Monday, June 20, 2011

My Mom’s Special Day

It’s been two weeks since my Mom’s birthday and we had a happy celebration as always. If the previous birthdays were packed with visitors this recent birthday of Mom is for close family only. We didn’t invite anyone because we had chicken pox in the family and we want to rest a bit so we limited the celebration’s guest to just her family only. As always we have flowers for her because she loves flowers that much and we always see to it that she has flowers on every important occasion of her life. Although we didn’t have those Malden city flowers online she’s very grateful and happy to have roses on her special day.

Remembering her birthday now it’s the most relaxed I ever had. I usually can’t eat when I’m the one cooking and preparing but this time I eat ahead of them while cooking the pasta. I arrived somewhat late from my intended half day leave. I was home at 4pm and started preparing then. My Mom was actually worried why I came home 2 hours late from my scheduled time but when she saw me she was instantly relieved. It’s a wonderful day for all of us especially for me and my siblings, my kids, SIL, nephews, nieces and my friend Jen.


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