Saturday, June 30, 2012

An Affordable Way to Market Your Business Through Text Marketing

Innovations in communication has always been very helpful to a lot of industries. It delivers an easy way to get in touch, arrange a meeting or send a message the quickest possible time. In the old days they use telegraph, telephone and radios to communicate and send messages but now we can see that technology has improved a lot in this particular field. Telecommunication has paved the way for transmitting information over short and long distances to communicate. Today’s generation is the lucky recipient of modern innovative approach to making communication the highest focus of revolution and developments. Thus the demand for gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets and computers became a huge market. 

With all of these things in mind I can say that modern communications play a good role in the field of advertising and marketing. Advertisers and companies now uses internet to market their product and services through online ads of sites that do paid reviews. They find it worthwhile to market and sell online as a good percentage of population are into online usage and exposure. Still few can’t be reached by this modern communication especially those that are in remote areas and those that can’t afford it. So when you really want to advertise and sell your products I deemed it very appropriate to use  Text Marketing to reach everyone in all walks of life anytime and anywhere. 

As we all know people can easily get a phone and be reached through mobile phone communication. You don’t need installation or computer to be informed of whatever you need to know. When mobile phones hit the market several years ago it has always been the focus of people’s attention because of its functions, usage, mobility and help in easy and quick communication anytime you want and anywhere you are. Text messaging is not only functional and convenient but cost-effective as well especially when you use  Mass Texting.

It can also be use to reach more customers more successfully as there are no spams which are present in email messages and not that expensive as print and TV ads. It’s an efficient and affordable way to market your products to your clients quick and fast with 94% probability of reaching your targets. Plus you can enjoy the benefits of free incoming messages, paying as you go, getting a free keyword with a monthly plan, segmenting your contacts into unlimited groups and no contracts at all. Best of all you can upgrade and downgrade as you want and cancel their services anytime you want.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting Good Results on Losing Weight

Losing weight needs a lot of discipline and patience. I’ve made such an effort for the past few months and it gave me good results but I must admit I was not able to keep it for two months and the pounds that I lost is getting back to me now. I’ve been busy these days which hindered me to stay to my routine of shedding excess pounds. I still eat balanced meals at lunch but at dinner time I returned to eating heavy meals. It really is difficult to stay to your weight loss routine if you don’t focus on it. My friend told me about visiting which would help me to see other ways on how I can lose some pounds again. I know that I need to increase my metabolism but I just can’t figure out how because I’m very busy at work and can’t follow routine schedules. Anyway the suggestion is good but I think I’ll just go back to my diet meals and workout which gave me good results last time I did it. Wish I can start again on it.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Restored Elegance

After an outreach ministry in Antipolo last Sunday we headed home with some of my church mates so DH can drop us home then drive our brethren in some place where they can ride comfortably. He actually wanted to drive them all home but they insisted to be dropped off to a particular place. When we reached home we asked them inside the house before they go and the ladies commented on the new aura of my kitchen and the newly redesigned dining table. 

We had my dining and kitchen renovated last summer and instead of buying a new dining table we decided to redesign the old antique table. I was looking at various rustic dining room tables online and I was impressed so we decided to stick to the old one for savings and for a more elegant look. The table is a creation of my father more than 30 years ago and we can’t let it go for any replacement. In fairness it’s as stylish and beautiful as ever when it’s finally repaired and restored.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Learning the Field of Cable and Broadband Services

DH enjoys his job in the cable company as he learns a lot in all of the company’s products and services. During his last semester in his Electronics Technology course he has worked and served in Telmarc cable as an assistant cable technician for 3 months completing his 400 hours requirements in his On-the-job training subject. As expected he has served diligently even if he’s only a trainee so after graduation he was called to work in their new cable contract in a new town. They have a need for extra manpower so they called on their trainees with good record and asked to work immediately on the project. They only hired them as contractual employees which are just perfect for DH since he enrolled in education degree course this school year. 

Well he’s enjoyed his work, learned the skills in cable installation, broadband services, upgrading of systems, pay-per-view and other cable services. He goes along well with other technicians and maximizing his time with the company until he comes back again in schooling this month. He has gone a lot in applying his electronics course and when I ask about certain things about tools, equipment and technology gadgets like HDMI splitter he’s always ready to explain me its uses and specifications. Somehow I think that his associate course in electronics helps a lot in his job and glad that he was able to apply it in working. 

Splitters and cable are just two of the things that cable companies deal about in installing cable and broadband in residential and business offices. I recalled that in some cable companies like where we subscribed our cable they don’t allow it and to stop illegal connections they installed digibox instead. This way they’re assured that no splitters will be functional. Some other companies like the one DH is working at, they allow splitters and just collect a small fee for every television attached to it. This will fit our requirements to our satisfaction but for now they don’t have a service available to our town so we’ll just have to wait.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Affordable Insurance for the Whole Family

Life is getting hard and risky these days that people search for ways on how to secure not only their health but their finances as well. They want their children to be stable even after they’re no longer alive. Thus they look for insurance that will them the best coverage at affordable rates. Well life insurance at will be a good alternative to your expensive insurance as they offer the protection you require at the lowest rate possible. You can ask for quotation online so you will be able to compare and decide to get life insurance for you and the whole family.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Skill Courses

It’s great working at home but for now I’m back to corporate office until DH finishes his education degree which will be about 2 years from now. Anyway there are pros and cons about returning to office but the positive sides are more than the few disadvantages. I love working and I don’t mind doing it at home or in corporate offices as long as I will be able to support the needs of my family I’m fine. 

Anyway for other Moms who wants to earn a living out of their skills they may enroll in beauty school where they will learn the facets of beauty services. But they should be able to enroll in school like Austin cosmetology school where they would be taught and trained in the best method to ensure that they will pass the high quality standards of the best beauty service company that they will apply. With good beauty school you will experience a training that will give you the edge in good employment. 

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quality Used Auto Parts Replacement

Now that rainy season has began we really need to make an inventory of auto parts that we need to replace, repair or maintain to good working condition. Just this month we noticed that our wiper is showing signs of malfunctioning and it would be very inconvenient for us to have broken wiper because every time we travel now it rains. DH is working on his summer job until half of the coming month and has little time for our car so I figured that he’ll attend to the car’s maintenance when he starts school again. He’ll be able to assess his schedule next week when he enrols and told me that he’ll have spare time by then. Yesterday he checked the clutch and relieved that it’s still in good condition because this time of the year we have plenty of expenses with our kids’ schooling. 

Maintaining a vehicle to good working condition is like taking care of kids as you always attend to their needs and should monitor their health. Like kids vehicle should be given time and attention in order to check whatever needs to be repaired. When it comes to repair and replacement it doesn’t have to be too expensive when you replace it with used auto parts like Woodfins transmissions  or engine, wheel, car lights, doors, windows and a lot more. They offer affordable alternative to those who wants to save money but needs to have quality auto parts for their cars. This high quality used auto parts are guaranteed to give your car a good replacement for any broken or malfunctioned parts. They have a 3-year warranty for the parts they sell and does not only help you save money but protect the environment too.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Keyboard Synthesizer for My Daughter

My daughter loves playing music in her keyboard and she has done some self studying this summer vacation. Last year I enrolled my two daughters in keyboard/piano lessons and my little boy in drums. It’s a project of our municipality to draw young kids and teens to music and sports instead of drugs and some other vices. Since it’s only a few meters from our house I enrolled them immediately after knowing the project. 

They learned basic steps quite easily and this summer they’re experimenting and practicing songs so they will be able to play it in our church. Well our keyboard is not the latest model but it can deliver sweet, melancholic and inspirational music and I was thinking if I would buy Arturia for the keyboard so it would have perfect sounds. A good synthesizer can really make a difference in the keyboard sound output and I hope we could find a good brand this time.


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