Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Essential Scrapbook Tools for Beginners

Sometimes it pays to have a hobby or a diversion to get your minds off the stress of work and home. Most stay at home moms are into scrapbook making. This is a good way to make those memories last for a long period of time. And since kids will usually gather a number of pictures throughout the growing years, it is only common to have them as subjects for your scrapbook.

If this is a hobby that you would like to try, better head to the arts and crafts store to get the basic tools you’ll need to start a scrapbook. Now you might get a little overwhelmed with the number of tools and accessories available. For your first scrapbook, go for something easy and simple to do, then you can move on to more complicated designs as you become more familiar.

One important tool to have is the paper trimmer. It comes in different types and sizes with measured markers to make cutting easier. Using a trimmer will save you time since you wont need to do everything by hand.

Use a cutting mat to protect the surface of your table from scratches or markings from sharp blades and glue. A pair of sharp scissors should also be included on your scrapbook tool kit. Don’t forget to stock up on acid free adhesives, double sided tapes and mounting squares which you’ll need when you layout photos and papers.

Embellishments and small decors will add life to your scrapbook kit. Now once you have your tools in place, you can start having fun on your first project.

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