Friday, November 25, 2011

Be Cautious on Prescribed Drug Dependency

Some people don’t want to see their doctor when they’re not feeling well for varied reasons. Others just don’t feel consulting to doctor on minor sickness that they feel while some just feel that ordinary commercial medicines are enough to treat them. This is just the same to those who are dependent on prescription drugs and self-medicating them with their own medication. Well people like these can easily have prescription drug abuse addiction and this is not an ordinary case because it’s kind of alarming also.

This kind of addiction even if using a legal medicine can be a hazard to our health because it can affect your body and your brain as well. Being dependent on prescription drugs can lead to addiction and will need on-site detox and treatment to rehabilitate the user. I remember several years ago when my relative became dependent on cough syrup and after several weeks of taking it he became addicted to it that it haunted him for many years. I realized that anything in excess is bad and can be an addiction. We should be cautious in getting dependent on drugs even if it’s legal and prescribed.


Monday, November 21, 2011

House Cleaning Services

I’ve spent past two years of my life working at home full time without the hassles of travelling through traffic just to reach the office. It was one of the best years of my working experience because I can work and earn money while taking care of my family. Those years were mainly spent on working on my sites doing articles and reviews, looking after my kids’ welfare, attending school and family activities without a miss. I’ve even accompanied my daughters on all of their competitive exams and inter-school competitions. Looking back at those two blissful years I have no regrets that I left my 16-year old job and devoted my time at home.

Well even if I’ve stayed at home I also have a very profitable career in writing and earned more than my office salary that’s why I often hired a friend’s service to do my laundry and ironing services. Writing online is quite tasking especially when it’s on peak season and most of the times you’ll have no time for general cleaning and hard household chores. This is the reason why getting the services of a company like House cleaning service Rockville MD will be of much help to work at home Moms who didn’t have time to clean their house thoroughly because of work.

Maid to Please has skilled and trained cleaners with years of experience in maid services that will make sure that you’ll be satisfied with their output results. They provide regular cleaning services on your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms and other areas of your house each time you want their service and do rotation cleaning service on areas of concentration. You can request cleaning on a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly schedule or a one-time service only. They also offer move in and move out cleaning services on affordable rates. You can easily get your quotes online.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quality Gadgets

Professionals, students, simple housewives and even scavenger in the streets own cellular phones compact sizes sound system. Most of them while traveling through public transportation like buses and train uses headphone and earpiece in their ear listening music via radio or either downloaded songs. This is the most convenient way to ease their stress in traffic and long hours of travel. The quality of sounds you hear depend on how your gadgets had been made, what types of component device are used. Nihon Superior products helps leading electronic manufacturer in their growing business. They can guarantee the maker that the gadgets they produce are in top quality. Every part of the electronic device will perform pleasant to the ear of the music lover.


Hand Stamped Business Card Holder

Looking for unique gift to your friends, colleague or your boss?  Here's something that you can give without the feeling of giving the same ordinary gifts you used to give.  This is a business card holder made of lightweight steel and hand-stamped to give that personalized look. 

What I like most are the whimsical sayings on top of each card holder. It's like saying your wishes to your  recipient.  You can choose among the 9 kind and nice words such as Flourish, Peace and Hope, Laugh & Sing, Honor & Grace, Laugh & Cheer, Dance & Boogie, Live & Love, Friendship and Happiness.

This is from ChelseaRainbow at and sells at USD15.00


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wary of Diabetes Medicine

My neighbor who owns the store across our house has been diagnosed with diabetics since he was in his twenties and not because of his eating habits or anything but it’s in their blood. His father was a diabetic also when they’re still young and it has always been their fear that most of them would inherit the very expensive and delicate sickness. Now that he’s old already and more on the side of overweight he’s into fish and vegetable diet and drinking only herbal medicine for his diabetes. He’s very careful in taking medicine even if prescription comes from his doctor. He believes that it will have some sort of side effects. 

I’ve been pondering over on his fear of medicines when I heard about those who definitely needs actos cancer attorney because their condition worsen on the bad side effects of Actos. I learned that those diabetes patients who are non-smoker have contracted bladder cancer because taking Actos drug may have trigger the development of cancer. The drug has already been recalled by manufacturer especially in Germany and France because of this. Those victims who want to claim from them can ask legal help and assistance from Watts Guerra Craft LLP who will be ready to help with free consultation at first.


Cute Mouse!

My kid asked me about different design of mouse as he's used to having small plain colored mouse only.  He told me that it would be nice to have some of the designs in his color book or the same with his pencil cases or toys.  I actually wanted a different mouse for them as I also bought them a Mickey and Winnie The Pooh mouse pad several months back.  

It's sometimes refreshing to do their homeworks in the computer with some cute characters around them while using the computers.  I searched some designs in the affordable gadget store and saw this one together with other equally nice and cute disney and winnie the pooh designs. This one sells at PhP180.00 only.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

God’s Provided Place

We’re having a great time this weekend as it’s also the start of the kids’ semestral break and a long holiday weekend. DH was telling me that we should schedule a vacation in Baguio as when he went there last Monday he really had a relaxing stay and enjoyed the tour using olympus cameras. They went there at the start of this week to finalize our reservation for our December camp meeting fellowship in one of the venue that caters to groups. 

A friend of my Mom offered her house and when DH and our Pastor went there together with 2 others they liked the place and changed our venue plans. It’s a God-intended venue for us as we’ll be saving huge amount because my Mom’s friend didn’t want to charge anything. Now the budget for the venue will be used for our food consumption for four days. Isn’t it just perfect? God has given us blessing in His own provided way through our people that we come to meet in our everyday living.


Crestor’s Side Effects

With the onset of high technology gadgets came also the realization that this generation has the most modern innovations but the highest occurrence of dreadful diseases. Everything is modern from food, fashion, equipment, cars and even medicines. I still have to learn more but from what I know now I can say that today’s medicines are invented and manufactured to cure sickness faster than the past generation. There are vaccines that include 3-in-1 solutions or packaged to solve related disease and there are others that prevent the patient from getting sick. Imagine getting a flu vaccine that will immune you from getting flu for a certain period of time.

Of course all of these are due to modern medicine which helps provide modern and apt treatment to people. But sometimes people can be wrong just like the manufacturers of Crestor which was intended to cure high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases but found out to be the cause of heart attacks and heart failure to users. If you’re one of the victims of this medicine or you’re a relative you can file a Crestor lawsuit to be able to get justice and compensation for injuries done. You can also get a free heart attack and failure case reviews from nationwide attorneys.


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