save myself from the bad effects of sun’s heat. Many people suffer from heat wave and some sickness caused by over exposure to sun and I don’t want to be one of them as I can’t afford to be sick now. I must be healthy and fit for the coming school year. My kids need me to attend to all their school activities.


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