Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boggle Me Thursday #57

It’s Boggle time! Thanks to MommyW for this exciting and fun meme!

Look at the words I found:


Boggle Me Thursday
1) APT
2) LAP
3) LIP
4) PIT
5) BIT
6) RIP
7) NAP
8) BIN
10) SANE
11) BINE
12) PINE
13) BILE
14) LANE
15) LEAN
16) TRIP


Boggle Me Thursday

1) BIT
2) BIN
3) LIP
4) LIT
5) TIN
6) PIE
10) BILE
11) BINE
12) LEAN
13) LANE
14) LINE
15) PANE
16) SANE
17) SLIP

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Our Crowning Glory Restored

They say that hair is our crowning glory and it defines our face. It has a great effect on the way we look as it can enhance our simple looks and it can also lessen our beauty if our hair became grey or thinner than it used to be. There are many causes of hair loss and for women I learned that factors like heredity, stress, hormonal imbalance, severe sickness and aging affects them in some ways. When our hair starts to recede we sometimes lose some of our confidence and it can develop into inferiority complex.

Now that modern technology can be applied on almost all field of studies you can get the doctor’s services to help solve your problem with your hair. The only thing that hinders many people is the hair transplant cost which is a bit expensive. Well it is really expensive because it depends on the sessions, procedures used and where the clinic or hospital is located. You can get a lesser cost if you hire a private doctor because you’ll be able to save on the cost of expensive clinics. Each individual has his own hair problem and you’ll just have to ask Dr. Pistone’s Hair Restoration specialty for free consultation on your hair requirements. This way you’ll be able to afford having your hair restored together with your confidence.


:TC - Weather - Sunny

(Sunny, Calm, Rainy, Snowy, Icy, Fog, Clouds, Thunderstorm, Lightening, Hail, Windy,...)

This is a shot depicting a very sunny weather as the scenery here shows beautiful blue skies, white cloud, luscious greenery and beautiful small fountains all over one swimming pool here. It should be as this is the resort where we spent our Mom's 78th birthday last May this year. This is in total contrast to the last typhoon that hit Luzon, Philippines Tuesday night.
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House Plans and Designs Made Easy

I’ve talked to a friend of mine and she told me that they’re getting tired of renting an apartment and they are tired of spending money on rent, they would rather be spending it to pay for their own home. All of us at one time dreams of having our own home but it takes lot of finances, determination and planning before you can start. Then you have to decide if you will buy a home that is already built and has been enjoyed by others, or whether you would like to have a new house built. If you decide to have a new house built, first you have to get a good house plan that will meet the specific requirements and style of the house you desire. Careful planning is important to make sure you build a home that will meet your changing family needs.

There is a website that will give you much to think about when you are planning on building a home, a website that sells new house plans . That website is of HDA Inc. which has a wide and exciting selection of professionally designed home plans. With their search tools, tips, and information, they make it easy for your to choose the perfect design for your dream house. The site offers so many different house floor plans available for you to order at your convenience. You just pay and the plans you choose, are yours. The advantage of this website is that you have so many different house plans to look through. It is easy to get some great ideas for designs that may never have occurred to you. It is like being able to walk through thousands of different homes from the convenience of your computer, make note of ideas that you like and don't like, and search until you find a plan that has all the features on your "like" list.

There are homes of all sizes and architectural styles. Choose your favorite of these and then search for the house floor plans you like the most. Then use the costing tool on the website to see how much your favorites will cost to build in your area. The website also has project plans for the backyard, for sheds, gazebos, and garages. This website just makes planning your new home so easy, and also fun. Even if you have never considered having a home built, you may want to visit the website before you decide to do otherwise. This site takes a lot of the guesswork out of the planning and you will delight in the ability to pick a home that is exactly what you have dreamed of, and is not just a home someone else has dreamed. This is one sure way to make your home your home. We all know a home is one of the biggest investments we will ever make, so make sure the home you invest in is the home you really want, a home that meets your needs and tastes completely.


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