Friday, November 25, 2011

Be Cautious on Prescribed Drug Dependency

Some people don’t want to see their doctor when they’re not feeling well for varied reasons. Others just don’t feel consulting to doctor on minor sickness that they feel while some just feel that ordinary commercial medicines are enough to treat them. This is just the same to those who are dependent on prescription drugs and self-medicating them with their own medication. Well people like these can easily have prescription drug abuse addiction and this is not an ordinary case because it’s kind of alarming also.

This kind of addiction even if using a legal medicine can be a hazard to our health because it can affect your body and your brain as well. Being dependent on prescription drugs can lead to addiction and will need on-site detox and treatment to rehabilitate the user. I remember several years ago when my relative became dependent on cough syrup and after several weeks of taking it he became addicted to it that it haunted him for many years. I realized that anything in excess is bad and can be an addiction. We should be cautious in getting dependent on drugs even if it’s legal and prescribed.


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